Best Chat Apps for Apple Watch In 2024 (Voice + Text)

In this fast-moving world, everyone is in a rush and has no time to keep the phone in hand all the time. The Apple Watch stands out as a useful companion in a time of instant connectivity and seamless communication, enabling people to stay connected without taking out their smartphones. A suitable chat app can make a lot of difference and make things easier in this hectic world. We’ve put together a list of the top chat applications for your Apple Watch so you can stay in touch no matter where you are. Whether you want to send instant replies, dictate messages, or even make audio and video conversations from your wrist, these best Chat Apps for Apple Watch have got you covered all.

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1. WeChat 

WeChat Chat Apps for Apple Watch

Pros of using WeChat:

  • It has larger texts offering clear readability
  • Real-time location sharing
  • Offers first-class privacy and has a WeChat payment feature

Price = In-app purchases start from $0.99 to $199.99

WeChat is a multifaceted communication app with an extensive range of features. It offers many Ways to Chat – from text and voice messages to photo and video sharing, real-time location sharing, and group chats accommodating up to 500 members. It supports high-quality voice and video calls across the globe with up to 9 participants. With the new Time Capsule feature, you can seamlessly share cherished moments on your personal Moments stream. It has a vibrant Sticker Gallery, Mini Programs, Top Stories, games, and much more. At the same time, WeChat Pay and WeChat Out offer seamless mobile payment and low-rate international calling. You can experience personalized communication, language support in 20 languages, and top-notch privacy control, as it is certified by TRUSTe.

2. WatchChat 2

WatchChat 2 Chat Apps for Apple Watch
WatchChat 2

Pros of using WatchChat 2:

  • Fastest and most reliable chat app
  • Customize your replies
  • You can view stickers and images in HD resolution

Price = In-app purchases start from $2.99 to $7.99

WatchChat 2 is the leading chat app for Apple Watch, which revolutionizes WhatsApp interaction on your Apple Watch. You will need a QR code scan to unlock a world of features. After that, you can access all Chats and group conversations right from your wrist. You can choose your preferred reply method from the keyboard, quick replies, dictation, or scribble—for flexible responses. It allows you to Customize your typing experience with a range of keyboard layouts. It has amazing features like video playback, status update notifications, customizable quick replies, and much more. You can view stickers and high-definition images with the ability to zoom in for the finest details.

3. LINE 

LINE Chat Apps for Apple Watch

Pros of using the LINE app:

  • Enough storage for images, videos, and messages
  • Letter sealing to keep your call history and other information secure
  • Compatible with iPhone, apple watch, and desktop

Price = In-app purchases start from $0.99 to $22.99

LINE offers a comprehensive communication experience featuring free voice and video calls, messaging, and an extensive collection of vibrant stickers. You can easily connect with friends on mobile, Apple Watch, and desktop to chat with them anytime, anywhere. You can access your friend list, birthdays, the ever-exciting sticker shop, and a wide array of additional services and content. The app Store messages, photos, and videos are easy to keep, and you can effortlessly share them with your contacts. LINE is committed to your privacy, with letter-sealing encryption safeguarding your messages, call history, and location data. 

4. FlickType 

FlickType Chat Apps for Apple Watch

Pros of using the FlickType app:

  • Fastest and easiest keyboard
  • Easy editing and change of words and punctuation marks
  • It has a unique algorithm with a smart correction

Price =$7.99

FlickType redefines Apple Watch typing with its lightning-fast keyboard. It offers robust Auto-Correct, Swipe Typing, and customization options for an effortless and comfortable chat experience. Its unique algorithm deciphers your taps, finding the right words flawlessly. You can effortlessly delete or alter entire words with a single-finger flick. You can type three times faster compared to standard keyboards, scribble, or post-edit dictation. It has large keys, high-contrast colors, prominent visuals, and robust VoiceOver feedback to ensure superior typing on your Apple Watch. 

5. KakaoTalk 

KakaoTalk Chat Apps for Apple Watch

Pros of using KakaoTalk app:

  • Fast, fun, simple, and reliable app 
  • Supports live chat and live streaming
  • You can customize your profile using attractive themes

Price = In-app purchases start from $1.99 to $5.99

KakaoTalk is your go-to for fast, fun, and dependable messaging. You can access to your recent chat history, including group chats, 1:1 conversations, and My Chatroom. It has unique emoticons and quick replies for swift responses, and you can also use your voice on your Watch device to reply in an instant. You can Personalize your KakaoTalk with a variety of themes and create a unique profile with photos, videos, stickers, music, and more. From popular to the latest stickers, Emotion PLUS lets you send as many as you want. Don’t miss out on real-time live chat and streaming or exclusive coupons and deals through Kakao Channel. It also allows you to share your location and much more. 

6. WatchsApp 

WatchsApp Chat Apps for Apple Watch

Pros of using WatchsApp:

  • View photos and videos in high-resolution
  • Share location messages
  • Faster message loading

Price = In-app purchases start from $6.99 to $39.99

WatchsApp is the ultimate WhatsApp companion for your Apple Watch, offering an array of features that keep you connected and in control. You can access all your chats, send messages, and enjoy Full HD picture viewing without having to click on them. WatchsApp goes beyond standard capabilities, allowing you to explore Memoji Stickers, reply or quote messages, and effortlessly manage your conversations. In group chats, names and phone numbers are color-coded, ensuring you stay organized and informed. Elevate your Apple Watch’s WhatsApp experience with WatchsApp.

7. Glide

Glide Chat Apps for Apple Watch

Pros of using the Glide app:

  • Fastest and easiest messenger for Apple Watch
  • Supports video messaging, too
  • Cool filters and animated videos

Price = In-app purchases start from $4.99 to $12.99

Glide is your go-to app for lightning-fast video messaging, where you can send and receive real-time responses or view them at your convenience. With Glide, you and your loved ones can share authentic moments as they unfold, fostering quality video interaction. Whether you prefer reviewing your videos before sending or tapping to stream live, Glide adapts to your communication style. This app streamlines sharing videos with friends and family from any location to anywhere in the world with a simple tap. You can post real-time photos or upload them from your device. Moreover, for added fun, it also has Emoticlip messages and short animated videos featuring playful characters. Plus, Glide offers cool filters to give your video messages that extra touch of awesomeness. 

8. Messages

Messages Chat Apps for Apple Watch

Pros of using the Messages app:

  • New camera and filter effects
  • Invite other contacts for collaboration
  • Personalize the group conversation

Price = Free

Messages is a premium chat app that allows you to send limitless texts, photos, videos, and documents. You can read and respond to incoming messages with an array of options at your disposal. Choose from smart replies, dictation, audio messages, scribble, emojis, Memojis, stickers, and the QWERTY keyboard (Apple Watch Series 7). It allows you to easily manage conversations by muting or deleting them and saving precious photos, audio messages, and videos. Siri stands ready to assist you in sending messages to your contacts, and you can respond in order to maintain group conversation organization. Also, Apple Pay integration lets you send, receive, and request money, while collaboration simplifies working on shared files and tracking activity updates within the thread. You can further add customization with Memojis, complete with clothing, hairstyles, headwear, makeup, and more. 

9. WatchApp+ 

WatchApp+ Chat Apps for Apple Watch

Pros of using the WatchApp+ app:

  • Supports dual WhatsApp for iPad
  • 100%privacy as no data is stored and collected
  • You can set quick replies

Price = In-app purchases start from $6.49 to $9.99

WatchApp+ stands as the first option when it’s about choosing a speedy and design chat app. With just a few wrist taps, you can send and receive messages, access notifications, and dive into your most critical conversations, including group chats. It has a Virtual Keyboard to send messages with ease. It lets you customize your quick replies for swift responses, view HD pictures and videos, access profile pictures, send voice messages, and enjoy high-quality stickers. With support for Dual WhatsApp on iPad, WatchApp+ goes above and beyond. It is carefully crafted with your privacy in mind, and WatchApp+ ensures that none of your data is collected. 

10. Voxer

Voxer Chat Apps for Apple Watch

Pros of using the Voxer app:

  • The app works fine with 3G 4G phones and on wifi networks
  • End-to-end encrypted messages
  • Allows communication in real-time and sharing live details

Price = In-app purchases start from $2.99 to $29.99

Voxer Walkie Talkie Messenger offers the power of instant communication through live Walkie Talkie – PTT (Push-To-Talk) in one secure messaging app. As an Apple-featured app in 50+ countries, Voxer lets you effortlessly send voice, text, photos, videos, and location messages. What sets it apart is the ability to play voice messages at your convenience, all securely recorded. Even when offline, you can create and store messages. It offers end-to-end encryption using the Signal Protocol for private chats. It has been widely used by many delivery, logistics, hospitality, NGOs, and educational teams across various industries to ensure swift and secure communication for on-demand. 


These Apple Watch messaging apps have completely changed how we remain in touch while traveling, from voice messaging to video conversations. The chat app ecosystem on the Apple Watch is user-friendly for a wide spectrum of users thanks to its security settings and accessibility capabilities. These apps will definitely develop as technology progresses, delivering an even more frictionless and interesting experience for everyone using wrist-worn communication.

Which Apple Watch Messenger is your favorite? Drop your thoughts regarding Texting apps for Apple Watch in the comment box below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Does the Apple Watch have Messenger?

Yes, the Messenger app is compatible with the Apple Watch. It easily allows you to send and receive messages, view notifications, and even respond via voice-to-text. Because of Apple’s smooth connection with numerous messaging apps, like Facebook Messenger, it’s a convenient way to stay connected while on the go.

Q2. Can you reply to a text on Apple Watch?

You can respond to text messages using voice dictation, pre-set responses, or emojis. You can also send quick, custom replies by scribbling or using the on-screen keyboard. It’s a convenient way to stay connected without needing to take out your iPhone.

Q3. What is the best WhatsApp app for Apple Watch?

WatchApp+ is the most responsive and well-designed WhatsApp app specifically for the Apple Watch. It seamlessly allows interaction just using the Apple watch screen and access your most critical discussions with a few clicks on your wrist.

Q4. What is the voice messaging app for Apple Watch?

There isn’t a dedicated standalone voice messaging app for Apple Watch. But you can use the built-in microphone and Siri to send and receive voice messages through its seamless integration with other third-party Message apps. 

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