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Management is a strong base for any successful and intelligent student. Keep technology in your study that reminds all the things related to your study time, Notes, and Find education solutions from the expert and senior students. I think following the good thing in others’ life is too much important for us, and Students should do this. Be updated with the largest online student community in your City/ State or Country. Over here, I will suggest the Best college students’ apps.

Freely enjoy student life with the below top Best college students apps.

1. Notability: Productivity app for College Students

Notability is an acclaimed productivity app by Apple. It’s a paid app, but this app gives you features as you pay. The app provides all essential functions, such as the option to take daily notes, sketch ideas, annotate PDFs, markup photos, record tutorials/lectures, audio feedback, and more. Millions of iOS users and most teachers, students, and business professionals use the notability iOS app. In short, the app can make your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch even smarter than still.

Don’t miss, this notability app. It’s a damn alternative to the Apple Notes app. The app developer also claims that the notability supports Apple Pencil. So hopefully, it will be giving a good job on bigger screens, iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini, and iPhone. Force Touch is compatible, giving you Peek and Pop option for quick action.

2. myHomework Student Planner

myHomework Student Planner is, On the go homework planner app for College, university students, high school, and middle school students. App work in offline mode, so you don’t need Wi-Fi or a cellular internet connection. So it’s called the top best back-to-school app.

In the free version, you can access features likely to track assignments, tests, homework, wonderful calendar display, time, block, and period-based schedules, and universal iPhone and iPad support.

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3. Spending Tracker – Best College Expense Tracker App

Spending tracker helps you to track all your expenses. The app gives two tabs side by side – Expense and income.  In the salary tab, you can enter your real source of money, the mean total amount of monthly income, and another side, you can enter your expense categories wise.

So while you enter the amount on the income side and note down spending on the expense side, the app will automatically count your remaining balance. Under each transaction, you can also write a note for additional details. Start today to track expenses between roommate, College stationery, travel rent, boarding pass expense, etc.


This is the best app for University Students, School Students. Search your word without the internet, because this is an offline dictionary. There are over 2,000,000 Synonyms, antonyms, and definitions included in them. Search History, Spelling suggestions, and much functionality are the ornament of the iOS app.

Download Now – Free

5. iStudiez Pro – Homework, Schedule, and Grades

The premium app is full-featured as per students’ needs and ease of use (Now the app is available for Apple Watch). Useful for all aged College, School, and Graduate students. This app is helping millions of students in over 30 countries for the last 7 years. The app has received excellent satisfaction with this app by students. One-time purchase, then use on your iPhone/ iPad/ Apple Watch. This app notices all types of activities like Classes, extracurriculars. In the recent update, you will get today’s view features, Notifications, and reminders.

iStudiez Pro – $2.99

6. Notability

Notability is instant note-taking and Sketching iOS app for iPhone/ iPad. The app is not supported 3D touch Features, So the app gives a direct option for previewing the app, Creating new and Open old notes—searching notes within the app from spotlight search.

You primarily use it for taking text notes, sketching, Converting into PDF, and Audio feedback. Auto-synced with iCloud always keeps you safe from accidentally deleting. Also, start your work on your own Mac/ iPad.

Notability – $9.99

7. TextGrabber – Image to text, OCR & Translate photo

One step ahead in scanning technology, Textgrabber is helping out using the iOS app on iPhone/ iPad. Just scan text images, Get accurate results for reuse content. The Pro app unlocks feature support up to 60+ international languages. Perfect for marketers, Easy to share on a social profile or page (Facebook, Google+, Evernote, and SMS).

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One of the Tough task-killer apps for students

TextGrabber – $4.99

8. Numbers and pages

Pages and Numbers app is an official app for Apple. All the documents created by numbers and pages can access on all iOS and Mac devices. Newly added tools make your worksheet powerful, Easy to present your content more beautifully and remarkable (Checklist, mortgage calculator, Resize table, 2D or 3D Chart, Export into CSV, PDF, Excel). Also, share your documents with your Friends or Publically.

Permit others to edit. Get those who are updating the same file with you.

Numbers and Pages

9. Skype For iPhone/ iPad

Stay connected with all your friends on a free Skype video/ audio calling app. One of the Secure, Trusted calling/ Chatting apps is now adding more pro functionality. Add up to 300 people in a group chat and 25 People in a group video. Skype is available for all platforms (iPhone/ iPad/ MacOS/ Web). Skype for Apple Watch is available for your wrist.

Get Skype for iOS – Free

10. Dropbox

Secure Cloud Storage, Keep all types of documents and media files in the safest place on the planate. Dropbox for iOS is now secure with Dropbox Passcode; enable it from settings. Dropbox allows you to save and share the largest file with custom permissions. Use Dropbox file offline, Edit or Create a new Microsoft Office file.

Get Dropbox – Free

11. WolframAlpha

Get Complex query solutions for maths, Science puzzles, or General knowledge Questions quickly and quickly. Sometimes Students learn teaching techniques in alternate ways on WolframAlpha that I can’t specify here because of the longest list of your subjects.

Mathematically Function apps – numbers, Calculus, plotting, Elementary Math, Matrices, Geometry, Trigonometry, Applied math, Logic Functions. Solve your sum and get formula on your iPhone and iPad using this Top Best must-have iPhone app for College Students.

Try your own yourself, and Done. Wolframalpha web is also available.

Get wolframalpha for iOS – $2.99

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12. Evernote

Your happy time idea, you can put in this app and follow it for making something good in life. Evernote develops the best productivity app for iPhone and iPad. Save sync and save file, Record voice and audio notes, Scan business card, Search for text inside images.

Download Now – Free

13. Chegg

This app is an education hub for University Students. Using this app you can get information about, Rent Book, and E-book and instant access when available. Read online books on your iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, and especially on iPad Air, iPad Mini.

Download Now – Free

14. iThoughts (Mindmap)

The great app Mind Map is for importing and exporting data from iPhone to Mac and reverse—the best must-have iPhone app for College Students. Features of the app are – state your Aim through Goal Setting, WBS, Project planning, Brainstorming, Meetings Notes, GTD, and Course Revision.

Download Now: $9.99

15. PCalc

PCalc is an accurate modern calculator app even in engineering, scientist as well in programming field and education in iOS, but it’s updated by TLA System LTD. for iOS 8 users

Download Now – $9.99

16. Dropbox

If you are using Mac or iPhone/ iPad, then Dropbox must require you. Your Mac and iPhone files sync together and use easily on any device. You can store your PPT, Files, Folders, documents, and more. Sharing is the feature also available to share data.

Download Now – Free

17. Screens VNC

Stay connected with your desktop even if you’re everywhere. Luckily, iPhone/ iPad users use this app, which is always required when they are so far from their living comfort room – behind Mac or Windows, or Linux PC. The best way ever you forget your Presentation folder or document access from your college campus and get it there easily.

Download Now – $19.99 for iOS| Download Now – $29.99 for Mac

  1. Class Timetable: perfect schedule app, also helpful to track homework.
  2. Notes: Supernote Recorder, Note, Memos, Photos. Notebook plus Notepad app.
  3. NOOK – Read Books, Magazines, Newspapers & Comics.
  4. PathSoruce Carrer –  job searcher, Resume builder iPhone app. Supports with iOS & Apple watch.
  5. Study EdgeBest iPhone Apps for College Students.
  6. Agree on – Best Finance calculator app for college friends.

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Also, share your own personal Best college students’ apps that you never miss by using others.

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