Best Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker Apps for iPhone and iPad

Last Updated on Jul 15, 2021

The first-ever cryptocurrency was decentralized as Bitcoin, and after that, a lot of currencies were introduced, known as altcoin. A few years ago, Bitcoin came into existence, but very few people were aware of it, and now the scenario is different; everyone is in virtual currency. If you are one of them, you will need this portfolio app to get an instant overview of your investment.

The Crypto portfolio tracker software is quick to keep track of all purchases and sales of digital currency. To get profit or loss in Cryptocurrency investment, you must have these best Crypto portfolio-tracking apps on your iPhone or iPad.

If you have invested in many cryptocurrencies and want to look at a real-time price, it is tricky and time-consuming to search for every coin and get prices. But when you have crypto portfolio apps in your iDevice, you can get real-time prices of around 2000 currencies on your palm.

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The best Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker Apps for iPhone and iPad

Here’s the list of these best Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker Apps for iPhone and iPad

Best Cryptocurrency Portfolio tracker Apps for iPhone and iPad

#1. Delta – Crypto and ICO portfolio
#2. Blockfolio Bitcoin/Altcoin App
#3. Coin Stats – Crypto Portfolio
#4. Cosmo – Crypto Portfolio
#5. BitWorth – Crypto Tracker
#6. CoinTracker: Crypto Portfolio

#1. Delta – Crypto and ICO portfolio

The Delta is known for its simplicity and most advanced portfolio virtual currency tracker available in the App Store. This app can show you real-time prices of around 2000 cryptocurrencies with market charts. In addition, it has an extensive library of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, Ripple, MonaCoin, and much more.

If you aren’t comfortable with the USD standard price, you can switch to your local currency and get the exact cost. The unique feature of Delta is you will get support to add custom coins for every ICO. Download and get started to track how your investments are performing and see market data of each exchange.

#2. Blockfolio Bitcoin/Altcoin App

Get all the detailed information and market charts of all individual currencies with a single tap on the Blockfolio app. Through this, you can view a complete list of all currencies with the real-time price.

If you’re looking for any particular coin, go to the search bar and enter the name, you will get results on the screen. Besides, this app will keep you up to date with all the latest information from sources like Bitcoin Magazine, CoinDesk, and much more. You can even add fiat currencies and view your portfolio over 30 local currencies.

#3. Coin Stats – Crypto Portfolio

The Coin Stats is known for its elegant dark theme for better vision in any environment. Along with that, it has all the features that will meet your requirements for the portfolio. Coin Stats’ critical elements are getting detailed information on each coin, tracking your investments and earnings, Multiple portfolio functionalities, selecting over 30 fiat currencies, and much more.

Although you can set price alerts for crypto coins from over 20 exchanges, if you have limited coins up to $5000, then it is free for you and wants to store more coins, then the subscription is available at an affordable rate.

#4. Cosmo – Crypto Portfolio

Manage your crypto coins using the Cosmo app and track control of each investment efficiently. It is specially programmed to handle multiple portfolios and exchange syncing for thousands of coins.

If you look for past information and price fluctuation of the particular coin, you can open candlestick charts and analyze the data. Furthermore, after downloading the app, you can contact the telegram group and give them feedback if you want some features.

#5. BitWorth – Crypto Tracker

The BitWorth can calculate your net-worth of your entire investment. Just enter your amount of crypto coin, and in a single tap, you can get the real-time price in your selected fiat currency. The most popular currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and much more are available in BitWorth.

It pulls current pricing data from different private and public APIs and reflects the price in your local currency. You can even use this app on Apple Watch and get updates on it if you have forgotten your iPhone.

#6. CoinTracker: Crypto Portfolio

The coin tracker is the perfect way to track your profit and loss on your portfolio. By looking at current prices, you can trade coins and make profits by making accurate decisions. You can view current price, change in percentage rate, market cap, 24 hours volume, and much more from this app.

Share portfolio by taking snapshots of full portfolio bar. A premium version is available, allowing you to unlock more crypto coins and view the app ad-free at $2.

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