10 Best Death Note Wallpapers for iPhone in 2024 

If you are an anime lover, you might know Death Note. It’s no new thing why people are so obsessed with Death Note’s amazing characters. If you have updated your background with Halloween Desktop Wallpapers, now it’s time to transform your iPhone into a portal of mystery and suspense with our Death Note wallpapers. Whether you prefer the enigmatic Ryuk or the intense gaze of the characters, this Anime death note wallpaper collection will surely be a great replacement for Halloween iPhone Wallpaper with a diverse range of visually striking options. 

1. Death Note wallpaper for iPhone 

Death Note whispers secrets to your iPhone’s screen in the cosmic symphony, painting a celestial ballet of shadows and intrigue.

Death note wallpaper for iPhone

2. Death Note Wallpaper HD

Death Note’s HD wallpaper adorns your screen with an enigmatic dance of shadows, merging seamlessly with a dark mode canvas, where secrets thrive in elegant obscurity.

Death Note wallpaper hd for iPhone

3. Death Note wallpaper ryuk

Ddd a nice abstract of Death Note with a captivating wallpaper featuring Ryuk, the whimsical Shinigami, adding an air of supernatural mystery to your device at every glance.

Death Note wallpaper ryuk for iPhone

4. Death Note HD poster

Dive into the high-definition world of Death Note with a captivating poster that vividly brings the battle of wits to life, where Light and darkness collide in a visually stunning masterpiece for your collection.

Death Note HD poster for iPhone

5. Death Note Anime Backgrounds

Transform your iPhone screen into an animated realm of suspense and intellect with Death Note Anime backgrounds.

Death Note Anime Backgrounds wallpaper for iPhone

6. Death Note anime HD wallpaper

Elevate your screen with intense Death Note anime HD wallpapers featuring a striking red bloodstain background that encapsulates the dark and visceral essence of this gripping psychological thriller.

Death Note anime HD wallpaper for iPhone

7. Death Note l wallpaper

Say goodbye to cute Chihuahua Wallpapers and set your screen ablaze with an eye-catching Death Note L wallpaper featuring a cool red backdrop that adds a touch of mysterious touch to your iPhone.

Death note l wallpaper for iPhone

8. Yagami Kira death note wallpaper

Illuminate your device with a Yagami Kira Death Note wallpaper, capturing the intense charisma of the character against a backdrop that mirrors the complexity of his dual existence in a simple yet powerful display.

Yagami Kira death note wallpaper for iPhone

9. Scary don’t touch my phone wallpaper

Show your love for Black Wallpapers with this scary ‘Don’t Touch My Phone’ wallpaper, sending a clear message with chilling visuals to deter unwanted intrusions in a simple, spine-tingling style.

Scary don't touch my iPhone wallpaper

10. Death Note 4k wallpaper

It’s time to Change Lock Screen Wallpaper and wrap your iPhone screen with stunning Death Note 4k wallpapers, showcasing every detail of the anime’s intrigue and suspense in vivid clarity.

Death note 4k wallpaper for iPhone

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