Best Drawing Softwares For Mac in 2024 (macOS Sonoma)

Discover the best drawing softwares for Mac and create beautiful art with feature comparison! With an intuitive UI, improve your skills.

If you’re a professional artist or a beginner wanting to begin your comic or manga series, there are varieties of drawing apps available that it’s easy to be overwhelmed. As such, we have picked some of the best drawing apps for Mac, so pick the best one that reaches your needs.  

Here are the thirteen best drawing apps for Mac you can go through and install on your Mac. 

1. Tayasui Sketches

Tayasui Sketches Drawing App For Mac
Tayasui Sketches

Tayasui Sketch is one of the best drawing apps for Mac. Whether you’re an illustrator, animator, or designer, the Tayasui Sketches will help you to improve your drawing skills alongside beautiful art once you spend a whole day learning. One of my favorite aspects of Tayasui Sketches is its intuitive user interface, which helps you create the actual masterpiece

Features like a smart brush editor, import photos, and color eyedropper are one of the many things that make the Tayasui Sketches one of the best drawing apps for Mac. Besides this, there are many free tools available, such as Pen, Rotring, Felt Pen, and more. Some of the advanced tools like Patterns, Cutter, and Smudge Tool are only accessible in the paid version. What makes it on to go is that this app receives frequent updates in order to enhance its performance and to fix the bugs within the app. Atlast, it’s a free drawing app for Mac with in-app purchases. 

2. Affinity Designer 2

Affinity Designer 2 Drawing App For Mac
Affinity Designer 2

Affinity Designer 2 is another best drawing program for Mac users who don’t want to go with a subscription-based model and still be able to perform at the pick. The Drawing Apps for macOS includes the complete graphic design solution for all your basic and advanced needs. One thing that attracts me to this software is that its features and tools are built keeping all types of users in mind. In simple language, the tools are easy to use and learn. 

With this free drawing app for Mac, you can create icons, branding, illustrators, mockups, printing projects, and more. The app is convenient for both simplistic and destructive projects, which gives it edge-to-edge competition over others. All this you will get with just a one-time payment. 

3. Linearity Curve

Linearity Curve Drawing App For Mac
Linearity Curve

If you are searching for an absolute drawing app for Mac, then you need Linearity Curve. Undoubtedly, it’s one of the most powerful sketching, painting, and illustration apps for your Mac. Built for professionals, it works flawlessly on Mac. 

With Linearity, you gain access to exclusive tools like time-saving AI features, color pickers, and fully customizable brush tools, so there is plenty of flexibility here. Even better, you can get access to over 800+ customizable templates. Besides this, the app also has intuitive shortcuts that let you move around the canvas, redo, undo an action, clear, copy, and find valuable menus using key combinations. 

All your work on Linearity Curve is available in TIFF, PNG, and even web-ready JPEG format. With Linearity, you can get access to an endless number of free images, templates, and other features without paying a single penny. Yes, this is one of the free drawing apps for Mac.

4. Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator Drawing App For Mac
Adobe Illustrator

If you are in search of a component tool for vector designing, consider installing Adobe Illustrator. It’s highly recommended as it is used by hundreds of artists, designers, and illustrators to design everything from product packaging to web icons, billboards, and more. 

Alongside this, with Adobe Illustrator, you’ll receive other tools to turn shapes and colors into sophisticated icons, logos, and attractive graphics. Since you are searching for a dedicated tool for vector designing, here, using this tool, you can scale anywhere from a billboard to a smartphone. 

Plus, you can access gorgeous typography and other drawing tools. All I can say is that Adobe Illustrator is the tool that you must definitely check out. To get familiar with the program, you can try its 14-day free trial. 

5. CorelDRAW  

CorelDRAW Drawing App For Mac

The last in the list, CorelDRAW has been one of the best drawing programs on Mac, so undoubtedly, it deserves the spot in this lineup. What attracts me to this program is the vast array of advanced tools that make your drawing skills more productive and admirable. Of course, the curve of learning these is quite difficult, but once you get it, you will be unstoppable with this program. 

The great drawing tool includes an advanced feature, such as processing images with AI-powered upsampling and more. But remember, to access all those features, you will need to stretch your budget a bit. Except for being expensive, CorelDraw is one of the best programs to craft your drawing ability at a peak. 

6. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop Drawing App For Mac
Adobe Photoshop

The Adobe Photoshop is the designing tool that most of the designer has heard about. Undoubtedly, it’s one of the best drawing software as it gives access to hundreds of brushes. It offers high-end control to strokes, smoothness of brushes, and an advanced preset panel that allows you to organize all your most used brushes in the same spot. Additionally, it’s one of the popular digital drawing tools for creating banners, websites, logos, icons, and more. 

Besides offering a clear canvas, this best drawing application for Mac allows you to import your images and use them as a starting point. So, if you are searching for a powerful drawing tool for Mac, then there is no better option than Adobe Photoshop. It offers a free trial, and after that, you have to pay nearly $20/month. 

7. MediBang Paint

MediBang Paint Drawing App For Mac
MediBang Paint

If you are a comic creator and looking for a drawing tool for comic characters, then this MediBang is for you. The Apps on Mac for drawing offer various tools, including brushes, over 800 ton/background, 20 font styles, and over 50 brushes. It’s a simple and powerful tool, thus making it convenient for pros and beginners who are starting their journey as manga or comic creators. 

What makes this app super convenient is that it offers cloud syncing across the platform. Yes, it’s available on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and more. It’s completely free to use a drawing tool, especially recommended to comic creators. 

8. Artstudio Pro

Artstudio Pro Drawing App For Mac
Artstudio Pro

ArtStudio Pro is an excellent drawing app for Mac that has been created by the artist, offering premium quality software for everyone. This tool is a perfect choice for digital illustrators as it has the necessary tools to create illustrations, sketches, and comics. In addition to that, it includes hundreds of assets, plus the users have the ability to import the resource in different formats like ABR, PAT, LAT, ACO, and ASE.

What makes it super convenient is its advanced brush technology – perfectly optimized, offering a lag-free mechanism and letting you generate real-looking strokes. Besides this, you switch from minimum to maximum from up to 4000X4000. Atlast includes advanced features, such as iCloud integration, screen recording, mirror view, canvas rotation, perspective grid assist, and more.

9. ArtRage

ArtRage Drawing App For Mac

If you’re searching for a drawing tool that includes a vast range of realistic painting tools to draw amazing art, you must download ArtRage. From oil painting brushes to neatly designed pencils to attractive watercolor, the software has reached out to the most essential needs of every artist. Further, it also allows to creation of personalized tools for more flexibility. 

Considering its user interface, ArtRage keeps everything clean so that it becomes more manageable for beginners to get used to it. But what makes it more appealing is that it includes handy tutorials and an online community for getting support whenever needed. 

10. GIMP

GIMP Drawing App For Mac

GIMP is one of the well-known open-source image editors and creators for Mac, alongside Apple Silicon Macs. You can use GIMP to enhance the quality of photographs by resolving perspective distortion and making them look better. One of the primary purposes of using GIMP is to create logos, elements, icons, graphics, mockups, and UI components. 

What makes it super convenient is that it includes advanced features, such as brushes, airbrushes, clones, pencils, etc. All I can say is that this drawing software for Mac allows you to create stunning sketches and graphics

Besides this, it’s compatible with sub-pixels for all types of paint tools to achieve high-quality anti-aliasing. It also has a blend tool and gradient editor to improve your image quality. With this software, you get transform tools, such as scale, shear, rotate, and flip. Atlast, it also supports various formats, likewise GIF, JPEG, TIFF, and PNG.    

11. Digital Art and Painting

Digital Art and Painting Drawing App For Mac
Digital Art and Painting

The Corel Painter is a drawing app for Mac trusted by professionals around the world. It’s a great tool as it emulates natural feels for canvas painting; Corel Painter offers wonderful results and can tweak your brushes to deliver great results. 

Plus, if you’re an artist willing to pay a one-time or yearly subscription cost before using an app, the great news is that the company offers a 15-day free trial to check out its capabilities before getting on board experience. Besides this, it has advanced thick brushes to let you work with an existing art. Additionally, it includes an AI-style tool that allows the creation of stunning paintings from images. Enhanced layers, clone tinting, and compatibility with the touch bar on Mac make it one of the best drawing software of this year. 

12. Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint Drawing App For Mac
Clip Studio Paint

If you often prefer a natural brush feel, Clip Studio Point is the best option for various reasons. One of the prominent reasons for this is the robust brush engine that allows to create of attractive art with advanced precision. Thanks to its intuitive control, you can design clear strokes with less effort. 

In addition to that, the software comes with a vast library of brushes, allowing you to pick the tool depending on the art you’re willing to create. And the best part is you can create your own personalized tool as per your need. Besides being compatible with macOS, this tool is available on Windows, iOS, iPadOS, and Android. It’s a paid tool with a monthly usage plan. However, to get familiar with the program, you can try out its free trial.

Final Verdict!

That’s It! These are some of the best of the best drawing app for Mac you can install right now. Which one did you prefer downloading? Do let us know in the comment box below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): 

Q1. What is the drawing app that everyone is using?

Adobe Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, SketchBook, Linearity, and Tayasui are some popular drawing apps that every artist should have. That’s because these tools for Mac offer a wide range of tools, capabilities, and features that help users create stunning artwork.

Q2. Is Mac better for drawing?

Undoubtedly, the Mac is best for graphic designing. You can do many things, from making natural feel images, banners, and more.

Q3. Why do graphic designers use Mac?

Mac is one of the perfect platforms as it supports various demanding platforms such as Adobe Creative Suite, Affinity Designer, and Sketch. Thanks to its powerful hardware and cutting-edge processing power, it lets the user work on multiple projects simultaneously without freezing and lagging. 

Q4. Is MacBook good for digital art?

MacBook Pro handles various tasks with ease. Besides this, it flawlessly works with other advanced applications like Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, and more. Thus, Macook is suitable for digital art. 

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