6 Best External High Storage Power Banks for MacBook Pro, Air in 2023: Good Reviews

🗓️ December 2, 2020 By ✍️ Jaysukh patelAre you exploring Apple’s laptop charging port compatibles external juice pack? Get here the Best extra battery pack for MacBook Air. An External Power bank needs, while you are on the travel time or you stay away out of your home at those places where wall plug readily not available. In those circumstances, your external juice pack will let you save the day of your MacBook Air.

Below listed all Best extra battery pack for MacBook Air 11-inch & 13-inch got full reviews and users happy experience. So we recommend you that you should look at least one time on a list before going to buy it in the market.

Best Extra Battery Pack for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro: Travel Power Bank

#1). Omni AC/DC/USB-C/Wireless Power Bank

Omni AC-DC-USB-C-Wireless Power Bank

Omni AC-DC-USB-C-Wireless Power Bank

Omni External Power banks for all gadgets like Mobile, Speaker, Sound System, Laptop, and MacBook. Omni power bank stores up to 20000mAh power safely. Perfect external battery for the  Travel technology buyers. Deliver all types of power from AC, USB-C, Wireless Charging, USB-A, Adjustable DC power, and Solar Charging. Fast Charging capability makes your Any Electronics device full in just few minutes.

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  • Wireless Charging, USB-C, Three Pin Socket, DC/AC/, Solar Charging
  • 20000mAh Storage Capacity
  • Fast Charger

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#2).  Halo Bolt Portable Power Charger For MacBook Pro/Air

Halo Bolt Portable Power Charger For MacBook Pro-Air

Halo Bolt Portable Power Charger For MacBook Pro-Air

HALO brings the huge 58830m Wh of power, which is enough to make your life easier when your MacBook and iPhone ran out of battery. It is small in size, to carry in the bag, or put into the glove desk of Car. Besides, the best part about this portable power bank is you can jump-start any car and SUV while the car’s battery stops working, and other vehicles like bike, boat, lawnmower.

It comes with a 120V power outlet to directly connect the power adapter of the laptop for fast charging, instead of connecting the USB cable. Available in Blue Graphite, Black Graphite, Rose Gold, White, and other colors.

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#3). Maxoak External power bank for Apple MacBook Air

Best extra battery pack for MacBook Air 11 inch

It’s an ultra-high capacity power pack for Apple’s all devices. A personal power bank for laptops and smartphones has 36000mAh power storage capacity. You can charge your MacBook Air 11 or 13 about 1.5 times per fully loaded power pack.

Ultra Energy Saving & Fast Charging Speed with DC input:12.6V/2.5A. It comes small in size and stunning design so easy to carry and transit.

Check Price on Amazon: 4.5/5 Start Ratings

Best Extra Battery Pack for MacBook Air UK: Add to bag

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Get the best Power bank for Apple MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

#4). Lizone 26000mAh Power Pack for MacBook

top Lizone 26000mAh Power Pack

Lizone external power juice pack constructed with grade A Panasonic cells and premium chips. It has 26000mAh power store capacity so it will charge Apple MacBook Air 11 inch approach 2.2 times and MacBook Air 13inch 1.8 times.

Over the life of the battery, it can power charge full time 600 recharge cycles, so it sounds great. Also, the selling price is also affordable than other brands the same storage capacity power pack for MacBook Air.


  • Charge your USB-C MacBook With USB-C Cable in the Package
  • Compatible with All Laptops and MacBook Models
  • 35000mAh Power Capacity

Check Lizone Price on Amazon: Aluminum Unibody

#5). BatPower- portable power back for MacBook Air 11, 13inchBatPower- portable power back for MacBook Air 11, 13inch


The first AC outlet you can take on the go. Power just about anything anywhere. From your laptop to your medical devices, and everything in between; it’s the last battery pack you’ll ever need.

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#6). RAVPower 20100mAh External PowerPack

RAVPower 20100mAh External PowerPack

RAVPower 20100mAh External PowerPack for MacBook Pro/ MacBook Air

A high profile external power bank for business people, for the traveler and long tours peoples. RAVPower 20100mAh in a single pack.

It’s made from high-grade lithium-ion cells that are trusted by aviation, military, and healthcare industries. This power pack is rechargeable up to 1,000 times, so it comes with a very long life.

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