Best Font Manager Softwares For Mac in 2024

These are the very best Mac Fonts Manager tools for the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and iMac, you should try right now. Quickly install & Use.

Do you work with varieties of fonts? Are you having trouble managing the fonts? Whether you are Web Designer, Content Writer, Business Owner, etc. Font management can be nerve-racking if you don’t have the right font management software installed on your Mac computer.

In this blog post, we will mention the best font management tools for Mac. So go through each and pick the one that reaches your needs. 

Best Font Management Tools for Mac

The best font management application is necessary when frequently dealing with various fonts. Here is the best font management software for Mac computers.

1. Font Book 

Font Book Best Font Manager Softwares For Mac

Font Book is a free font managing application on the Mac computer. Unlike the other paid software, the application allows you to install new fonts, preview all installed fonts, remove fonts, and install fonts into various applications like word, adobe etc.

The application is compatible with almost every language. And you can create a library of your own fonts. So, if you are a fan of the Apple Service and application, you must try it out. 

2. RightFont

RightFontBest Font Manager Softwares For Mac

RightFont is a professional, fast, intuitive font manager application for macOS. Merely helps the users to preview, manage, install, and share local and Google Fonts. 

You can search for any font in a flash, and the built-in filter panel includes advanced categories; style, language, categories, etc. Moreover, it allows syncing the fonts with teammates using cloud drives, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. 

Additionally, paid font manager application reduces the workload by automatically accessing fonts when a particular document opens. As a result, you can collaborate the font with Sketch, Illustrator, and more with just a single click. 

3. FontBase 

FontBase Best Font Manager Softwares For Mac

The FontBase is a free high-performance font manager alternative to the various paid apps. It is compatible with multiple platforms and can cloud sync through various iCloud Drive. 

It includes various professional features with easy-to-understand UI. Some of the most admirable features are; Search, Font Activation, Nested Folders, Automatic Updates, etc. 

However, the paid version has advanced capabilities, such as Auto Activation, Super Search, Multiple Views, Tags, Collection, and more. That’s It! In conclusion, you can enjoy Freemium as it offers various capabilities. 

4. Suitcase Fusion

Suitcase Fusion Best Font Manager Softwares For Mac

Another best font manager application for the latest macOS is Suitcase Fusion. The application firmly uplevel the traditional application with pairing suggestions, advanced search, and remote access using cloud services no matter where you are.  

Unlike the FontBase, suitcase fusion activates fonts automatically as soon as it dives into the projects in applications such as Sketch and Adobe. 

The hot features within the applications are hassle-free font sharing, flexible organization options, nobody locked out, control access, etc. For convenience, the company offers a 15-day free trial in case you get satisfied, subscribe to the paid version. 

5.FontExplorer X Pro

FontExplorer X-ProBest Font Manager Softwares For Mac

FontExplorer X Pro is designed for professional usage; the application offers the power to manage all types of fonts. With an application installed on Mac, you can activate, manage, and organize both existing and new fonts. 

It enhances the user interface as it’s equipped with advanced aspects; activation control, customizable font preview, and detailed font information with a single click. 

Moreover, the application handles your font library efficiently and reliably. It’s an extensive size application of almost 366 MB. To give it a try, the company offers a 30-days free trial. 

6. TypeFace 3

TypeFace 3 Best Font Manager Softwares For Mac

Typeface 3 is exceptionally the best font manager application of macOS, which lets you pick the correct font type for your style. Built with a minimalist design and complete focus on the font enhance your browsing experience. 

The flexible grid, equipped with a customizable preview, offers a convenient preview of your library so you can handily make the decision over it. Additionally, there are features like synced directories, filter fonts, smart sidebar, multi-tagging, tag export, custom tracking, color fonts, dynamic preview, etc. 

Lastly, thanks to the software developers’ makers, to prevent eye strain issues, they have included the dark mode. 

7. Wordmark.It

Wordmar Best Font Manager Softwares For Mac

It’s always been tough to remember the font name, with Wordmark. However, it’s easy to remember font style without burdening your brain. This browser-based application offers an extensive library of fonts.

It’s a simple tool; you need to enter words in the text field and click on lord fonts; that’s it! It will load with different font styles. However, the software is valuable and completely neglects the canning through the same font directories. 

Available in two versions Freemium and Premium. With Premium versions, you get more capabilities and features. So give a try to this web-based application and prevent low storage issues.

8. Flipping Typical

Flipping Typical Best Font Manager Softwares For Mac

Another web-based font management application detects and gives a preview of built-in font with the desired text. However, it doesn’t always give accurate results since it’s found to be missing some of the built-in fonts in the results.

But accept it; it’s still an impressive and helpful application that firmly detects correct fonts without downloading it.

Additionally, with just an array of keyboard keys; b = bold, i = italic, j = justify text, a = sort alphabetically, r = sort randomly, e = enter text to compare, E = overwrite text to compare, n = toggle night mode, etc. you can apply various functionality. 

Flipping typical is a lightweight website and accurate for quick comparison, but if you want more functionality, you can go with other options. 

9. Font Agent 

Font Agent Best Font Manager Softwares For Mac

If you are a fan of simplistic font manager applications, go with Font Agent. It includes a basic feature and offers multiple display previews. In addition, the sidebar of Font Agent 8 has various aspects such as Activated, Shared, Player Set, etc. 

Other highlighted aspect of the Font Agent is Adobe Typekit Integrations, Table View, and Font Agent Sync. And best of all, the application firmly works with both the latest and older macOS. But, unfortunately, it’s not a free tool; you need to subscribe to a paid version. 

10. Connect Fonts

Connect Fonts Best Font Manager Softwares For Mac

If you are a designer, Connect Fonts is the best option. As it’s specially designed for designer community. It is an enhanced version of the Suitcase Fusion.

It is equipped with advanced tools for viewing, organizing, finding, and using the font frequently. However, once you get used to it, you can firmly sync the font style using the iCloud service across the devices. 

Moreover, an array of plugins are available to design various tools like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, etc. If you want to try, worry not, the application offers 15 free trials and if you get satisfied with it, buy the paid version. 

Bottom Line

With font management application on Mac, you can firmly compile various operations; install, uninstall, searching for missing fonts, comparing fonts, etc. When day starts and ends with typing, the font management application drastically enhances productivity.

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