Best Free Code Editors for Mac in 2023 (macOS Sonoma )

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Having the best free code editor for Mac can enhance your productivity and workflow. Whether you are a beginner, a professional programmer, or a student, you are constantly searching for a code editor for macOS that meets your requirements. But finding the best one can be an arduous task. Fuss not; I have done all for you guys and curated a wholesome list. So explore this guide and select the one that reaches your needs.

Here are the top ten best code editors for Mac you can install now.

1. Sublime Text – Commercial Code Editor

Sublime Text Commercial Code Editor for Mac
Sublime Text


Software Size3.9 MB
Supported OSWindows, macOS, Linux
Language supportC++, PHP, Python, and more.
Latest VersionBuild 4152
PriceFreemium ($99/Licence)

Sublime Text is one of the best code editors for Mac. This code editor is developed to handle extensive heavy and large coding hassle-freely. It offers most of its advanced aspects for free but restricts some of them as paid services, which you can upgrade to in case you need specific functionality. This free code editor is designed using Python and web programming, so it’s one of Mac’s most preferred free code editors. 

Besides this, you can also use it for different programming and markup languages. What makes it super convenient is that it supports various plugins that let you add an extra layer of functionalities. Some feature that comes in handy is a command palette, code auto-completion, split editing, and goto definition. Additionally, Sublime Text offers a built-in package to make searching and installing third-party packages quick.

The Sublime HQ also has another GUI-based software known as Sublime Merge, which helps you search your repository, commit changes to it, and solve conflicts more easily. 

2. Visual Studio Code – Best overall code editor

Visual Studio Code Best overall code editor for Mac
Visual Studio Code


Software Size119 MB
Supported OSWindows, macOS, Ubuntu, Debian
Language supportJavaScript, Python, Java, Mark down, TypeScript, C/C++, JSON, Powershell, HTML/CSS, 
Latest Version1.83

It’s a free source code editor developed by Microsoft. It’s designed on the Electron framework and supports various operating systems, such as Windows, macOS, and Linux. One feature that makes it different from others is instead of using the project-based system; the Visual Studi Code allows you to work on multiple directories and isolate them in different workspaces. 

Considering its functionality, you can use this code editor to jot down the program in multiple languages, such as C/C++, JavaScript, Python, Go, and Java. Additionally, it offers an advanced set of features to make coding procedures easy, such as compatibility for syntax highlighting, code refactoring, snippets, debugging, Git integration, and more. It is super convenient because it allows you to collaborate and work remotely with your teammates in real time.

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In the beginning, Visual Studio Code offers features like Peek Definition and IntelliSense that help you quickly understand various aspects of programming languages. 

3. BBEdit – Bare Bones Software

Bare Bones code editor for Mac
Bare Bones


Software Size24.7 MB
Supported OSmacOS
Language supportAppleScript, Perl, and Automator.
Latest VersionBBEdit 14.6

It’s a specially designed code editor designed for Mac from Bare Bones Software. It’s a closely free version of the well-known TextWrangler Text editor, which isn’t available for a few years and is available only for macOS. 

Just like TextWrangler, this code editor offers a variety of feature and programming functionalities that makes best to go option among the types of Text editor out there. You can use BBEdit as a simple text editor to work with plain text files and also jot down custom scripts or code. It’s super convenient as it’s compatible with various languages, such as Python, AppleScript, Perl, Shel Scripting, and RegEx.

Apart from this, this code editor offers various tools, such as project definitions tools, code folding, syntax coloring, auto code completion, replace functionality, and quick search. This software also supports FTP and SFTP for file transferring, alongside the integration of code management systems. You can download it right from the App Store.

4. Vim – Highly Configurable Text Editor

Vim Highly Configurable Text Editor for Mac


Software Size20 MB
Supported OSmacOS, Windows, Unix, Amiga, 
Language supportsupport for hundreds of programming
Latest VersionVim 9.0.2067
PriceFree to use

Vim, or Vi Improved, is a standard editor that comes built-in on the most traditional operating systems, including the latest macOS. We put it against the other code editors on the list because it includes a different feel and look. 

Unlike other Code editor software, Vim offers an intuitive interface that includes tonnes of functionalities and features. What makes it super convenient is that it support plugins, with new plugin being developed frequently, to configure the code editor to suit your coding preference and style. Another notable aspect of Vim is its powerful keyboard shortcuts. Yes, Vim is keyboard-centric and comes with pre-defined key binding for any action to make the developer work faster and more efficiently. 

What makes it super convenient is that it includes a game-like guide, which is helpful for beginners. It teaches all basic commands and lets them practice in an intuitive playing environment. It’s completely free to use, and it’s an open-source code editor with IDE style. 

5. Brackets – Modern text editor

Brackets Modern text editor for Mac


Software Size104 MB
Supported OSWindows, macOS, and other
Language supportC, C++, Java, JavaScript, HTML, Python, Perl, and Ruby
Latest Version2.0.1

Brackets is a software designed by Adobe Inc., the code editor is hugely focused on web development. The developer has to ensure that the product includes an intuitive design and is lightweight. Apart from this, they also confirmed that the software user interface is simple to use. 

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What makes it different from others is that it includes a live preview that allows one to examine and change the code accordingly in real time. This feature highlights your code precisely as it would appear in the result. You can customize this Mac text editor to reach your specific requirements by adding a plugin. 

It also includes a pre-install image optimizer, which firmly decreases the size of image files for faster web page loading. Besides this, it consists of a Quick Update Tool that allows you to customize many instances of code snippets simultaneously, ultimately saving you time and streamlining your process. 

Atlast, the software user interface is entirely adjustable, allowing you to adjust windows and panels as per your preferences. I can say that Brackets is an excellent code editor for Mac, so whether you are a beginner or a web developer, this one is always a better option.

6. Nova – Fast text editor

Nova Fast text editor for Mac


Software Size61.4 MB
Supported OSmacOS
Language supportHTML, CSS, CoffeScript, TypeScript, Sass, PHP.
Latest VersionNova 11.6

Unlike other code editors for Mac, the Nova is feature-rich software available. It includes advanced functionalities, such as multiple cursors, auto-completion, and a minimap for efficient workflow. This code editor supports many languages, such as HTML, Javascript, CSS, YAML, and SCSS. 

Besides this, it includes an extension library that offers commands, completions, and languages. To begin the project, the launcher allows accessing existing ones, creating a new project, and creating a new document either locally or on a remote server or Git repository. 

It differs from other code editors because it includes Git source control. It lets you check revision or create a brand, click-to-clone, initialize a repo, and commit changes. And the best part is that Git status is available both in the sidebar and the editor. The built-in symbol navigator lets you instantly scan and jump in the code

Once you finish the editing part, you can cross-verify the code result using the live preview to check whether there is an error or not. It’s free to use with limited features. If you want advanced features, it also has a paid version.  

7. TextMate – Powerful and customizable text editor

TextMate Powerful and customizable text editor for Mac


Software Size17.2 MB
Supported OSmacOS
Language supportAppleScript, C++, HTML, CSS, Java, PHP, Python, SQL, and more
Latest VersionTextMate 2.0

If you’re searching for a lightweight text editor alongside a clean UI, you should consider downloading TextMate. By default, this code editor will create plain text whenever users want to make a new film. Right from there, users can decide what type of document it will be.

But if you are working with a specific language frequently, changing the default file settings to the most common document is feasible, which is a time saver. Besides this, it’s an open-text editor that includes bundles for programming languages, odd file formats, source code control, and build systems to make your work easier and faster. 

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In addition, this code editor is also handy to navigate, as it includes plenty of shortcuts for various actions, such as column, sub-word, and paired character movements. What makes it super convenient is that it lets you edit faster and easier

Moreover, you can also jump between the lines and blocks handily with options such as find previous, show history, and find next. This code editor also includes multiple caret features to make changes simultaneously, such as copying-pasting lines of code. 

8. Xcode – Apple Native code editor

Xcode Apple Native code editor for Mac


Software Size3.2 GB
Supported OSmacOS
Language supportC, C++, Objective-C, Objective-C++, Java, AppleScript, Python, Ruby, ResEdit (Rez), and Swift
Latest VersionXcode 15

Xcode is another competitor in the list of best free code editors for Mac running the latest macOS. The program is always in high demand among developers due to its advanced and configurable capabilities. One of the reasons why it’s recommended is it’s handy to download, install, and use. 

This open-source code editor for Mac is completely customizable and includes different specialized modes for various tasks, unlike editing markup or programming languages. Xcode also has a package manager to install new extensions, themes, and methods instantly. 

What makes it super convenient is a variety of keyboard shortcuts, which enables efficient and swift modifications and file navigation without using a mouse. It’s also compatible with macros for automating frequent tasks. 

Additionally, it includes a shell that allows the users to execute scripts and commands without exiting the editor. Plus, it offers syntax highlighting, text editing, auto-completion, and code folding for programmers working on big projects.

9. Komodo IDE – Free and fast code editor

Komodo IDE Free and fast code editor for Mac
Komodo IDE


Software Size90.04 MB
Supported OSWindows 7 and later
OS X 10.9 to OS X 10.15
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 or later
CentOS 6.0 or later
Fedora 18 or later
OpenSUSE 13.1 or later
SUSE Linux Enterprise 11.2 or later
Ubuntu 12.04 or later
Language supportCode Editor, Text Editor, Hex, HTML, PHP, CSS, XML, Markdown, C++, SAS, Unix Shell Script, PL, SQL, Visual Basic

Komodo is a popular and highly customizable code editor for Mac that offers a vast array of features for writers, developers, and anyone searching for a reliable text editor. It includes features such as syntax highlighting, auto-complete code, code refactoring, and more. 

Moreover, it supports a variety of version control, such as CVS, Git, Material, Perforce, and Bazaar. Plus, the compatibility with different add-ons for personalization and extending capabilities and features. This Code editor is compatible with different languages like Python, Perl, PHP, Go, Ruby, Node.js, JavaScript, and more. Let you easily manage workflow with easy project and file navigation. Unlike the other code editors, it includes a live previewing feature to let you edit

10. UltraEdit – Highest-rated and most recommended editor

UltraEdit Highest-rated and most recommended editor for Mac


Software Size55 MB
Supported OSWindow, macOS, Linux
Language supportCode Editor, Text Editor, Hex, HTML, PHP, CSS, XML, Markdown, C++, SAS, Unix Shell Script, PL, SQL, Visual Basic

UltraEdit may last in this line-up, but it’s no less than other code editors. This software is highly recommended to programmers, developers, and power users as it can handle large files effortlessly and comes with a wide range of features and capabilities.

Unlike the other code editors, UltraEdit supports different programming languages and allows users to navigate their files instantly. Additionally, it has many advanced features like code folding, syntax highlighting, and automatic indentation, which allows the creation of complex code quickly.

What makes it super convenient is that UltraEdit showcases excellent integration with various tools and programs. Besides this, the users can access and edit files directly from SFTP or FTP servers, and it’s compatible with Subversion, Git, and other versions to control the system and simplify code collaboration and management. It also offers multiple customization options to suit individual preferences.

Final Verdict!

That’s it, folks! These are some of the best code editors for Mac running the latest macOS. Which one do you prefer downloading on your device? Do let us know in the comment box below!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q1. Does Mac have a code editor?

The powerful Mac computer hardware is the best choice for high-end coding. However, it still lacks of robust text or code editor that you can use to jot down codes in your preferred language.

Q2. Is it easy to code on a Mac?

Whether it is for a semester in a school to get a professional certification or to enhance your programming skills, Apple’s app development curriculum makes it handy for anyone.

Q3. Is Notepad++ available for Mac?

No, Notepad++ is no longer available for Mac.

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