15 Best Funny Wallpapers for iPhone in 2024

Wallpapers are just small things that have a big impact on a phone’s appearance. It allows you to personalize the phone and improve the overall experience. Looking at the same wallpaper screen may seem boring. If you are looking to improve your iPhone aesthetic, then you must have a look at cool funny wallpapers to have a daily mood booster. In the busy world of technology, these funny wallpapers act as a delightful reminder that laughter is timeless and, with just a glance at your screen, your phone can bring a smile to your face.

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1. Funny Spongebob Squarepants iPhone wallpaper 

Dive into laughter and nostalgia as your favorite Spongebob adds a touch of chuckles to your screen. 

Funny Spongebob Squarepants iPhone wallpaper

2. Funny cartoon monkey wallpaper iPhone

Add a playful twist to your iPhone with Funny Cartoon Monkey Wallpaper! Let adorable and mischievous monkeys bring a dose of laughter to your screen. 

funny cartoon monkey wallpaper iPhone

3. Real funny frog wallpaper

Dive into whimsy with real Funny Frog Wallpaper. Let these comical amphibians hop onto your screen, bringing a splash to your device. 

real funny frog wallpaper for iPhone

4. Funny iPhone Minions wallpaper

Elevate your iPhone with this Funny Minions Wallpaper. These lovable characters promise a burst of laughter every time you unlock your screen. 

Funny iphone Minions wallpaper

5. Mickey Mouse cartoon funny wallpapers for iPhone

Bring the magic of Mickey Mouse to your iPhone with this Cartoon Funny Mickey Mouse Wallpapers.

Mickey mouse cartoon funny wallpaper for iphone

6. Funny Mr. Bean wallpaper for iPhone

Inject a dose of humor into your iPhone with your all-time favorite Mr. Bean Wallpaper. Let the timeless antics of Mr. Bean bring a smile to your face every time you unlock your screen.

funny mr bean wallpaper for iphone

7. Funny Zombie wallpaper for iPhone

Give your iPhone a spooky twist with the Funny Zombie Wallpaper! These undead characters will add a touch of thrill to your screen, making every unlock a lighthearted scare. 

Funny Zombie wallpaper for iphone

8. Dog relaxing spa wallpaper

Create a serene ambiance on your screen with our Dog Relaxing Spa Wallpaper.

Dog relaxing spa wallpaper for iPhone

9. Funny egg wallpaper

These eggstraordinary and hilarious wallpaper designs are sure to add a sunny-side-up touch to your screen.

funny egg wallpaper iPhone

10. Happy Halloween Wallpaper

Transform your iPhone into a hauntingly delightful masterpiece and embrace the magic of the season with Halloween wallpaper.

Happy Halloween Wallpaper for iPhone

11. Funny panda wallpaper iPhone

These adorable panda wallpapers are on a mission to tickle your funny bone and add extra smiles to your screen. 

funny panda wallpaper iphone

12. Funny Fruit Wallpapers

Squeeze some laughter into your screen with Funny Fruit Wallpapers! Let these cheeky fruits add a burst of freshness to your device, making every glance a fruity delight. 

Funny Fruit Wallpaper for iPhone

13. Funny shark wallpaper iPhone

Make a splash on your iPhone with this Funny Shark Wallpaper, perfect for every shark lover!

funny shark wallpaper iphone

14. Cute funny wallpapers with quotes

Explore the rare collection of Trending funny wallpapers with Quotes—adorable designs paired with humorous quotes to bring a smile to your face. 

cute funny wallpaper with quotes for iPhone

15. Funny emoji wallpapers for iPhone 

Express yourself in style with Funny Emoji Wallpapers for iPhone! Let these playful emojis add a dash of fun and emotion to your screen. 

funny emoji wallpaper for iphone

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