Best iPad Pro Game Controllers in 2023

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You tend to store everything best for your gaming sessions when you are a gamer. Be it a USB cable or an expensive chair – everything for you is required to be top-notch, and so, to ease your search a little more, we are here with an exciting article on gaming controllers. These wireless controllers for iPad, Xbox, Play Station, PC, television, etc., are something you must consider grabbing at the earliest, because indeed, what is a game without a suitable controller?

So, if you are in quest for a perfect wireless controller, waste no other second and get started by reading what we have in store for you. We can assure the quality and durability of these controllers and so you have nothing to worry about!

Xbox Controller for iPad Pro 

1: Xbox Core Wireless Controller


Enjoy a great game on your Xbox with this Wireless Controller for iPad, which comes in various colors and useful options. The quality that this controller provides will surely amaze you. Moreover, it also features superior comfort like ever before. With the hybrid D-pad offered by this controller, you can easily keep your target intact and grip the triggers, bumpers, and back-cases. 

The controller allows you to listen to your teammates while the game is midway. All you need to do is plug in any compatible headset in the given headphone jack. The wireless controller also provides you with a USB-C port which will be useful for direct plug-and-play. Works extremely well with an Xbox Wireless or Bluetooth. Also, the controller is very well compatible with an Xbox Series, Xbox One, and Windows 10/11 devices. So, if this feels like a proper fit for your gaming, we recommend you grab your hands on this one and start playing effortlessly. Available on Amazon, this wireless controller is available at the most affordable prices. Go, grab it now!  

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Pros of buying an Xbox Core Wireless Controller

  • Great gaming
  • Allows audio input
  • USB-C port connection available 
  • Works with PC and Xbox
  • Well compatible with Bluetooth

2: SCUF Instinct Pro Steel Wireless Controller


Indulge in a faster, better than ever game with this iPad Pro controller for the Xbox series. Its impressive functions are why you must grab this controller at the earliest. The controller has introduced better durability and instant triggers, allowing you to pull from a regular switch and move forth with superior speed and action commands. 

You will be amazed to witness the extensive design and high-speed performance of this wireless controller clubbed with superior grip and comfort. Also, in this SCUF wireless controller, distance knows no bounds; thus, you can play your game comfortably, sitting far from your PC or television. We recommend you buy this impressive controller and customize it as and when you need to make your controller look better than it has ever been! So, wait no more and grab your controller from Amazon today. 

Pros of buying SCUF Instinct Pro Steel Wireless Controller

  • Increased speed
  • More durable 
  • Ergonomic design 
  • Easy to use performance
  • Can work from a distance
  • Customizable product

PS4 Controller for iPad Pro – DualShock

3: DualShock Wireless Controller


A very comfortable, durable, and desirable wireless controller is here from DualShock. Now, introduce better and faster gaming as this DualShock controller has improved its functioning quality and has introduced a new multi-touch. Forget your worries even if you are a beginner at gaming, as this wireless controller for iPad is also a great option for newcomers in the gaming background.

With an in-built speaker and stereo headset, this controller becomes a great purchase as you can allow yourself to witness the new audio options. Compatible with PS4, this controller does not demand a complex recharging facility. You only need to plug into the PS4 system, and your controller will be good! It is also a great option if you play games on your PC, as the controller works effortlessly well with a PC. So, wait no more and grab your hands on this DualShock Wireless Controller, which is available at the most suitable prices on Amazon

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Pros of buying a DualShock Wireless Controller 

  • Easy to use and comfortable 
  • Multi-touch function available
  • In-build speakers and stereo headset option
  • Improved functioning quality
  • High-speed performance

4: DualSense Wireless Controller for PS5


Game up your PS5 with an advanced wireless iPad Pro controller, which comprises smooth in-game actions that allow you to explore your PS5 gaming with zero interruption. Additionally, this controller has several dynamic vibrations, which will replete you with a superior experience like never before. This controller’s dual actuators are why it is one of the best in the market and is the most preferred controller for a Play Station. 

While in your game midway, you can also easily interact with fellow gamers and experience the in-game tensions in and around your environments. Such realistic experience in your gaming can thus be fulfilled with this DualSense gaming controller, which works amazingly on a PS5. Moreover, the built-in headphone jack is an additional benefit to this controller, allowing you to communicate with your gamer friends online. All you would require is to switch the speaker button, and you will be ready. A very affordable and rewarding controller for PS5 is here, and we highly recommend you must consider this option. Also, you can consider this gaming controller as a great gifting option for your loved ones. So, spare no extra minute and immediately place a quick Amazon order for this wireless controller!

Pros of buying a DualSense Wireless Controller for PS5

  • Compatible with iPad Pro
  • Works only if you have a PS account and an internet connection
  • Smooth, highly responsive
  • Provides a realistic gaming experience
  • In-built headphone jack
  • Audio connectivity and communication are possible

8 Bitdo Controller for iPad Pro 

5: 8Bitdo Sn30 Pro Bluetooth Gamepad


A perfect gaming d-pad is here to enhance the excitement of your gaming sessions, so we suggest you look more into this recommendation. Also known as the people’s choice, this 8Bitdo gamepad is the most easy-to-use gaming console in the market and consists of several useful functions. You will be amazed at the vast compatibility of this gamepad as it works amazingly with Switch, PC, iPad, Mac, Android, etc., leaving you with a variety of options for gaming.

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In this d-pad controller, you will find the key features: clickable joysticks, in-game vibrations to provide a realistic feeling, Bluetooth connectivity, USB-C connectivity, etc. Such extensive features also bring more ease and comfort to your gaming. Therefore, we strongly recommend you start gaming from an 8Bitdo Gamepad without further ado. Also, if this controller sounds like something you could use, we recommend you buy this from Amazon at the lowest prices today!

Pros of buying an 8Bitdo Sn30 Pro Bluetooth Gamepad

  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Small in size, fits best for gaming
  • Avail all the realistic in-game experiences with this gamepad
  • Vast compatibility with several devices

With these recommendations above, we are sure you will now game up your Xbox and PS sessions and bring more excitement to your gaming. These listed controllers are the best in the market, and these iPad Pro controllers are sure to bring more accessibility. Professional gamers believe a DualShock Wireless Controller is the most profiting controller you will find, and we strongly believe that you must consider getting this one on board. If these recommendations sound like something you can consider choosing, we suggest you make a quick Amazon purchase and start using these professional gaming consoles immediately!

Frequently Asked Questions – 

Q. What is an MFi controller for an iPad?

Ans. MFi controllers are nothing but Apple-certified controllers for gaming and work extremely well with Apple devices like an iPad, Apple TV, macOS, etc. If you are looking for MFi controllers, the above-listed recommendations will work for you.

Q. Can I use the iPad controller on my iPhone?

Ans. Yes, an iPad controller can be used on an iPhone with the help of Bluetooth connectivity.

Q. Can you use a game controller with iPad Pro?

Ans. Yes, you can use a game controller with an iPad Pro, provided you have an iOS 13 or more. For devices under iOS 13, the controller will fail to work.

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