Best Grocery List Apps For iPhone in 2024

With the moving world, we all have shifted to digital notes from paper and pen. Groceries are an important part of our daily life. It can be difficult to remember the entire grocery list if you are a 9 to 5 job person or business person. There is always a fear of missing out on something; grocery list apps ensure daily reminders and notes so you never have to run out of stock. Luckily there are plenty of the best grocery coupon apps that make your grocery shopping easier and save more money.

The grocery shopping apps are specially designed to reduce consumer stress by providing timely reminders on a daily basis. If you have always wanted a way of organizing grocery shopping, then you have come to the right place. In this blog, you will explore the best grocery shopping list apps for iPhone that will surely help you to organize your grocery shopping in an efficient way.

The best grocery list apps

Our handpicked collection to enjoy your grocery shopping covered all stuff like ice cream, cakes, coffee, olive oil, dog food, shampoo, wine, snacks, flowers, cupcakes, and hot dogs. bakery, catfish bait, cookies, meat, pizza.

#1. Apple’s Notes App

Apple notes App

Notes is a powerful app that allows you to make notes of anything, whether it’s something secret or basic stuff. You can write your important notes, add attachments, web links, images, scanned documents, and much more. You can create a checklist or to-do list and check off the option once it’s done. The app is totally safe to store your confidential information and lock your personal notes with a password or fingerprint. The app allows you to create tables and organize the data in tabular form; you can also apply different styles, headings, and bullet points, add colors, and much more. You can also create filters, add tags and smart folders and search the information hassle-free. Moreover, the notes are easily shareable to a specific person; you can also tag the person about important updates and highlight the text.

Pros of using notes:

  • Free and simple to use
  • Secure sensitive data with a lock
  • Add filters, categories, and organized folders

#2. Google Keep – Notes and lists 


Google Keep is your one-stop destination for notes and lists. The app allows you to edit, capture, share , and collaborate notes anywhere on any device. You can also set location-based reminders for all your grocery needs and receive a popup when you pass by the store. You can also set time-based reminders so that you get your important things done on time. Got some ideas or want to draw anything, you can draw and write your thoughts in the notes with labels and images. The app also allows recording the voice memo that gets automatically transcribed. You can easily search for your notes using filters and attributes and sync it across multiple devices.

Pros of using Google Keep:

  • Organise notes with label
  • Location and time-based reminders
  • Dark mode for eye protection

#3. Todoist: To-Do List & Planner 


Todoist is all you need to maintain habits, notes, and important tasks at your fingertips. This app is used worldwide and loved by 30+ million people due to its effective features. It has a powerful task manager that handles your personal and professional tasks hassle-free. You can quickly add your tasks and other things immediately to handle the important task seamlessly. It can be easily used as an app, extension, and widget on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple watch. The app can be integrated with a Calendar and various important tools like Outlook, Gmail, and Slack to organize projects and notes. it also allows setting location-based reminders and organizing notes based on priority levels.

Pros of using Todoist:

  • Free app with a beautiful interface
  • Location-based reminders
  • Available as an app, widget, and extension

#4. Cozi Family Organizer


Cozi Family Organizer is the premium app that every family member must have for smooth life. It’s basically an organized family calendar where you can write notes for each family member with unique color codes. You can set reminders for important tasks and send automated emails to family members. This app can be best used as real-time grocery lists; you can write grocery lists or to-do lists that can be easily shareable with other family members. The best thing about the app is everyone will have access to the same account for easy coordination. It can also be used as a recipe list, writing journal, or whatever you like.

Pros of using Cozi Family Organizer:

  • Free and convenient family app
  • Organize every list with a unique color code
  • Sync tasks and lists with each family member

#5. Mealime Meal Plans & Recipes 


If you are a fitness freak who always wants to track healthy meals and other important things, then this app is for you. Whether you are single, married, or staying with family, the mealtime app has perfect meal planning for everyone. You can choose your personalized diet according to your taste and lifestyle, and the app will make a grocery list for you. It also offers nutrition facts, helpful shopping facts, and important recommendations for recipes. It has a powerful recipe search feature that will find you the best recipes according to ingredients and your diet requirement. The app is integrated with the health app to track nutrition and other health information. With mealtime, you are sure to save a lot of money on groceries with a healthy diet.

Pros of using Mealime Meal Plans & Recipes:

  • Powerful recipe search feature 
  • Automatic grocery list according to ingredients
  • Tracks nutrition goals

#6. Flipp – Weekly Shopping


Flipp is the best shopping app that can save you a huge amount of money on all your household needs. The app offers weekly ads and nearby sale info for groceries, pharmacies, and many other household needs. You can find the best deals from over 2000 stores to save on a wide variety of products, including electronics, pet supplies, home and garden needs, and much more. With a powerful search feature, you can search and compare prices of particular items and stores you need. You can also add specific stores to your favorite list and share exciting coupons and offers with your friends.

Pros of using Flipp – Weekly Shopping:

  • Receive weekly offers and ads
  • Compare the prices from a wide variety of stores
  • Make a favorite list and share deals with friends

#7. Our Groceries Shopping List


Our Groceries Shopping List is a simple and free grocery shopping app that helps to manage family groceries hassle-free. The app allows you to create unlimited shopping lists and organize the items by category. You can also add photos of items and ingredients so there is no confusion. Just add the same email address to the app to make sure the shopping list is accessible by each family member. The app allows one to search for meal ideas to make ingredient lists. You can also add items using a barcode scanner and voice assistant Siri. Moreover, you can also shop hassle-free using your Apple watch.

Pros of using Our Groceries Shopping List:

  • Free and convenient shopping app
  • Add items using a scanner and Siri
  • Make separate lists for each member

#8. AnyList: Grocery Shopping List


AnyList can be your all-time grocery shopping partner that can be easily shared and synced with family and friends. This app allows you to create grocery lists, shopping lists, and various types of checklists. It is the best app for making recipes and ingredient lists. You can easily add items using Siri and the reminder import feature. You can also create your personal categories with multiple lists and reorder with quantity, brand, and coupons according to your needs. You can also print out recipes and shopping lists or share them using your email address. Moreover, you can add items to favorites or assign a specific color code to identify them. The app also gives push notifications when someone edits the shopping list.

Pros of using AnyList:

  •  Free and simple app
  • Share and sync lists with anyone
  • Categories and reorder items

#9. Out of Milk – Shopping List


Out of Milk is a premium app that allows maintaining hassle-free pantries, grocery shopping, and to-do lists. You can simply create your shopping lists with various categories. In addition, you can have multiple shopping lists for each person and check and uncheck accordingly. The app also shows the current and grand total on your shopping lists. With the sleek decent interface, you can easily group various categories, scan items and share it via email or text. You can always access shopping history and lists on the out-of-milk website to keep track of expenses.

Pros of using Out of Milk:

  • Create multiple categories and shopping lists
  • Share via email and text
  • Easy and simple UI

#10. Bring! Grocery Shopping List 


Bring can be the best shopping planner app that is completely free and offers loyalty cards on checkout. The app allows to create shopping lists with custom templates that can be easily shared and synced with family and friends. You can create a grocery list and a variety of recipe lists that can be synced with your shopping partner. You can send invites via instant messaging, email, and text. You can also keep the shopping lists widget on your iPhone screen to manage the shopping lists via Siri and other shortcuts. The app has a lot of customization features that allow adding icons, categories, photos, product descriptions, quantities, and much more.

Pros of using Bring:

  • Offers great customization features
  • Send an invite via text and email
  • Easy sharing of lists and recipes 

Final Thoughts,

I hope you found the above article useful to learn about the best grocery list apps. With amazing smart features, this app will surely make your life easier and better. Grocery list apps are must have if you are a busy person with a shortage of time. These apps can also be integrated with other devices and shared with other family members so you never run out of stock for your necessary items. 

Do you use grocery list apps in your day-to-day life? Comment down your favorite grocery list apps in the comment section.


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