Best Home Automation apps for iPhone, Apple Watch: iOS 9

We are happy to serving you these best Home automation apps for iPhone, Apple watch & other iOS 9 devices. All good apps are fully supported with 3D touch iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. There are many iPhone controlled home automation devices available for buy. And, the all small to big Home kit (automation systems) works on smart apps. So if you are looking for featured home kit accessories apps for iPhone, right?

Okay, let a look on our recommended Pro and Free best apps as Home Automation apps for iOS 9/iOS 8 devices. You can also control your smart home accessory via Apple Watch.

Best Home Automation apps for iPhone, Apple Watch: Perfect for Homekit

Smart home automation

Home – Smart home automation

Best Home Automation apps for iPhoneHome app is the only full featured HomeKit app on the App Store which supports all HomeKit features including scenes, remote access and triggers. You can control all your HomeKit accessories from different manufacturers in one app. This sleek app is compatible with 3D touch iPhone 6S & 6S Plus and Apple Watch, too. Read more about>> Home app

Orchestrated MobiLinc

Orchestrated MobiLinc home kit app for iOS 9MobiLinc allows you to command all of the INSTEON, Z-Wave, and/or X10 lights and devices in your home or office while at home or away. You can control INSTEON, Z-Wave, and X10 Devices, Thermostat, Irrigation, and Garage Door support, works over Wi-Fi and cellular connections, supports Today View Widgets. Read more about>> Orchestrated.

iControl Web

iControl Web iOS 9 home kit app for iPhone, iPad, Apple watchThis is a free Home automation app for iPhone and Apple Watch. The app is ideal for all home automation systems which support http (i.e. HomeWizard, PEHA-House-Control-System, PHC, KNX or control4). Best home Automation apps for iPhone. Read More about>> iControl Web.

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MyHomesIt has never been more delightful to organize your accessories, to create new scenes, triggers and control your smart home accessories from wherever you go. MyHomes can handle all your smart homes in one app. Remote access to your home is only available if you have an Apple TV 3rd or 4th Generation paired with your Apple-Id. Read more about>> MyHomes


MyTouchHome home automation app for iPhone 6S,MyTouchHome app is an easy-to-use and straightforward home automation app, exclusively for HomeKit-enabled accessories. The app is compatibles with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple watch. Read More about>> MyTouchHome

Kontrol for HomeKit

Kontrol for HomeKit appA simple and clean iOS application serving as universal remote control for your smart-home. Lights, thermostats, outlets and switches. Homes, rooms, scenes and triggers. iBeacons, Apple Watch and OSC. Read more about>> Kontrol for HomeKit

If you have best home Automation apps for iPhone and want to add in this above list, feel free and contact us.


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