Best iPhone 6S battery case as a Power Bank

Best iPhone 6S battery case

Thinnest battery case for your new iPhone 6S, first time you can buy best iPhone 6S battery case made by Spigen on amazon. If you are looking quality accessories as a power bank then Spigen accessories are best option, based on past history and trust on brand name. Now for your new iPhone 6S, you can buy spigen battery case as a portable power source.

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Spigen: Best iPhone 6S battery case: reviewed

You have a great option for buy battery case for your new iPhone 6S, this time spigen ready to deliver battery case and other best protection case (Wallet case, simple case) from amazon.Best iPhone 6S battery case

Features of Spigen iPhone 6S battery case

Battery case protect your iPhone on charging time, and case gives best protection on accidental drop, Scratches, When you have this case you can use your iPhone for 60+ hours for enjoy song, 13+ hours for watch movies, 13+ hours for browsing with Wi-Fi network, 17+ hours for calling, and put stand by for 288+ hours.

Interchangeable frame for different and fresh look for all time

Four LED light indicator: Measure power storage in battery case, each LED indicated 25% level. First light (0% to 25%), Second light (25% to 50%), Third light (50% to 75%), fourth light (75% to 100%).

Micro USB charging cable for charge battery case

Order Now ($39.99) – Spigen iPhone 6S case

Rumors are saying iPhone 6S size will equal to iPhone 6, Hope that it will be right. So spigen also saying and selling battery case for iPhone 6.

If you are interested to buy external power adapter then not wrong decision, you can buy it small in size and high power storage capacity from below.

Portable battery charger for iPhone 6sRavPower Portable battery charger for iPhone (3200mAh) Small size: $9.99 (Buy now)

JETech Power bank charger (10000mAh): $16.95 (Buy now)

Techmate Power bank for iPhone 6S (10000mAh): $19.99 (Buy Now)

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