Best Backup Contacts Apps for iPhone in 2024 (Share, Save)

In today’s digital age, our smartphones have become repositories of valuable information, including our extensive contact lists. Losing these contacts due to accidental deletion or device malfunction can be a nightmare. Fortunately, with the advancement of technology, there are numerous contact backup apps available for iPhone users that offer seamless and reliable solutions. 

The Backup App for iPhone is the best option for backing up your contacts on an iPhone. If you are looking for a reliable solution to safeguard your contacts in the ever-evolving digital landscape, we have thoroughly researched some of the top Contacts Backup Apps for iPhone.

1. Contacts Sync for Google Gmail 

Contacts Sync for Google Gmail
Contacts Sync for Google Gmail

Contacts Sync for Google Gmail Account is a must-have app for seamless contact synchronization between your Google or Outlook accounts and your iPhone. Offering reliability, user-friendliness, and impressive speed, it stands out as the top choice for contact syncing. The app features a true “2-way sync” that intelligently merges changes made in either account. With options like 2-way Sync, 1-way Sync, and manual Sync, you have full control over updating your contacts. Every field, from names and addresses to birthdays and social profiles, can be synced, including contact photos and custom labels. It also has powerful filters and deduplicates contacts effortlessly. 

Benefits of using Contacts Sync for Google Gmail :

  • Automatically sync contacts in the background
  • Supports 2-way Sync, 1-way Sync, and Manual Sync
  •  Powerful filter to remove duplicates

Price = Free & In-App Purchase ($1.99 – $9.99)

2. Easy Backup 

Easy Backup
Easy Backup

Easy backup is the Best App to Backup iPhone contacts, offering effortless backup, restoration, and transfer of your valuable contacts across mobile devices. With a single tap, you can securely back up your entire contacts list to the cloud, ensuring their safety. Exporting your contacts is a breeze as Easy Backup allows you to send a backup .vcf file to any email address or share them via various services of your choice. It offers unparalleled convenience, enabling seamless transfer of your address book between devices. What sets Easy Backup apart is its offline backup feature, eliminating the need for server syncing. You can even store a copy of the backup file on your computer for added peace of mind. 

Benefits of using Easy Backup:

  • Backup Contacts as VCF 
  • Offline Backup
  • Easy contact transfer across various mobile devices

Price = Free

3. Contacts Backup + transfer

Contacts Backup + Transfer
Contacts Backup + Transfer

Contacts Backup + Transfer is the Best App For Exporting All Contacts ios, which allows creating full backups of all your contacts within seconds. This allows you to conveniently share and export your backups via Message, Email, or Airdrop, ensuring easy accessibility. You can also access and manage all previous backups created through its intuitive interface. You must try Contacts Backup Pro premium features for enhanced security and peace of mind. It includes automatic backups of your contacts, secure cloud storage, and military-grade AES-256 encryption for your cloud backups. To enjoy these advanced features, a subscription of $2.99 per month is available. 

Benefits of using Contacts Backup + Transfer:

  • Easy share and export backups via Message
  •  Access all previous backups
  • Military-grade AES-256 encryption

Price =  Free & In-App Purchase ($2.99) 

4. Contacts Backup Pro & Restore

Contacts Backup Pro & Restore
Contacts Backup Pro & Restore

Contacts Backup Pro & Restore is the Best App to Export Contacts from iPhone that allows for effortless and secure management of your contacts. You can easily save all your contacts with just a single tap. Moreover, you can also store your backup files in the cloud and synchronize them across all your devices for easy accessibility. You can export your contacts seamlessly via email or iMessage as a .vcf file, ensuring quick sharing and restoration on any device. To enjoy the premium version, you can purchase this app for $7.99 for additional benefits and an ad-free experience. 

Benefits of using Contacts Backup Pro & Restore:

  • Easy access and manage backup history 
  • Brilliant alarm setting feature
  • Hassle-free lost contact restore

Price = Free & In-App Purchase( $1.99 – $49.99)

5. IDrive Online Backup 

IDrive Online Backup
IDrive Online Backup

IDrive Online Backup is the Best App to Backup Contacts iPhone, allowing easy backup and restoring multiple contacts, photos, videos, and calendars. It also allows easy file synchronization between all linked devices, ensuring seamless access to your data from anywhere. Selective backup and restore options provide flexibility in managing your files. It allows the secure sharing of files and folders with a single link. The automatic upload feature protects your photos and videos as soon as they are captured. The app has a user-friendly experience with Gallery View, allowing you to easily browse through your media. It supports robust security features, including private key encryption, passcode lock, and the ability to unlink lost or stolen devices; your data remains protected and accessible only to you.

Benefits of using IDrive Online Backup:

  • Automatic upload option
  • Supports Gallery View 
  • Private key encryption 

Price = Free & In-App Purchase ($0.99 – $59.99)

6. MCBackup – My Contact Backup 

MCBackup My Contact Backu‪p‬
MCBackup My Contact Backu‪p‬

If you are looking for Best App to Backup iPhone contacts, then MCBackup – My Contact Backup is the ultimate tool for managing and safeguarding your contacts. With this app, you can easily find and merge duplicate contacts, ensuring a clean and organized address book. Remove contacts without names or phone numbers for a streamlined contact list. The backup feature allows you to secure all your contacts with just one tap, and you can conveniently email the backup files or share them with others. The app has powerful filters, enabling you to quickly locate the contacts you need based on recent additions, job titles, or birthdays. You can also restore vCard files by selecting multiple files at once

Benefits of using MCBackup – My Contact Backup:

  • Easy and free app for contact and backup restore
  • supports Filter contacts 
  • Available in 10 languages

Price = Free

7. Dr.fone

dr.fone Photo Transfer
dr.fone Photo Transfer

Dr.fone – Photo Transfer is the best IOS App for Contacts Backup that offers a range of features to enhance your iOS device experience. It allows easy recovery of lost data such as contacts, messages, and notes, ensuring that valuable information is not permanently lost. The app also offers the functionality to repair various iOS system issues without compromising your data. With wireless transfer capabilities, you can effortlessly move files between your iPhone/iPad and computers, eliminating the need for cables. It offers flexible management of your media files, including deleting, exporting, and importing directly from your computer’s browser. The 1-click phone transfer feature allows seamless data transfer between devices without any loss, supporting over 3000 different devices.

Benefits of using Dr.Fone:

  • Flexible file management
  • 1-click phone transfer
  • Robust privacy

Price = Free & In-App Purchase ($7.99)

8. Sync.ME 

Sync.ME Caller ID & Contacts
Sync.ME Caller ID & Contacts

Sync.ME is the ultimate solution for managing your phone calls and protecting your privacy. As the world’s leading unknown caller ID and spam blocker, it empowers you to take control of your incoming calls. With Sync.ME, you can effortlessly identify unknown callers, thanks to its renowned Caller ID feature. By automatically updating its extensive spam list, the app effectively blocks millions of annoying spammers and robocalls. What sets Sync.ME apart is its unique ability to display your caller’s photo, adding a personal touch to every call. It is the Best Contacts Backup App for iPhone, with over 20 million satisfied users, allowing to sync contacts quickly and hassle-free.

Benefits of using Sync.ME:

  • World’s #1 Caller ID
  • Spam Call Blocker
  • Hassle-free contact syncing

Price = Free & In-App Purchase ($1.99 – $39.99 )

9. My Contacts Backup 

My Contacts Backup
My Contacts Backup

My Contacts Backup offers a hassle-free solution for backing up and restoring your contacts directly from your phone without the need for a computer or synchronization. You can easily back up all your contacts and send as a .vcf attachment via email. The app provides offline backup, ensuring your data remains secure without the need for server syncing. It also allows you to set reminders for regular backups, transfer contacts between iOS devices via email, and export contacts as CSV files. While the free version has a limit of 500 contacts, the PRO version offers unlimited backup capacity. 

Benefits of using My Contacts Backup:

  • Supports offline backup
  • Easy restore
  • Set REMINDER for regular backup

Price = Free & In-App Purchase ($0.99)

10. My Contacts Backup Pro 

My Contacts Backup Pro
My Contacts Backup Pro

My Contacts Backup Pro is an excellent choice for comprehensive contact management and protection. It supports offline backup without the need for server syncing, with an easy restore feature to effortlessly restore contacts. You can Seamlessly transfer contacts between IOS devices using just an email client. It has a Wi-Fi Manager option to edit contacts via a browser on your computer. Save and upload vCard (VCF) backup files to and from your computer using the Wi-Fi Manager feature. It has many amazing features, such as removing duplicate contacts, exporting contacts in multiple vCard files and saving backup files, Set reminders for regular backups, and much more. 

Benefits of using My Contacts Backup Pro :

  • Dropbox Support
  • Easy transfer between IOS devices
  • Easy contacts exports via multiple vCard files

Price = Free & In-App Purchase ($1.99) 


When it comes to finding the best Contact Backup App iPhone, it’s crucial to consider your specific needs and preferences. While several excellent options are available, two standout choices are Mail, Export and Save in CSV, XML or Upload to Google, Yahoo, or Microsoft Outlook account. Ultimately, the best contacts backup app for you will depend on factors such as your preferred method of backup, storage options, and ease of use. Take the time to explore these options and select the one that best suits your individual requirements to ensure the safety and accessibility of your valuable contacts.

Hope you found the above article helpful in picking the best contact backup app for iPhone. If you have any great suggestions, feel free to share them below in the comment box.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to Back Up Contacts iPhone?

To back up contacts on an iPhone, you can use iCloud or iTunes. For iCloud, go to “Settings,” tap your name, choose “iCloud,” and enable “Contacts.” For iTunes, connect your iPhone to a computer, open iTunes, select your device, go to the “Info” tab, and choose “Sync Contacts.”

How do I Backup and Restore iPhone Contacts Easily?

To easily back up and restore iPhone contacts, you can utilize iCloud or third-party apps like Google Contacts. For iCloud, go to “Settings,” tap your name, select “iCloud,” and enable “Contacts.” To restore, sign in to iCloud and toggle “Contacts” on. Google Contacts allows syncing contacts with your Google account, providing an effortless backup and restore process.

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