Best iPhone Controlled Star Wars Droid BB8 and R2D2 in 2023

iPhone controlled star Wars droid BB 8

Sphero is the real hero of star wars technology came to market at the ideal price; Anyone can enjoy beautiful redesigned or improved technology compare to older droid or robot systems. This time Unique concept on Best iPhone controlled Star Wars droid. Drive fluently on any surface and land slop without hesitating an extra command. Beautiful App design for iPhone, iPad, and Available free in-app store. Apple also suggests start wars BB8 droid and sphere r2d2 by Sphero.

Useful: Other beautiful iPhone controlled toys or iPhone controlled drone-like Star Wars Robot.

Best iPhone Controlled Star Wars droid

#1. Smart Device Compatible Star Wars BB8 Droid

iPhone controlled star Wars droid BB 8Sphere made BB8 droid for iPhone, iPad, or Android control. Install the free app on the iOS device running iOS 14 or later, Enjoy BB8 Robot on your finger touch. Beautiful design rolling ball No wheel for move or auto adjustable head on the ball. Head always keeps on top when the robot rolling on the surface. Not only racing purposes but also makes a fun atmosphere when stuck on a wall. Sensitive LED laser system control totally when you run the robot at any speed.

In features:

well-programmed Star Wars BB8 robot for different emotions 

Compatible with Smartphone or tablets

Listen to your voice and correct reaction deliver to you, a friendly robot

Record holographic video on BB-8 

New star wars in front of you! in a cheap price compare to other smart robots.

Beautiful packaging, USB Charging cable, Stand base for a charge.

#2. Astromech Droid by Star Wars: sphero r2d2

iOS controll robot for fun and entertainFull features and total control on voice, Reacts your voice like star wars characters and follow you with the laser control system. Multiplayer game entertains yourself for music, Dance, and spins.

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Now your turn, share which star wars droid you have or going to buy. Above are the Most popular iPad, iPhone controlled Star Wars droid, Best in 2018.

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