Best iPhone Insurance Providers in 2023 That you Should Buy

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Buying any iPhone model is a huge investment. It feels quite annoying and disappointing when such costly devices get damaged or malfunction. You can now prevent such occurrences by having your iPhone insured. All you need to do is to choose a suitable iPhone insurance plan from a suitable insurance provider. Most providers cover replacement costs if the iPhone is stolen, lost, or broken. Besides, they ensure protection against any malfunction.

Getting your iPhone insured saves you from hefty repair costs due to any mishap. It is significant to be thoroughly familiar with different iPhone insurance providers. The following sections simplify your task of choosing the best iPhone insurance provider per your iPhone model and budget.

Here are the details of the best iPhone insurance providers:

1. AppleCare+

AppleCare+ provides two years of warranty on your iPhone. Besides, it provides phone support for two years instead of the standard 90 days post-purchase support. You must choose when buying your iPhone or buy it within 60 days after the purchase.

If you drop your iPhone in water or break it, AppleCare+ provides certain additional options. It allows you to immediately exchange a damaged iPhone for a newer one up to twice. Note that AppleCare+ presents a deductible of $29 per screen or $99 for other types of damage.

2. AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss

Ideal for those who are afraid of losing their phones 

An insurance option like this provides all the same protection and service charges as AppleCare+ (discussed above). In addition, it presents a $229 or $269 deductible cost to replace your stolen or lost iPhone up to twice. It is important to note that loss and theft coverage needs the Find My iPhone enabled on your device before it gets stolen or lost.

3. SquareTrade

Best for anyone who is distant from Apple providers or a store 

SquareTrade is a reliable third-party insurance provider for iPhones. It provides coverage for spills, drops, and malfunctions. It has no retail outlets from which you can fix your iPhone. However, it provides free two-day shipping.

Apart from accident coverage, SquareTrade provides the following benefits:

  • Next day replacements
  • Reimbursement for Genius Bar appointments
  • Coverage for same-day repairs via local service shops in your region

You can choose one of the following plans by SquareTrade:

Single plan @ $8.99/month

Family plan @ $19.99/month

4. Insurance From Carrier Company

Best for family or multiple device plans

All leading carriers like Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint provide insurance for your iPhone. However, these plans are generally not worth choosing due to expensive monthly fees and deductibles. In certain cases, they can prove feasible options; for example, you want insurance for all devices in your family or protect multiple devices like Apple Watch and iPhone under a single plan.

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5. Switched On

Switched On insurance provider is renowned for offering its cost-effective, cancel-anytime policies. These policies provide flexible coverage, including 24/7 online claims, monthly or yearly payment options, immediate cover, and quick repairs and replacements.

You can choose one of the following plans by Switched On:

  • Accidental damage, loss and theft (for128 GB iPhone 13) @ £5.75/month
  • Cheapest policy (128 GB iPhone 13) @ £5/month

6. Cover My

The two key benefits of using Cover My are the instant cover and no limits on claims. If you’re carrying your phone abroad, Cover My will provide fewer days of protection for 90 days.

Cover My insurance provider protects your iPhone 13 (128 GB) against loss, theft, and accidental damage @ £6.11/month. This same level cover costs you £7.49/month for an iPhone 13 Pro, £7.65/month for an iPhone 13 Pro Max, £5.78/month for an iPhone 13 mini, and £6.33/month for an iPhone 12 Pro Max.

7. Mobile Phone Insurance Direct

Mobile Phone Insurance Direct benefits overseas policyholders with 365 days per year of insurance coverage. Cost-effective price, instant cover, and no limits on claims are other benefits it provides.

It ensures iPhone 13 (128 GB) @ £6.49/month. You can protect your iPhone 13 against theft, loss, and accidental damage by paying this price. The price is up to £8.94/month for an iPhone 13 Max, £9.98/month for iPhone 13 Pro Max, and £6.49/month for iPhone 13 mini.

8. Cover Cloud

Cover Cloud doesn’t offer the lowest price on its comprehensive insurance cover for the iPhone 13 (12 8GB). However, its policies have no limits on the number of claims you can make per year. The same applies to overseas cover too. No limits on claims and unlimited overseas cover are two key benefits of using Cover Cloud.

It provides insurance protection against loss, theft, and accidental damage at £7.26/month for the iPhone 13, £7.65/month for the iPhone 13 Pro, £10.34/month for iPhone 13 Pro Max, and £7.26/month for iPhone 13 mini.

9. Trusted

Trusted provides immediate cover and unlimited claims. It provides accidental damage, theft, and loss cover for a 128 GB iPhone 13 at £8/month. The excess varies from £25 to £100. You can claim within 31 days of the policy’s opening. The price is £10/month for iPhone 13 Pro, £11/month for iPhone 13 Pro Max, £8/month for iPhone 13 Pro mini, and £11/month for iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Note that Trusted covers iPhones that are up to 36 months old. Other key benefits of this insurance provider are instant coverage and no limits on claims.


The key benefits of using SWIPE are instant cover, no limits on claims, and reduced excess over time. It costs £8/month for accidental damage, loss, and theft cover on iPhone 13 (128 GB). The excess varies from £50 to £150; it may reduce over time. If you have reported an accidental damage claim in the initial 30 days, you will pay £100 in excess. However, if you make the same claim after 120 days, you will only pay £60.

Is AppleCare the same as insurance?

iPhones are costly devices. They are almost wholly made of glass and may feel slippery on your hands. Therefore, they are more vulnerable to dropping and smashing on hard floors. It is essential to have an insurance policy in place to avoid damage to your iPhone. Many iPhone users insist on having an insurance policy rather than putting a case over their iPhones. This aspect suggests how useful and effective an insurance policy is.

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As with AppleCare+, you’ll usually find that these policies cover accidental breakages, water damage, and device failures. Most also cover theft, some offer worldwide coverage (great if you’ll be traveling a lot), and others will replace your device if you lose it.

The question that arises in most iPhone users’ minds is which is the best option. i.e., whether to choose AppleCare or dedicated insurance? Moreover, some iPhone users even think it will be better to put aside some money each month to save for an eventual replacement. To eliminate these confusions, it is better to understand what AppleCare and dedicated insurance offer and then decide. Similar to general insurance for other devices, it is a matter of weighing your risk.

 If you are the type who usually drops the iPhone, it is crucial to back up important files. When using AppleCare+, you can back up your water-damaged or screen-damaged iPhone and let it run quickly at a cost-effective price. AppleCare is an accidental damage insurance policy covering water damage, screen breakages, and related mishaps. You can make several claims each year based on your needs and budget. However, you have to pay an excess to cover the cost. 

Generally, the loss or theft coverage option is not available for non-US customers. Since iPhones are costly devices, they are key targets for thieves. Hence, in this case, getting private insurance than AppleCare is a safer option. You should contact a reliable insurer and authorize Apple, or a trained Apple repairer will repair your iPhone. Usually, Apple makes it harder for non-certified technicians to repair iPhones. Hence, when you contact a reliable insurer, you are guaranteed the best protection for your iPhone.

Carrier insurance services significantly differ based on the carrier you choose, the type of contract, and several other factors. However, they are not recommended over AppleCare because there are typically high monthly fees and fluctuating deductibles. Certain carrier insurance plans protect against loss and theft. However, such carriers are rare and may already be covered by your homeowners’ insurance, work policy, or another personal policy.


Which insurance is best for iPhone?

AppleCare+ is considered the best insurance for iPhones. It prolongs the standard 1-year warranty available on your iPhone up to two years. Moreover, it provides phone support for two years instead of the typical 90 days post-purchase support. It is easy to choose it while buying your iPhone or within 60 days of the purchase. The appealing aspect to note about AppleCare is that if you drop your iPhone in water or break it, you will receive additional options. AppleCare+ allows you to exchange a damaged iPhone for a new iPhone. There’s a deductible charge of $29 per screen or $99 for other kinds of damage.

How much is insurance on a new iPhone?

It is necessary to understand that the insurance on a new iPhone largely depends on the insurance provider you choose. Discussing the average insurance price on a new iPhone will give you a clear idea. Generally, an iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini cost you $149, while an iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max charge you $199 for the two years of coverage. It totals $7.99 monthly before taxes for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini. The price is $9.99 for iPhone Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Note that the basic plan of most insurance providers may not cover loss and theft. So, you need to choose its special plan to obtain theft and loss protection for your new iPhone. The higher the iPhone model, more will be the price of its insurance.

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Which is the best insurance for iPhones in the USA?

SquareTrade is considered the best insurance for iPhones in the USA. It is an Allstate company that insures your iPhone for $9 per month, irrespective of the model year and old or new. It charges $20 per month for its family plan that covers four devices. You need not re-apply when you buy a new iPhone. You would have to pay a $149 deductible for repairing your iPhone. 

Does Apple have its insurance?

Apple provides its insurance known as AppleCare+ in the US and UK. Apple’s cover plan is a kind of insurance policy explicitly aimed at covering the damage. Although it doesn’t cover theft or loss, it can ensure your iPhone if its screen is cracked.

How do I claim the insurance on my iPhone? 

You need to follow certain steps to claim the insurance on your iPhone. These steps are explained below.

Step 1: Firstly, you should instantly report any damage or loss that happened to your iPhone to the insurance company providing the coverage. You can report them via a toll-free number or any other recommended customer support channels specified by the company.

Step 2: You must fill out and submit the Claim Form as the insurance company demands.

Step 3: You must submit certain documents along with submitting the form. These are the original invoice of your iPhone, its serial number, and the insurance policy number.

Step 4: You, the policyholders, can contact the insurance company agents during the claim procedures to obtain support. You can contact them through online channels offered by the insurance company or visit the branch office.

Step 5: Finally, depending on the policy document being issued and the internal investigation process conducted by the insurance company, your claim will be settled as either repair or replacement of the insured iPhone.

How much is insurance for an iPhone?

The cost of insurance for an iPhone depends on your iPhone model. If you own the latest device like iPhone X or later, the insurance plan begins from $8 monthly or $269 annually. The price is lower for older models. Old iPhones (model 8 and lower) are insured with glass, making them more vulnerable. On the other hand, all new iPhone models are crack and water-resistant. The following table mentions the insurance amount for different iPhone models.

iPhone ModelApproximate insurance amountApproximate insurance amount including theft and loss coverage
iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max$10/month or $199 for a 2-year plan$13.5/month or $269 for a 2-year plan
iPhone 14 Plus$9/month or $179 for a 2-year plan$12.5/month or $249 for a 2-year plan
iPhone 14, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 12$8/month or $149 for a 2-year plan$11.3/month or $219 for a 2-year plan
iPhone SE (3rd generation)$4/month or $79 for a 2-year plan$7.5/month or $149 for a 2-year plan

Can you buy insurance for iPhone after purchase?

You can buy insurance for your iPhone within 60 days after buying your iPhone or whatever duration your insurance provider specifies you. You can visit Service and Support page by Apple to get this insurance online. You must then enter your device’s serial number to move toward the plan purchase. You must run a diagnostic test on your iPhone to ascertain that you are not attempting to purchase a plan for a device that is already damaged.

Does insurance cover damage iPhones?

Yes, the iPhone insurance plan usually provides coverage against financial obligations due to damage, accidental drop, liquid spillage, electrical or mechanical breakdown, etc. You can get your damaged iPhone refurbished by choosing the appropriate plan provided by your insurance provider.

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