Best Video Recording Apps for iPhone in 2024 (iPhone 15, 14)

Video shooting has been highly trending these days. People love watching high-resolution and fancy-edited videos. The Video recording apps iphone has reached new heights, enhancing our ability to capture life’s dynamic moments. These apps have evolved beyond mere recording tools, offering various features to fulfill casual users and professionals. From advanced manual controls to creative powers, they offer a diverse range of features to create outstanding videos. There are plenty of amazing video recording apps that provide a seamless shooting experience. If you are also a video lover, then you must read this article till the end to explore the best iphone video recording apps for the best shooting and editing experience. 

1. VivaVideo 

VivaVideo Video Recording App for iPhone

Benefits of using the VivaVideo app:

  • It offers a Huge selection of stickers
  • It has Cool video transitions and dynamic effects
  • It Supports 4K Ultra HD saving

Price = Free & In-App Purchase ($1.99- $35.99)

Viva Video is one of the Best video shooting app for iphone that redefines video creation. It has video speed adjustment that allows to adjust speed ranging from 0.1 – 10x. It offers High-resolution output and hassle-free sharing with the extra feature to crop, rotate, and decorate videos with a personalized touch. You can also add short music videos by effortlessly integrating photos. It has a range of filters, transitions, and cinematic effects to infuse style. Express yourself using stickers and diverse text styles. The toolbox provides innovative features, from screen recording while drawing to transforming selfies into cartoons. You can Import music, adjust rhythms, and include keyframes for added flair. 

2. Varlens

Varlens Video Recording App for iPhone

Benefits of using the Varlens app:

  • It has Classic Filters. Analog Presets and various modes
  • 3-level stabilization for cinematic mode
  • High-definition shooting and video saving

Price = Free & In-App Purchase ($2.99- $74.99)

Varlens app offers a DSLR-level photography experience on your iPhone or iPad. It is a top-notch iOS video recording app with 6 modes, including an exclusive Portrait Algorithm for bokeh and AI de-sharpening; it enhances image quality. You can enjoy 20x digital zoom, manual controls, and advanced shooting options. It offers classic filters and self-made presets to enhance creativity to the next level. It has professional photo editing tools like HSL+ and “Shoot then focus” to redefine editing possibilities. You can capture cinematic videos with real-time color grading and multiple stabilization levels. It has widgets for quick access, optimization for power efficiency, and a user-friendly interface to make the photography and videography journey easier.

3. Videoshop

Videoshop Video Recording App for iPhone

Benefits of using the Videoshop app:

  • Allows easy sharing to various platforms
  • Offers a wide range of animated titles, voiceovers, filters, and much more
  • Green screen features and fun backgrounds

Price = Free & In-App Purchase ($0.99- $99.99)

The Videoshop app is your all-in-one video editing tool. You can easily trim and split videos effortlessly and infuse music from your library or Videomall. You can use your visuals with sound effects, slow/fast motion, and display adjustments. You can easily merge clips, add text, and record voiceovers. It offers Animated titles, filters, transitions, slideshows, claymation stop motion, and unique freeze moments to add interactive animations. It also has lip-sync features, and you can easily share your edited video to various platforms, including Snapchat, Instagram, and more. 

4. LumaFusion

LumaFusion Video Recording App for iPhone

Benefits of using the LumaFusion app:

  • Sync multiple clips
  • Easy switch between Multicam angles
  • Adjustable on-screen effects and key-out colors

Price = Free & In-App Purchase ($9.99- $69.99)

LumaFusion is the ultimate video editing app with unparalleled features. You can use 6 video/audio/graphic tracks and additional audio tracks. It allows editing with a magnetic timeline, transitions, and previews externally. If you love Layer effects and stabilize with Lock and Load, then this app is perfect for applying powerful color correction. You can use unlimited keyframes, speed effects, and third-party audio plugins. It allows you to shape your audio with EQ, isolate tracks, and automate music ducking. Moreover, you can also craft multilayer titles, adjust fonts, and import custom ones. You can import media from multiple sources while working in various aspect ratios and frame rates. 

5. iMovie 

iMovie Video Recording App for iPhone

Benefits of using the iMovie app:

  • 13 Apple-designed video filters and 8 unique themes
  • Effective shortcuts to edit movies
  • Easy project sharing via Airdrop and iCloud

Price = Free

iMovie is the Best free video recording app for iPhone, simplifying video creation and sharing. You can quickly select albums or videos, and iMovie generates a polished video with titles, transitions, and music. It allows you to organize shots easily, apply dynamic styles, and choose from 20 Storyboards to start various video types. You can customize trailers and create themed movies with filters, titles, and transitions. It allows for editing Cinematic mode footage, adding effects, and enhancing audio. The app allows you to seamlessly transfer projects between devices, send videos via Mail and Messages, and save in resolutions up to 4K. With iMovie, effortlessly transform memories into captivating stories, ready to be shared across platforms.

6. ProCam 8

ProCam 8 Video Recording App for iPhone
ProCam 8

Benefits of using the ProCam 8 app:

  • Intelligent 3-shot HDR
  • You can turn on and off Real-time video stabilization
  • All edits are safe and reversible

Price = Free & In-App Purchase ($0.99- $9.99)

If you are in search of the Best app to shoot video on iPhone, then ProCam 8 is a versatile photography app offering a range of shooting modes and precise controls. You can focus, adjust white balance, along with focus peaking and zebra stripes for overexposure warnings, and achieve DSLR-like precision. It provides RAW, lossless TIFF support, intelligent HDR, AEB, and live histograms. The app has amazing filters, 17 lenses, and 19 adjustment tools to fulfill creative editing needs. You can perform edits without any damage using customizable timelines, music integration, and anti-shake functionality to enhance video production. The app has portrait mode, 3D photos, time-lapse, and various shooting options to cater to diverse needs. With ProCam 8, capture and edit with professional-grade features at your fingertips.

7. Filmic Pro

Filmic Pro Video Recording App for iPhone
Filmic Pro

Benefits of using the Filmic Pro app:

  • Advanced Audio Controls 
  • Slow and fast motion FX
  • Action slider and Custom Function 

Price = Free & In-App Purchase ($1.99- $39.99)

Filmic Pro is an advanced video recording app designed for ultimate control and creative freedom. It features redesigned manual sliders for precise focus and exposure, Quick Action Modals for streamlined functionality, and an Action Slider for real-time settings control. It has a custom function button and enhanced pro audio support, allowing unparalleled manipulation of capture parameters. Its Apple Watch compatibility enables remote control and video preview. Offering various frame rates, time-lapse, slow and fast motion effects, histograms, waveform, and cloud-synced presets, Filmic Pro empowers videographers to craft professional-quality content with meticulous attention to detail.

8. ProCamera 

ProCamera Video Recording App for iPhone

Benefits of using the ProCamera app:

  • 80+ photo filters and a wide range of editing tools
  • Various Export Options to resize, convert to jpeg, and remove geotag
  • Optional on-device save location 

Price = Free & In-App Purchase ($0.00- $44.99)

ProCamera ends your search for the Best iPhone app for recording video. It is perfect for the photography and videography enthusiasts. Offering diverse focus and exposure controls, it spans Manual, Semi-Automatic, and Automatic Modes. The app has intuitive features like Focus Peaking, Zebra Stripes, and Portrait Mode with Depth Preview to provide a pro-level touch. You can capture up to 48-megapixel images, RAW, ProRAW, and more. The app allows you to record stunning videos in HD & UHD 4K, embracing auto or manual controls for Exposure, Focus, and White Balance. With H.265 (HEVC), Dolby Vision HDR, and various frame rates, it delivers cinematic videography possibilities. In addition, it has also features like mirroring, grid overlays, filters, and editing tools to enhance the creative process. 


In the ever-evolving landscape of the Best video filming app for iPhone, the tools of today empower us to seize live moments like never before. As we conclude this exploration of the best options available, it’s evident that these apps are not just about recording videos but about weaving stories, immortalizing emotions, and painting life’s canvas with pixels of beauty.

From simplicity to sophistication, there’s an app catering to every storyteller. Hope you found the article helpful in exploring the best video recording and editing apps. Do you use any iPhone app to record video? Comment down your favorite app in the comment section below. 

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ)

Q1. Can I record a 3-hour video on my iPhone?

The maximum length of an iPhone video will be determined mostly by the iPhone model, the video’s frame rate, resolution, format, and other factors such as the available battery. You can record a 3-hour video on your iPhone, but there are several considerations. Ensure ample storage space, use an external power source, and avoid overheating. Long recordings might be split into smaller files. High-quality settings may impact storage and battery life.

Q2. How do I record video on my iPhone without holding it?

Use a tripod or a stable surface to record hands-free on your iPhone. Set a timer or use voice commands like “Hey Siri, start recording.” Additionally, consider using an Apple Watch to trigger recordings. Various accessories like phone holders and Bluetooth remotes offer convenient options for capturing video without holding the iPhone.

Q3. How long can an iPhone record video without stopping?

You can continuously screen record on an iPad or iPhone for up to three hours, depending on storage space and battery life. Modern iPhones typically record up to 10 to 15 minutes of continuous 4K video or around 30 minutes of 1080p video before automatically splitting files.

Q4. Can you record a video with the screen of the iPhone?

Yes, you can. Simply Navigate to Settings > Control Centre, and then click the Add button, which is near the screen recording. Open Control Centre on your iPhone or iPad, then wait for the 3-second countdown to begin. To record your screen, exit the Control Centre.

Q5. How do I record a black screen?

Recording a black screen can be achieved by covering the camera lens or using apps designed for this purpose. Such apps reduce the camera’s sensitivity to light, resulting in a black screen. Keep in mind that covering the camera may trigger certain privacy indicators on some devices.

Q6. Can you leave an iPhone recording all night?

Leaving an iPhone recording all night can strain the device’s battery and storage. It’s advisable to connect the phone to a power source to prevent it from running out of battery during the recording. Ensure sufficient storage space and monitor the temperature to prevent overheating risks.

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