Best iPhone X Carbon Fiber Phone Cases Cover That You Should Buy

Last Updated on Jul 7, 2021

Find out the Best iPhone X Carbon Fiber Cases. Are you also, Looking for an unusual protective case for iPhone X? Here I have got some of the best carbon fiber cases for iPhone X, giving an elegant look along with safeguard. Till now, you have Google and saw so many cases, but you didn’t get the perfect match for you and your iPhone. But don’t worry, we have searched and found the best among all for you.

Today we are introducing the new and trending category of cases that are “Carbon Fibre.” The Carbon Fiber cases are durable and stylish, protect your iPhone without being bulky, and support wireless charging.

It would help if you used iPhone X tempered glass protectors to prevent your phone from accidental damage.

Top best iPhone X Carbon Fiber Cases List


The durable material carbon fiber case for iPhone X

UAG iPhone X Carbon Fiber thin Case

UAG has crafted this case for rough and tough users; look at how protective it is. The Case cover is light in weight even it has five layers of leather and metal composition. Handy honeycomb traction grip, tactile buttons, wireless charging support, advanced drop protection, impact-resistant, and many more benefits you will get from this deal.

You will get a wide range of color options like Monarch, Plasma, and around 18 more.

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Get iPhone X Carbon Fiber from URG case on Amazon

#2. Pitaka offers Amazing Quality Case

A black Color carbon fiber texture will make your device more beautiful and handy. The body armor grade with the same thickness will protect the iPhone from dust and damages.

Pitaka iPhone X Carbon Fiber Case

The iPhone X is a favorite because of its incredible features like face ID and wireless charging; if you don’t get these functions when you cover up with the case, it is useless. But don’t worry about this case. The iPhone can wirelessly charge, and also you can access all the ports and sensors for better use. An unusual 3D design case with a light grip will make this the best deal for you.

Pros – Non-Slippery, Soft to touch, Thin case, super strong, Fire and scratch resistance

Get from: Pitaka on Amazon

#3. iPhone X Carbon Fiber Case offered by X-Doria

Nice looking and durable military-grade case for iPhone X.

X-Doria iPhone X Carbon Fiber thin Case

X-Doria is certified with military-grade protection, which means when your device falls from 3m, the iPhone will not face any difficulty. The sound speakers are surrounded well by the case to deliver better music. The soft interior lining and rugged PC make the best combination shell for protection. Besides, the case cover contains a raised lip to preserve the front part of the iPhone from scratches. So naturally, you have to stretch the case and put the iPhone in that case, no need to use any tools or anything.

Certified for Military grade test form up to 10 feet and raise lips is a significant advantage that saves the screen from daily wear & tear, and drops.

Get iPhone X Carbon Fiber case from X-Doria Amazon

#4. ALIWELL – iPhone X Carbon Fibre Case

Wireless Charging supportable iPhone X carbon fiber case

ALIWEll iPhone X Carbon Fiber thin Case

Are you seeking an affordable and protective case for the iPhone? ALIWELL has got you the best one with modern material. The 3/4th part of the Case is covered with incredible patterns, and the remaining part is black from the back.

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Would you please get rid of a fingerprint that irritates you and decreases the finishing of the case, because it is made up of tactile waved carbon to resist such problems? Even this texture maintains grip in your hand and protects from shocks if the device has accidently.

Get from: Aliwell iPhone X case on Amazon

#5. Mous The Case made of Carbon Fiber Special for iPhone X

HOCO iPhone X Carbon Fiber thin Case

The carbon fiber material is the newest in this category, and people love it. Every property like soft texture, damage-resistant, high grip, anti-slip, and fantastic look will get from the single case. Besides all of these features, the Case is very slim and light in weight and will protect against heat and cold environments.

This premium case offers you three months of replacement guarantee and 18 months warranty at only $10.

Check Price on Amazon

#6. Evutec

Essential cutout iPhone X carbon fiber case

Leseeing iPhone X Carbon Fiber thin Case

Cover up your iPhone with good Leseeing’s carbon case. The case fits perfectly on the device and delivers a 360-degree safeguard. The blending of silicone, PC, and carbon fiber makes it best compared to others. In addition, Leseeing’s has an innovative inner concave that prevents the device from heating issues and ensures high-end protection.

There is no branding mark present in this case, simple it is incredible with the dull black surface, and you can see the Apple logo of the iPhone with precise cutout.

Get from: Evutec Case on Amazon

#7. Tasikar

Tasikar iPhone X Carbon Fiber thin Case

Maintain a slim profile of your device with Tasikar’s black designed case. This is because there are many factors to consider when you buy a case like material, grip, wireless charging support, precise cut-outs, and more.

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All these things you will realize when you cover the device with a case. So looking forward to the needs of the people, this case will meet all the requirements that a user wants in case. Moreover, an ergonomic mixture of black and gray pattern makes the case stunning and fashionable.

Get from: Tasikar iPhone X carbon Case on Amazon

#8. Spigen Liquid Air Armor iPhone X Carbon Fibre Case

Soft quality Carbon Fiber case for iPhone X

LiveOaks Co iPhone X Carbon Fiber thin Case

The first-ever case with Matte finishing and carbon fiber is here. The fact is made explicitly for iPhone X to give 360-degree protection from accidental drops and scratches.

The hybrid material of the case makes it flexible and ultra-slim, along with strong enough to take care of. Besides flexibility, the air-cushioned technology absorbs the shock when the device is accidentally fallen on the ground. Likewise, you will get a lifetime hassle-free warranty.

Get from: Check Price on Amazon

#9. Anker: The iPhone X Carbon Fiber Case

Rock iPhone X Carbon Fiber thin Case

ROCK is a well famous brand delivering the best cases for years. Once you look at the Case, you will be amazed at its texture, color, and unique design. However, don’t purchase a bulky case that is useless and consumes a small room in your pocket.

The PC frame makes it reliable to carry the device without any risk or even by mistake; if your device falls, it will protect with its bumpers. Access all your ports, buttons with a tactile feel, and sensors easily from this case on your new iPhone X.

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