Best iPhone X Battery Cases: High Power Storage Capacity Charging Cases

Ready to order top Best iPhone X Battery cases that’s rechargeable and fuel power for many cycles, iPhone X is an entirely different creation by Apple with new contrasting characteristics. The screen size of iPhone X is 5.8,” and so it results in high consumption of the battery. Therefore to charge device there are so many alternate options are available, and one of them is battery case which charges the device and also shields it.

Only you have to fit this case on the back of iPhone, and just by pressing one button it will charge the battery. Different battery capacity variants are ready so that you can purchase as per your demand. It is effortless to load that battery case using lightning cable or wireless charging pad.

Top Best Battery Cases for iPhone X: Loaded with Power

#1: Alpatronix offers iPhone X battery Case

01 Alpatronix Battery Case on iPhone X

Alpatronix presents charging case which will recharge the iPhone X and extend the battery life of it. So far iPhone X has a massive display which results in more consumption of the battery, and there this battery charging case will be helpful to you with an ultra-high battery capacity of 4200mAh.

And to charge this case only you need to put on the wireless charging pad and the benefit of acquiring this is you can charge both iPhone and this charging case correspondingly.

Buy on Amazon ($49.95) – $129.95 price when making iPhone X Charging Cases.

#2: Encased Smart Battery Case for iPhone X

1 Best iPhone X battery case

Encased best power management outer back battery case for iPhone X. 3.5 mm Audio jack for listening to music over wire headphone, High storage capacity (4100Mah) run your iPhone for 65 hours of music playback, 36 Hours talk time, 18 Hours video playback, 20 hours web browsing.

Four stage LED indicator Fine for easy justify. 5 Year Warranty, power reserve technology, and Safety chip.
Order On Amazon – $69.95

#3: ZEROLEMON’s iPhone X Battery Case

02 Zerolemon iPhone X Battery Case

Extend the battery life of iPhone by 100% and also protect from harmful damages with ZEROLEMON charging case. Since the case is accommodated with 4000mAh of battery, it will extend talk time by 12+ hours.

The case consists of LED indicators which will help you to detect the outstanding power in the case and hence you will come to know when you have to charge and how much time will be needed to load. The company assures 365 days warranty and also you can return within 30 Days with Amazon policies.

Order On Amazon – $39.99 (Price Was $99.99 while writing this post).

#4: i-Blason Battery Cases with 3200 mAh

Get more Discounts in offer up to 50%, i-Blason is ultra Slim Protective Battery Case in deals. And it’s compatible with Earpods. iPhone 10 Charger case provide full charging and support for Data Sync, Headphone, and Earpods. Best compatible with iOS and new upcoming updates. i-Blason battery case has Precise cut and easy to access all the Ports, Cameras, Speakers.

Order Now i-Blason on Amazon – $32.99

#5: RUKY offers iPhone X Power Case

03 RUKY iPhone X Battery case in Deals

RUKY provides extreme protection with increment in battery life of iPhone by 200% which is not normal compared to others. The capacity of this charging case is 6000mAh which can enhance the user’s experience of using the high iPhone X. just press ON or OFF button to charge device anywhere and at any moment.

The fundamental asset of utilizing this iPhone X charging case is you can charge both iPhone as well as a Case with lightning cable simultaneously. And with this Case you will get 12 months of warranty by RUKY, so make this battery case best to buy for your iPhone X.

Buy on Amazon – $39.99 ($129.99 while writing this post)

#6: Moonmini’s iPhone X Battery Case

04 Moonmini External Back Battery case for iphone X

Moonmini battery case provides all users with a great comfort by increasing the battery life and with extra damage protection of iPhone X. The ultra-high capacity of 6000mAh will extend the battery life of the device, and with the help of indicators, you will come to know about the status of the charge.

Forget the issues of overheating or overloading and charge your device using trustworthy charging case and enjoy your iPhone X.

Order On Amazon – $39.99 ($79.98 while written this post)

#7: Tessera brings battery Case for iPhone 10

05 Tessera New iPhone X Battery case with high power capacity

Charge iPhone X effectively by adopting Tessera battery case charger and even it gives shelter against scratches and hard struck. Tessera delivers 5200mAh of battery life, and it will increase talk time by 24 hours and hence it is beneficial when you’re traveling.

It is effortless to install and operate and also it has LED indicators which are very helpful to know the status of the battery.

Buy on Amazon – $34.99 ($89.99 basic price)

Till now some well-known manufacturer (Mophie, Anker, Argos, Belkin) doesn’t start iPhone X charging case. We will update you whenever comes to market with best deals.

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