Best iPhone X Wooden Cases in 2023

🗓️ November 10, 2020 By ✍️ Jaysukh patelThink of the situation when you have newly bought the iPhone, and within 24 hours the device is accidentally fallen on the floor. How embarrassing it will be when you spot a big scratch on the body. So iPhone X plus wooden cases are recommended that when you order for iPhone simultaneously on the other tab search for the appropriate case cover for it. 

All along after so many searches, you have come to our doorstep we won’t disappoint you by showing disgusting and cheap cases. Instead of local and straightforward cases cover, we have got some new variety of best iPhone X cases that are correctly made for iPhone X without compromising a single thing. here a variety of wooden iPhone X cases under 50

The Best iPhone X Wooden Cases List

#1- iATO  Dark Brown Wooden CaseiATO wooden case for iPhone X on Amazon

iATO is presenting one of the best and exceptional combinations of the wood leather case for you. The case cover is a real combination of Black saffiano leather and natural Bois de Rosewood which makes it different from others.

The case offers ultra-thin texture and lightweight, yet it is durable along with a new shockproof PC bumper. Also, it provides safeguard to all buttons and cameras. You can even take advantage of the latest feature of wireless charging with this elegant case.

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Check iATO on Amazon

#2- YFWOOD – iPhone X Wooden Cases 

YFWOOD iPhone X wooden Case

Are you Looking forward to giving real-time protection along with a stylish case? The YFWOOD has brought the case which will meet all your requirements. It has a unique design which consists of five different layers of various color and size on its back.

Real wood gives a smooth touch and provides cushion kind of softness which absorbs shocks. From the top of the device to edge-to-edge to bottom of the device it will perfectly match your iPhone, and you can access ports and buttons quickly.  

Check YFWOOD on Amazon

#3- X-idea Standing CaseX-idea Wooden texture iPhone X Case

If you want to gift a case to your son, this is the best unusual case I have ever seen with wooden texture at a low cost. X-idea has maintained the quality of the case by using the sturdy wooden material, artificial leather, and PC; all these things play an important role in durability, lightweight and appearance.

The rare feature of the wooden case is the kickstand case which you will find in this case. Slightly pull up the elastic stand whenever you want to watch videos and push when you don’t require it. 

Check X-Idea on Amazon

#4- TENDLIN– iPhone X Wooden Cases TENDLIN Wooden Print Case iPhone X

TENDLIN is well known for its accuracy and designed of cases, and so we have also included TENDLIN in this list. The natural wood grain is responsible for a slim profile of your iPhone after applying the case to it.

All the features that the user wants in their cases like raised edges for the screen as well as camera protection, smooth material, and flat & shining surface. The material is precisely molded using TPU rubber looking at the size of the device to fit perfectly and flexible.

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Check TENDLIN on Amazon

#5- Native Union Handcrafted Wood iPhone X Wooden Case by Native Union

Native Union’s wooden case is engineered with sustainable American timber. The case contains an advanced polymer frame on its edges which absorbs shock and guards from drops. Even the unique fabric forbids heating issues while charging the device and keeps it fresh.

Some of the people are habituated to put the device on the surface facing the screen, and it may lead to scratches, but this case has raised lips on the front side as well as on the backside for the rear camera to avoid scratches. 

Check Native Union on Amazon

#6- iCASEIT – Best iPhone X Wooden CasesiCASEIT Walnut Color Case iPhone X

Usually, when we think of a wooden case the first picture came to our mind is the case will be exactly like the color of woods. But aside from that, iCASEIT has made a wooden case with a light color and brilliant finishing which will give your iPhone an elegant look.

The surface is sanded and polished perfectly to intensify the wood grain. Use every cable or third-party accessories without removing the case and get easy access to ports and sensors.  

Check iCASEIT on Amazon

#7- iProductsUS Elephant – Printed Wooden Case for GirlsiProductsUS Wooden Case for Girls

If you are more interested in printed case then look at this beautiful Elephant Print case for iPhone X. It has an invisible built-in plate that helps your iPhone to get attached to any magnetic mount on the go. You don’t have to worry about its material or any exterior surface, the company is giving 12 months of technical support and 30-days guarantee on this case.

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Check iProductUS Elephant on Amazon

#8- MOUS Decent Wooden Case for ProfessionalsMous Protective iPhone X Case

MOUS brings a combinati0n of Wooden Case plus a durable screen protector for iPhone X. Till now we have seen some wooden cases with universal shades and moderately high prices, if you find the best match for you, then it is good. Otherwise, MOUS’s this wooden case is quite cheap and phenomenal. A synthetic soft TPU material provides a comfortable touch and excellent grip when you hold the device in hands.

Its exceptional craftsmanship enables flexibility to the layers to absorb shocks and for easier installation. Once to get to the store and see all the specifications of this case and try to buy it. 

Check MOUS on Amazon

#9- Moment Wooden Protective CaseMoment Protective iPhone X Walnut Case

The moment has synthesized the Case using walnut wood to give a stylish look and to make iPhone X handy. In the market, you will get so many coolest and durable cases, but this case is also best in all the way. It is the perfect combination of art, style, material, shining, slim profile and much more.

All these things make this case best in performance as well as in comfortability. Likewise, the original wooden color enhances and protects the device from scratches and bumps without much bulk in your pocket.

Check Moment on Amazon

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