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Best iPhone XR Battery Cases in 2020 & iPhone XS: Never Run out of Charge with these Charging cases

You don’t realize the worth of your phone until its battery is about to die and you are left with just an expensive paperweight. For some people, even a fully charged iPhone XR or iPhone XS is a struggle to help them get throughout their entire day. Suppose you are streaming music with your Bluetooth Airpods on. Your phone is exhausting the battery on the wireless connection, in fetching the cellular data and background activities. In short, you are draining your battery rapidly.

Or maybe you are keen on playing online games, and that’s another reason your battery doesn’t last long. But you can’t take your charger everywhere or put your phone down to let a power bank charge it and in such situation battery cases can be your real savior.

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There are dozens of reliable battery cases for your brand new iPhone XS or iPhone XR, but this list is extremely exclusive. If you struggling with short battery life, you can get yourself one of the battery cases mentioned below and bring on a newer experience.

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#1: Alpatronix Battery Case for iPhone XR

Alpatronix BXXr iPhone XR Case
Alpatronix iPhone XR Case

So you like to fall for robust cases? Fall for this Alpatronix

one! This case from Alpatronix is powered with a 5000 mah of battery for extreme pleasure. With its ultra-high capacity, you can talk for multiple hours, listen to music, watch videos, browse the net and whatnot without having to worry about the battery. Going with this battery case will award you with a 24-month full-proof warranty.

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#2: Trianium Battery Case for iPhone XR/ iPhone XS

Trianium Protective iPhone XR Cases
Trianium Protective iPhone XR Cases

The case that is perfect for every job is none another than the Trianium battery case. This case is empowered with 4000 mah of enormous battery and can easily bestow your device with two lives.

The 360-degree bumper design and sturdy shell keep scratches away while it’s easy to handle. This case comes with a lifetime warranty and ensures you to bestow upon the promised duty.

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This is another good Smiphee iPhone XS Battery Case, Recommended by our tech experts. Have a look at it and Go continues with another top best iPhone XR Battery cases and iPhone XS/XS Max Charging cases.

#3: Kiker Rechargeable Battery Case for iPhone XR & iPhone XSKiker Mobile, Fashion Smart Battery Case

If you are seeking to get an extended battery life, this is the ultimate case to go for. With a powerful 6000 mAh battery, this case is the most go-for option among the fleet.

The lighter design added protection, no bulk and excellent grip are some of the brilliant features that come along with this case. A self-charging functionality is also added, so you are never worried about the accidents.

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#4: BioRing Battery Case for iPhone XRBioRing Battery Case iPhone

Who says battery cases are not elegant? This piece of pure elegance from Yacikos holds a 4000mAh of the extended battery. The premium touch and feel is something you should invest in.

With its ideal size and a unique design, you are always assured that you haven’t compromised concerning protection too. This battery case has four blinking LEDs for battery level and comes along with a 1-year worry-free guarantee.

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5: Lonif iPhone XR Backgroud Battery Case

Protective iPhone XR Battery case
Protective iPhone XR Battery case

XchuangX battery case has a massive 5000 mah of battery that can bestow you with added hours of fun and enjoyment.  It also allows you to sync your device with the PC directly without having to take the case off.

This case is straightforward to snap on and starts doing its work on the go. This smart case not only doubles your battery life but also fortifies from roughs and toughs. The back 4 LEDs are simply outstanding and they let you know how much of battery amount you are left with.

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6: Cornmi iPhone XR/XS Battery Case

iPhone XS Rechargeable Battery case
iPhone XS Rechargeable Battery case

Another battery case that is packed with a giant 3200 mah battery is CORNMI. This case will mean a lot to your phone. While jacketing this phone, you will be assured that you will never run out of battery as 3200 mah is more than enough to exhaust your whole day.

With advanced design, this case fits your hand well and is a perfect companion for your business trip, camping, traveling or other outings. The seller provisions 12-Month warranty, and that’s enough to buy this case with confidence.

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7: Trswyop Battery Case for iPhone XRTrswyop

If you are the one that hates bulk, then this is the case you can go with. This battery case is exceptionally sleek while hiding away a powerful backup of 6800mAh.

An added functionality, in this case, is that you can connect a headphone jack while this case is on and that’s hard to find in battery cases. With its hard shell design and raised bumper, it offers best-in-class safety to your iPhone from all the bumps and drops.

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8: Fey-US Battery Case for iPhone XRiPhone XR Battery Case Fey-US

This battery case snaps around your phone and provides you with a reliable backup of 6000 mAh, and that can probably double up your battery life. While being stylish, this case offers hassle-free wireless charging and allows you to pair it with your computer.

The built-in high-quality chips offer multifarious protection, and the best part is you are provided with a 100% money-back guarantee. This makes the Fey-US case attain a win-win in all scenarios.

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Wrap up

These highly-rated battery cases are a must-have and are also pocket-friendly. Most of them even feature a set of 4 LEDs for battery percentage.

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So it’s up to you what case suits you the best. If you are always prone to low battery, then make it fast and get your home a battery case.

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