Super Thinnest iPhone XS Max Slim Cases:Get layer of Protection without Adding bulk

Last Updated on Aug 24, 2020

The iPhone XS Max Slim Cases is sleek at its best. It’s thinner than its predecessors and grabs the top spot in the list when it comes to beauty and elegance. While there are folks who love to wrap their device in regular cases that appends bulk and hides the appeal of the device, you may not be one of them. Some people adore cases that are minimalist and appear ultra-thin.

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If you are not dwelling in a location that is surrounded by hazardous materials all around, then a thin case is something you should go with. A sleek iPhone XS Max case allows you to showcase your device’s profile efficiently while protecting it from bumps and scratches.

Here are some Best iPhone XS Max Slim Cases for your Phablet that portrays the new definition of being Ultra-Thin

#1. Pushimei Soft Slim Case for iPhone XS Max:

1 Pushimei Soft Slim Case for iPhone XS Max

Pushimei has been fabricating cases for a while, and it is renowned for slim and naked cases. This iPhone XS Max Slim case is ultra thin and is manufactured with TPU rubber, so it’s very flexible while being extremely protective.

This form-fitting case has precise cut-outs and makes it seem like your phone is not wrapped in anything. You can quickly charge your device wirelessly with the case on while there’s merely no bulk.

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#2. Krichit Crystal Clear thinnest Case for iPhone XS Max

Krichit Crystal Clear thinnest Case for iPhone XS Max

This cover is feathery light and has a TPU soft guard case. It has a naked-case-design, so the back of your phone is always revealed while keeping the scratches at bay. It’s incredibly flexible and easy to snap-on. The silver grip on the edges takes up the elegance level and makes it easier to hold the phone.

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#3. Spigen Design Slim Case for iPhone XS Max

Spigen Design Slim Case for iPhone XS Max

Do you hate fingerprint marks behind your device? Well, we also! That’s the reason we have taken this iPhone XS Max Slim case in. VRS Design slim case is smudge-proof and repels fingerprint marks while retaining the new look. The smoky black color looks elegant, and the red brand logo adds charm to it. This case is made with TPU and can bear all the low-impact drops.

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#4. Luvvitt Thinnest Case for iPhone XS Max

Luvvitt Thinnest Case for iPhone XS Max

While all the above cases were mushy, this one is rigid. With its sturdy hard PC back and reinforced TPU bumper, Luvvitt is a style statement. The raised bezel on the sides of the screen and the camera lens takes the heart away. Easy installation and comfortable grip are other factors that will push you towards purchasing this case.

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#5. ESR Mimic Tempered Slim Case for iPhone XS Max

ESR Mimic Tempered Slim Case for iPhone XS Max

If you are not looking to shell out more bucks, then this is the case for you. Being in the economic segment, this iPhone XS Max Slim case is one-of-a-kind. It provisions a nice appearance, unique design, and is an easy stick to your phone.

The scratch-resistant back is entirely transparent revealing the charismatic look of your iPhone and it keeps debris far away from your phone. This slim case has a decent shape and yes its pure value for your money.

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#6. VRS Design Slim Case for iPhone XS Max:

6 VRS Design Slim Case for iPhone XS Max

What about an armored body that looks amazing and is drop resistant? No one can refuse this iPhone XS Max Slim case. VRS Design has another dominant case that has a flair for transparent design. Just like its sibling, this case is also resistant to smudges and finger marks. The ingenious wavy design and the red label looks sporty and ultra modish. The TPU built can easily take in all the low impact dings while protecting the device.

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#7. Anccer Slim Case for iPhone XS Max:

7 Anccer Slim Case for iPhone XS Max

This case is significantly designed for the newly launched iPhone XS Max. It’s just like armor with a nice shield. This lavish case is very smooth and has to cushion all inside. The perfect précised design makes it easy for your phone to wear this case with utmost comfort. If you don’t fall for black, there are eight other color variants available for you.

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#8. Torras Slim Case for iPhone XS Max:

8 Torras Slim Case for iPhone XS Max

If you are in hunt of something unique, go for Torras slim case. This iPhone XS Max Slim case is crystal clear and is made with top-grade TPU. The anti-yellow and no-bubble back is smudge proof and is resistant to any scratches.

The case is built to last and there stands no chance of getting any wrinkles on it. Torras has proclaimed a 180-day warranty exclusively for 30 million customers who will purchase this case in the year of 2018. What are you waiting for? Grab it NOW!

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#9. ESR Thin Case for iPhone XS Max

ESR Thin Case for iPhone XS Max

This is not exactly a thin case but is thinnest of all. The decent design covers the whole phone while fortifying it from all the dings. The backside of the case has a microdot pattern that looks mesmerizing while making it scratch resistant. There’s no chance of clinging as the case has only 1mm thickness. Bid adieu to all the bulk and snap-on an ESR slim case.

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#10. Mkeke Flexible Slim Case for iPhone XS Max

Mkeke Flexible Slim Case for iPhone XS Max

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Mkeke has yet revealed another enviably sleek design. With a TPU built exterior, this case looks quite impressive. It provides extensive fortification to your device while being friendly to your hands. It’s easy to jacket and has a form-fitted design that adjusts according to the shape of the device.

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Wrap up

Despite being ultra-thin, these iPhone XS Max Slim cases are reliable and will bestow you with durability. With the anti-slippery design and scratch resistance, your device remains safe until these cases are snapped on.

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