5 Best Leather Sleeve for 16-inch MacBook Pro in 2020

Best Leather Sleeves for 16-inch MacBook Pro Laptop

Get the Best Leather Sleeve for 16-inch MacBook Pro. How do you protect your MacBook Pro? It totally depends on you, numerous accessories are available to give the utmost security and protection. Nevertheless, spending $1000 bucks to safeguard MacBook is less, if you tend to buy all the protection and necessary accessories for MacBook. One of the primary protective accessories for your laptop is to buy the best leather sleeve for a 16-inch MacBook Pro.

Whatever pattern you choose, from the below list, each leather laptop sleeve 16 inch MacBook pro 2019 is made up of leather and yes they are quite affordable so everyone can buy without thinking twice.

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What are the Best MacBook Pro 16-inch Leather Thin Sleeves

#1. Soyan Leather Sleeve for MacBook Pro: Classy and slim leather sleeve for Laptop

For the price, I bet you won’t find such a beautiful thin leather case for MacBook Pro 16-inch. The case is a perfect fit for your laptop as it is made up of microfiber leather with inside soft lining to prevent scratches, and keep the sleekness of MacBook Pro, even after using the case. Don’t worry about the stitching of the sleeve, it’ll last longer than expected, all you need to take care is gently push the MacBook Pro into the case, and cover it with the fold.

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#2. LuvCase MacBook Pro 16-inch Leather Sleeve with Handle

LuvCase is a very popular brand when we look for durability and affordability in cases for MacBook Pro. Alongside, this leather case offers great water-repellant feature with two external pocket options in which one compartment has a zipper, so you can carry a tablet, charger, cable or valuable papers on the go. It is lightweight designed beautifully to fit into the handle of the suitcase, click on the Amazon link here to see how to get most out of these cases.

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#3. CAISON Genuine Leather Sleeve for MacBook Pro 2019

CAISON sleeve case is handcrafted using the purest form of leather called Chester leather. Though it is costly, I assure you that it is the best as per quality and durability. The tanned leather sustains the original finishing even after years of use, it comes with an open-closure case that enables you to slide the MacBook Pro right into the case and it’s classic design adds value to your Apple MacBook Pro Laptop.

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#4. LENTION Leather MacBook Pro 16-inch Magnetic Closure Case Under $40

LENTION’s premium leather case for MacBook Pro 16-inch looks luxurious and is a pretty nice case to hoist your laptop anywhere. The inner soft portion of the leather case protects the MacBook from minor bumps and most importantly from scratches that usually occur while carrying the laptop around. Simply put the MacBook Pro in the case and close the cover with magnetic closure, it keeps the MacBook in position perfectly.

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#5. HOMIEE Leather sleeve Case with Accessory Pouch for MacBook Pro 2019

A leather case with magnetic cover makes removing and putting the MacBook Pro easier than any other case along with high security. You can smoothly pack the MacBook Pro inside the HOMIEE leather case and the leather case in the Backpack or Messenger bag. So, I believe you’ve got an idea of how thin is, leather case for MacBook Pro 16-inch is. Adding two extra pockets outside the case makes it more portable to carry a charger, tablets, cables, and more real quick. For big accessories like power adapter, external hard drive you’ll get an accessory pouch with it.

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