13 Best Lock Screen Widgets for iPhone (iOS 17.3.1)

Widgets have been around for a longer duration. It has been one of the best features that makes the iPhone better than any other flagship. These days, our dependencies on Widgets have increased. There are various reasons to have quick Settings, better-designed shortcuts, more robust notifications, and more powerful notifications, and AOD. However, some more things, like weather, note-taking, calendar, etc., in widget format, make your life more comfortable. Thus, here are some of the best lock screen widgets for iPhone.

Here are the 13 best iPhone lock screen widgets that you must consider installing on your device.

1. Carrot Weather – Weather Widget

Carrot Weather Lock Screen Widgets for iPhone
Carrot Weather

Though iOS has its native weather widget, if you’re searching for something more professional, you must check out Carrot Weather. Undoubtedly, it’s one of the best lock screen widgets for iPhone. You can configure the simple widgets to track forecast information and hourly weather. Alternatively, you can also configure the widget that shows you complete weather conditions alongside humorous remarks. What makes it super convenient is that it includes 20 different types of widgets so that you can find something that meets your needs.

2. Apollo for Reddit 

Apollo for Reddit Lock Screen Widgets for iPhone
Apollo for Reddit

Another best iPhone lock screen widget that you must immediately install on your device is Apollo for Reddit. With the Apollo for Reddit, you can add widgets to your iPhone’s lock screen to quickly check trending posts, cross-verify the distance you scrolled, your Reddit Karma, inbox, etc. The best part is that you can also add a shortcut directly to access the subreddit in the application.

3. Fantastical Calendar

Fantastical Calendar Lock Screen Widgets for iPhone
Fantastical Calendar

Next, lock screen widget is one from Fantastical. You can configure the next widget to check your upcoming events in your days or use the simple calendar widget to quickly glance at the day and night. The most useful feature of Fantastical Calendar is the Quick Action Widget, which you can customize instantly to instantly add new reminders, and events and even search the Fantastical Calendar.

4. Overcast 

Overcast Lock Screen Widgets for iPhone

The Overcast is another amazing iOS lockscreen widgets. It’s a podcast app for iPhone that includes an intuitive widget. The app consists of three widgets you can use right now, along with the “Recent” Widget that highlights new podcast episodes you haven’t heard earlier. It’s super convenient as it lets you introduce a variety of playlists. Moreover, with the ‘Playlists’ widget, you can instantly start playing any of the desired playlists right from your iPhone’s lock screen.

5. Flighty

Flighty Lock Screen Widgets for iPhone

Flighty tracking is something you often need, but when you’re going somewhere or in case someone from a family member or friend is flying to meet you, in this scenario, you can use Flight’s lock screen widget to live track flight. In no time, you can add the Widget to your lock screen and add the flight that you are willing to track. Moreover, the Widget will automatically update and show it right on the lock screen. In addition, if you turn on AOD, you can easily track flight without waking iPhone.

6. Launcher with Multiple Widgets

Launcher with Multiple Lock Screen Widgets for iPhone
Launcher with Multiple widgets

Launcher is best lock screen widgets if you are willing to create lock screen widgets to instantly call, launch apps, etc. Using this Widget, you can create a personalized launcher for almost anything you want and further add them to your iPhone’s lock screen. Using this, you can create a launcher for Instagram, WhatsApp, etc., to enhance productivity as it saves you from many taps.

7. Soor

Soor Lock Screen Widgets for iPhone

Soor is another neat third-party music player that flawlessly works with Apple Music. It’s a client app for those who are familiar with app clients for Apple Music. You can access all your favorite Music from your Apple Music Library using this Widget. This best widgets for iPhone lock screen comes with a gesture-driven interface. Coming at its Widget style, you can add circular and rectangular lock screen widgets to your iPhone’s lock screen.

8. Triplt

Triplt Lock Screen Widgets for iPhone

If you’re travel addicted, you should go with this cute lock screen widget. That’s because Triplt lets you all your booking details at the same place. Once you enroll the flight ticket, confirm hotel booking, etc., you only need to share details to the app’s email and save your itinerary. This widget shows all details like plans, upcoming trips, flight tickets, hotel reservations, and more.

9. Halide Mark II

Halide Mark II Lock Screen Widgets for iPhone
Halide Mark II

If you’re looking for a third-party camera app, you must go with Halide. With its Widgets, you can access important aspects easily and quickly. You can add a Halide Mark Widget for accessing the app, directly moving to the manual or auto mode, or even accessing the macro mode instantly.

10. Motivation

Motivation Lock Screen Widgets for iPhone

If you often prefer reading motivational quotes, then the best widgets for lock screen from Motivation is for you. This Widget displays motivational quotes in the widget space on the main screen. The best part is that you can add these widgets in different sizes. The application focuses on enhancing your mental strength with inspiring, positive quotes on your iPhone’s lock screen and Always-On Display.

11. LockWidget

LockWidget for iPhone

It is invoked with a vast collection of icons, widgets, and themes, LockWidget. It’s always been a go-to destination for crafting amazing widgets that can effortlessly steal your attention with ease. So, if you wish to customize the iPhone’s lock screen with a weather widget, capture battery percentage, or are willing to keep track of the calendar, it’s the go-to solution to cater to your varied tastes.

12. Things 3

Things 3 Lock Screen Widgets for iPhone
Things 3

If you wish to plan your daily schedule, manage your projects, and willing to continue your progress toward your goals? Things is the app you should install now. Once you finish a task, the app will organize based on priority and let you focus on what matters the most right now. The best part is that it will send you real-time reminders to keep track of your tasks. 

The best is that it supports three lock screen widgets: a progress ring to track your completed task, a list widget that highlights your to-do list, and an Add New item to let you create or add new tasks right from your lock screen.

13. Sports Alert

Sports Alert Lock Screen Widgets for iPhone
Sports Alert

With this iPhone lock screen widget, you get real-time updates on scores, alerts, and news for NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, CFL, golf, soccer, basketball, and more. However, the only drawback of this Widget is that, unlike other apps, it doesn’t offer different types of Widget options.

Final Thought!

That’s It, folks! These are some of the best lock screen widgets for iPhone. I hope the one of your preferences. If so, do let me know widget you are going to download.

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