Best Mac Typing Apps in 2023: Apple’s word processor Alternatives

Last Updated on Aug 24, 2023

Introduction: Typing is one of the essential skills everyone should have if they spend most of their time on a PC, especially for those who need to type a lot daily. To get your work done in less type, you have to fasten up your typing, and for that, you have to learn touch typing, which is a style of typing on the keyboard faster and without even looking at it.

What if you do not have time to buy a course or hire a teacher for it? The answer is you do not have to rely on a teacher or someone else to teach you that. Pick up one good typing application, get familiar with it and start practicing.

 If you’re a Mac user, you’ll want to be sure to check out the available typing apps. These apps allow you to type faster and more accurately than a standard keyboard, saving you time and extraordinary effort. Here are some of our favorite typing apps for Mac:

What Are Typing Apps?

Typing applications are programs used to type text on a computer. They may be available for free or as a commercial product. For those who want to learn touch typing, these applications are essential, and they can practice endlessly upon the application.

Typing applications like Pages also allow you to create and format documents using tools such as tables of contents (TOCs), headers and footers, page numbering, stylesheets (CSS), and more. 

What Do You Need Typing App On Your Mac?

If you have just now started using Mac and want to enhance your typing speed, then, in that case, you will need typing applications. You must spend at least one hour a day on the application, and in a few weeks, you will master touch typing. But the only deal is to stay consistent and follow the courses and exercises on the applications.

Best Typing Apps For Mac:

Best for all Apple’s Silicon M1-series, M1 Pro (MacBook Pro), M1 Max (MacBook Pro & Mac Studio), M1 ultra (Mac Studio), M2 chip of 2022 (MacBook Pro & MacBook Air), Or Intel chip Mac computer.

#1. Pages: 

First on our list we have Apple’s application named Pages. Apple develops this software, it’s free, and you can use it to type and create documents on either your Mac, iPhone, or iPad, and technically you can even use it on a Windows PC or Google Chrome book, just by going and login into your apple ID. 

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You can edit text files or create new documents from within this app if you want to work with your content instead of pre-made templates. 

Also, you can realize textual documents with charts and media files with maximum control on indentation and format.

After opening this application, you can browse for any document you have, including doc files or start with something new with New Documents. Here you can find more of the 70 free templates available, including CVs, reports, and Book covers. 

Launch the application and click on a Blank Document. It gets open on the main interface made by several buttons on top and functional panels on the left and right sides. At this point, you can start typing. If you have just begun with Mac and want to increase your typing speed, this can be an excellent tool.

In particular, you can open the document panel to adjust the document format, size, orientation, and margins from the page’s borders. Along with typing, you will also learn how to create documents and reports for presentation. So grab your Macbook, open the Pages application on it start practicing as you work on it more; you will be able to use the tools effectively.

#2. Typist: 

Typist is less of an app and more of a virtual tutor. The goal of every typist is to learn how to touch type so that they can get their work done efficiently and faster. If you have never taken any typing course and have no idea about touch typing, this can be a great place to start. 

There are multiple courses and lessons available in the application that you have to follow and practice gradually.

Course T is recommended for beginners as it will help you to learn the basics of touch typing, and course Q and S for those who have some experience in typing and want to improve their skills. As you become more familiar with touch typing, you can increase your level and speed.

The initial lessons start with simple word typing and then writing the whole paragraphs. At the end of each task, it will display your results, including the number of words you typed, time taken, and mistakes made. This way, you can track your progress and beat your previous record to get better.

#3. Animal Typing-Lite: 

Learning can be fun using the right tool, and Animal Tying-List is the best. It is a great application to learn touch typing in a fun way for all ages. Animal Typing-Lite can also be used to teach typing to your kids who are the age 12 or below.

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This application is named Animal Typing because the user interface is designed as the jungle, and the typist will get an animal as a reward according to their typing performance.

For instance, if you perform faster, you will get animals like a snail, rabbit, horse, etc. Animal Tying – Lite awards your accuracy, so your goal should be to get a Cheetah. Twenty-eight lessons will help you to learn the keyboard keys gradually.

Also, there are 32 lessons especially designed for kids under the age of 12 years. One can also import lessons and easily add them using iCloud Drive. 

The software uses animated fingers that show the proper techniques for typing. You can switch to another keyboard layout anytime.

The available keyboard layouts are Qwerty (US/UK), Dvorak, Colemak, Workman, Qwertz (German/Swiss), and Azerty (France). If you enable the dictation mode, it will spell out the word to be typed. 

How to get started with the app? Please open it and add your user name first. Next up, you get the option of kids’ lessons and lessons to choose from. In the kid’s lessons, you will get exercises with qwerty keyboards.

These are the easy lessons to begin. Animal Typing-Lite is designed for beginners who want to learn typing from scratch. 

#4. Typing Finger LT: 

How about you get a diploma certificate after successfully learning touch typing? Isn’t it sound great? Wee Typing Finger LT is an advanced application that will provide you with this after you complete the course.

There is no other application that makes touch typing so fun than Typing Finger LT. The beautiful interface and soothing background music make it so fun that you will think it is more of a game than a course.

There are 32 lessons in this application, and a tutor named “Dennis” will guide you and tell you which finger to strike for which key throughout the course.  

All the lessons are divided into two parts; the first is for the learning purpose where your tutor buddy Denis will be helping you to memorize all letters and symbols and tell you to practice the correct motion. 

And in the second part, you will have to play a game in which you will get only three lives, so work diligently and accurately.

#5- Typist – Typing tutor app for Mac 

The Typist Software is an excellent typing tutor which is specially made to teach you to touch typing within a few days. We all know to type fast and accurately a lot of practice is needed, but at last, you will get a positive result.

Likewise, you can also teach your kids typing on Mac by selecting an eligible course and exercise.

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When you are new to typing, you will face many difficulties, and it might be possible that you have to look at the keyboard every time. But don’t worry you will learn and with the far faster speed, you will type.

#6- Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Deluxe 

Mavis Beacon’s all-in-one package will make your day productive. This pack includes enough interesting things such as riddles, song lyrics, riddles, recipes and much more. You can even learn the typing course with bilingual instruction. Many users have reviewed the best Mac app for learning to type for newbies.

It includes the composition of 330 personalized lessons, tests, and exercises along with 12 fun typing games. Once you start the tour on this, you can track your progress and report this will show you in which area you need to focus more. Give it a try and be a typing master on Mac.

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#7- Typesy

To learn with Typesy only, you have to spend 7 minutes a day. Being efficient without wasting much time is always a priority for the new generation and they are getting success too. Typesy is a productive choice for Mac users to learn to type and it is also the best app for teaching kids typing on Mac.

When you will visit the website of this software you won’t believe that a simple typing master can change your life and make you more efficient in the market.

Although you will get a certificate by completing all the requirements of Typesy, it may be useful to get your dream job. 

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How To Pick The Best One?

Well, the answer to the question depends on the fact who is trying to learn touch typing; if you are a high school kid and want to get faster at typing and impress your friends, then go for Typing Finger Lite or Animal Typing, but if you are working professional and have prior experience in typing then select Pages by Apple or Typist.

Conclusion: If you have been thinking of learning touch typing on your Mac, then now is the right time; pick up one application mentioned in the blog and start practicing. Thank you for reading.

Get What is the best typing program for Mac? Nowadays, typing plays an important role in your life whether you are a programmer or doing just a normal computer-oriented job. If you are in an area where everyone is a better typist than you, you will sometimes feel irritating or embarrassed.

It also affects your working speed and performance, but you still have enough time and resources to improve your typing speed.  

There are many typing masters for Mac that are available, which can even be good for teaching kids typing on Mac. So now we will look at some of the best typing tutor apps for Mac.

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