6 Best Mac Window Management Tools in 2024

Having your Mac is excellent; you can use it however you want and customize it according to your preference and need. As you spend more time on your Macbook Pro, Macbook Air or other Mac computer, you think how nice it would be if you snap windows around to where you want them to be. As people are using multiple screens nowadays, especially artists, Developers, and editors who work in various windows at the same time, managing their windows is an essential task. (Free window manager Mac, Best free Mac window manager, Window snapping Mac)

Apple macOS is a great operating system, but a few pain points most notably app management and windows management even if you use it with shortcut keys. Apple has not given us an easy way to manage our windows. But fortunately, there are a few third-party apps available that will help you manage your windows and let you multitask efficiently. Here we have a list of top 5 Windows management tools for macOS 2023 that accurately position your window on your screen and multi-monitor functionality.

Update:- Apple introduced a native Stage manager feature in macOS 13 Ventura in terms of Window Manager for Mac computers. Stage Manager does work to arrange all your Mac’s overlapping windows next to one another to give you an overview.

What does Best Window Manager Apps for Mac mean?

A window management app is a way to organize your windows on your screen, using the keyboard shortcuts assigned to it. Unfortunately, Mac Os does not allow you to operate multiple windows at one time on the screen efficiently, so you will need a third-party app to do so.

There are a bunch of options available online to choose from; some of them are free, and some of them are paid, which you can easily download. And you do not need to worry about your data privacy because all applications are on the Apple AppStore. And apple’s security system does not allow any non-recognized or illegal application to enter your device.

i’m happy to share with all Apple’s Silicon M1-series, M1 Pro (MacBook Pro), M1 Max (MacBook Pro & Mac Studio), M1 ultra (Mac Studio), M2 chip of 2022 (MacBook Pro & MacBook Air) Or Intel chip Mac computer users.

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#1. Rectangle: [We Love this Window Manager Software]

Starting with the first application, which is unrestricted, we have Rectangle (the best windows manager for Mac nowadays no doubt). This app is much lighter less clunky and easier to use; one can quickly learn how to use it. You can easily download this app from the website that is rectangle.com. After installing, open the app and click on the menu bar; here, you will get a wide range of shortcuts and have to learn them. The default shortcuts are pretty impressive, but you can change them anytime if you want to. 

If you wish to change the shortcuts, go to the menu bar and click on preferences. It will open up a whole new window where you can make the changes according to your need. 

If you do not like working with shortcuts, then worry not because Rectangle supports the same window resizing option just by drawing the windows onto the edges and corners of the screen wherever it applies. The only thing this app can do for now is to move the window from one space to another on your Mac. A straightforward and concise app that gets the job done, and it is free, so a big thanks and greetings to all who contributed to making this app.

  • A Fact is this is not built in macOS
  • This app offers far more features than Winodw Snapping
  • This app makes it easy to find all the windows and arranging them quickly.
  • An app an essential if you have multiple External displays.
  • Ideal macOS Window Manager app for three screen users (For example, External monitor Vertical, horizontal, and laptop screen)
  • You know guys, Microsoft windows has a patent that has restricted the brand Apple from implementation of a native window manager program.

#2. Magnet: Organize Your Mac Workspace

Here, we have another fantastic windows management app that resembles Rectangle, called Magnet. The only difference between both apps is that Rectangle is a FOSS (Free and open source Software) whereas Magnet is a paid one, costing you $7.99.

If we talk about the functionalities, then organizing and arranging your windows is simple using this application; you need to snap application windows on the different positions on the screen just like you do on the Windows PC. 

The Magnet helps you to keep your workspace clean and minimal. It removes all the clutter and organizes your screen by making windows into organized, vivid tiles. This app allows you to pick and drag windows in the corner, and Magnet snaps them into the quarter. You can use the side edges for horizontal and vertical halves easily. 

There are a lot of things that you can do with Magnet. You can make the window very narrow, you can make it wide, or you can put it on the top half or bottom. Also, there are a bunch of hotkeys options on your keyboard so that you can resize the window to your heart’s content. So if you are someone who just now switched from Windows operating system to Mac and having trouble with managing windows, then this application can be a lifesaver for you. Buy it now.

#3. Moom:

Moom is an app that you can download from the app store on your Mac that will cost you around $10, or you can even purchase it directly from the developer. This app is close to a 5-star rating and is rated very high in utility apps. Moom has revolutionized the way people use Mac. Once Moom is installed on your Mac laptop, you can use it as a dock-based app, an icon in the menu bar, or an entirely invisible app working in the background of your computer. By heading into the app itself, you can choose some customization options. If you run into the preferences option, you can start by looking at the zoom button control. It means the Moom will be activated when you hover your cursor over the green zoom button on any window.   

Another great thing you can do with Moom is set a specific dimension of a window and resize it manually. You also have an option to “Arrange Windows”, which allows you to take a snapshot of windows the way you have them at the last moment.

It is convenient if you always use specific applications and like to set them up similarly. Just configure your screen the way you are happy with it and save your snapshot. Then, when you open the applications in the future, choose the particular photo, and Moom will do the rest. 

And if you want to make it simpler by using hotkeys, you are covered too. Just choose the keyboard in the preferences section, input your preferred hotkeys and select what you like it to do. 

Moom is a robust, low-cost application that will change how you use your Mac.

#4. BetterSnapTool

An app that allows Mac users to manage your window positions and sizes by either dragging them to one of the screen’s corners or to the top. You can download BetterSnapTool App from macOS App Store.

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#5. Amethyst – Tiling Window Manager Mac

Install on your macOS machine to boost your mac computer productivity. The app has a fancy layout to use with two modifier combinations in terms of keyboard shortcuts. The list of layouts are available in the Amethyst app.

Tall, Tall-Right, Wide, Tow pane, 3Column-Left, 3Column-middle, 3Column-Right, Widescreen-Tall, Fullscreen, Column, Row, Floating, and Binary Space Partitioning (BSP). Along with this, the user can also set a custom layout by implementing javascript.

#6. Hazeover:

If you get easily distracted and like to have multiple windows open at once but want to focus only on one, then Hazeover is a great way to do that. So what HazeOver does is it dims the rest of the windows behind the ones you are currently working on.

It helps maintain your focus by highlighting the current window, especially if you are writing something or creating any visual or design. When you switch to another window, it automatically shades the window you were previously using. You can buy it from the App Store or directly from the developer for just $4.99. 

So what else can Hazeover do for you? It helps you to focus on one thing at a time; whichever window has the keyboard focus that will be easily focused, there is no need to go to the window and minimize them multiple times, so you can spend more time working productively. If you are working on multiple monitors, this application will let you know which is currently focused on by highlighting a window on each monitor.

#7. Swish: Best Swiping and pinching Tool

Swish is the best windows snipping tool that works off on trackpad gestures. One of the distinguishing features of Swish is that it doesn’t just control your windows only, but it can also open and close the applications. So to activate these gestures, you need to go to the toolbar of any of the apps and scroll down. To see what this application can do, open it and go to the windows tab.

You will get a couple of options: quit, close, minimize, fullscreen, and switch between spaces.

A minimization icon will come up; just let it go, and the windows will get into the dock. If you wait too long and no response is received, it will automatically assume that it will disappear. You can also cancel the action by hitting the escape key on your keyboard.

As soon as you click on the toolbar and drag the window around, it resizes to the original size you had. 

To check our more snapping option, head over to the snapping section on the app, which will give you all the information in detail. Go through it once, learn them by practicing, and now you are good to go.

Swish comes up with a free trial of 7 days which is enough to figure out if you want to continue with it, and if you do, then go ahead and purchase it for just $9.99/ month.


If you are someone who has multiple apps or windows running at the same time on your computer and ends up feeling frustrated, then these desktop managing tools will definitely help you. Unlike Microsoft Windows, Mac Os does not allow you to an edge of the screen.

It can make it a cluttered desktop and make it difficult for you to focus. Maybe you need multiple windows open at once and need them neatly organized across your desktop. But hopefully, we have provided you with a list of the five best Mac Window Management Tools that will help you to manage multiple windows easily and let you focus on your work more productively.


#1. What is the best window manager for Mac?

Managing windows on Mac is a mess, especially if you are working on multiple screens. Mac’s default windows manager does not work efficiently, so you must install a third-party application. There are a bunch of options available in the market, such as Magnet, Moom, Swish etc., some are paid, and some are free, so the question is, which is the best? You can look for online reviews about the performance of each application and choose the one that fits your needs. 

#2. How do you organize windows on a Mac?

If you wish to organize your windows on a mac, you can do it by splitting screens. Just follow these steps. 
Step 1: Go to the top left side of the screen, and there you will find 
The fullscreen button. Click and hold, and these options will be presented to you. “Tile window to the left screen”, “tile window to the right”, and “Enter full screen”.
Step 2: Choose one from the options, and then your window will fit into the screen.
It is called the work split view, where you can efficiently work on both windows by placing them side by side.

#3. Can you change the window Manager on Mac?

If you come from a Windows or Linux world, it can be a little complicated for you to adopt the Mac Os and manage your windows, but fortunately, you can do that by installing a third-party app on your Mac. This way, your default window manager will be changed, and you can do more things with the installed application.

#4. Does Mac Have a Tiling Window manager?

Yes, Mac gives you an option to tile your window in three easy ways: full screen, tile to the left and tile to the right. Just go to the left corner, and you will find the option, click on that and choose how you want your windows to fit on your screen. 

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