Check Macbook battery cycle count & Check Battery Health, Replacement

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Get rid of different types of issues on an old MacBook Pro battery and find the solutions then go with the correct guide step by step. MacBook models are Pro, Air has the same troubleshooting steps that happening out all the Mac owners. Here in this article helps to find what is your MacBook battery health and how long in-use battery will work in an old MacBook Pro.

These tips help to find the exact problem on Won’t charge the battery, Battery Drain Fast, or Problem with any app installed on MacBook Pro or Air.

What are the criteria to be considered before battery replacement?

Model-wise there is a fixed number of Cycles for MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or other MacBook models.

Next, is understand What is Battery cycle? And how it’s counting on your Mac system?

For Example, Jay has a MacBook Pro-2016 and it’s pre-defined battery cycle limitations is 1000 Cycle count by apple. The first-day jay used half of the full battery and charged on the same day, Next day he is repeating the same thing So jay used 1 cycle in two days.

1 Cycle = 1 Full recharge (Use anyway)

Now, Know your MacBook model and find it in the list of MacBook models and the Battery cycle table. Note down recommended maximum battery cycles. Next step check your used battery cycle.

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Go to Apple menu > About Mac > Overview (Model Name – Version)

What is the max battery cycle counts, For Great performance? See Table at last on this post,

How to check the MacBook Battery, Cycle Count?

#1: Go to Apple Menu, Click on Option key on Keyboard.

Click on System information.

1 System information on MacBook

#2: From the Side pane, Go to Hardware > Power.

#3: Find detailed information, Health information > Cycle Count.

3 cycle count on Macbook pro

Best MacBook Pro Battery

All are set and Need to buy another battery for MacBook Pro. Open all the Screw from the Backside of MacBook Pro Logic board (Keyboard) and buy the MacBook Pro Battery Replacement from a trusted source. Or else to keep any casualties, visit the Apple Store or Good Technician to replace the battery of MacBook Pro.

1 Macbook pro Cycle counts

Tips: Maximizing Battery Performance

🗣Very Important: Energy Saver Settings for MacBook.

Apple using a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery for best performance in a lightweight, More storage capacity, More Cycle counts than other types of battery.

To increase the time span for each recharge cycle, keep the minimum use of Games and Video.

Also useful: Best MacBook Pro External power bank.

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