Best male female lighting cable, extensions: iPhone, iPad

Best male female lighting cable for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

we shouldn’t tried any third party cable for charging, data copy or sync on Mac/ PC, as of recommended by apple’s device protection rules. it’s Hance that some low quality material/ inner solutions or wire metal might be damage your device due to high voltage, resistance fluctuations, Too short or Too long distance between male and female port. So here I gave Best male female lighting cable for your iPhone and iPad model from the material used, design and Personal reviews. we know that apple’s own lighting cable is too short, somewhere we feel uncomfortable to reach at place from power outlets. or iPhone controlled speaker, Toys and Electronics items.

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Top best Male female lighting cable for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch: Reviews

CableJiva male female lighting cable – 8 Pin

Best male female lighting cable for iPhone, iPad and iPod TouchCableJiva male/ female lightning cable is very essential on some critical situations. Folks always keep this cable for specific reasons like extend your charging cable, Play music from speaker docking station, Move data from smoothly from one device to another.


2 Feet long, Durable and unbreak at both port side. Very stable for all 8 pin port (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch).

Also known as a dock extender.

Great money value solution, Double layer structure protect from short circuit. Wrinkle free surface like apple’s official lighting cable.

In USA, Order it in just $25.95

In UK, CableJiva in £20.95

30 Pin Best Male Female Lighting cable

8 Pin male female converterAnother alternate Male/ Female lightning cable for 30 pin devices (iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and Earlier device). if you have older 30 pin speaker or music system, then keep this cable interface between iOS device and system. Made by apple officially, Due to upgrade the charging port and improve efficiency over time from past decade.

Buy it in just $37.85

Android Pin (Micro Pin) to 8 pin Male/ Female Lightning port

Android to iPhone Lighting converterNormally, All days You interact with android users at home/ Office or from family. Like me, Keep this tinky extension for change your device or copy data with android micro USB cable to your 8 Pin iOS device. Easy to setup with android USB or Charging cable, High data transparency rate up to 480 Mbps, never waste your time.

Order it in Just $7.99

Note: cables not depends on iOS version (iOS 9, iOS 8, iOS 7 or more) installed on Device.

Above all lighting connectors accessories are the Best male female lighting cable, that will resolve all the problems for made your life so easy with third party electronics devices and other smart gadget platforms.

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