Best Male Female Lighting Cable, Extensions: iPhone, iPad, Apple Pencil Charging

Check out these Male-Female Lightning Cables and Extensions for Apple devices like iPhone, iPad and Apple Pencil in daily deals.

we shouldn’t try any third-party cable for charging, data copy, or sync on Mac/PC, as recommended by apple’s device protection rules. it’s Hance that some low-quality material/inner solutions or wire metal might be damage your device due to high voltage, resistance fluctuations, Too short or Too long distance between male and female port. So here I gave Best male female lighting cable for your iPhone and iPad model from the material used, design, and Personal reviews. we know that apple’s own lighting cable is too short, somewhere we feel uncomfortable to reach the place from power outlets. or iPhone controlled speaker, Toys, and Electronics items.

Here are daily essentials that you might need to be productive with iPhone and PC simultaneously.

Top Best Male-Female Lighting Cable for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch: Reviews

#1. TechMatte Lightning Charging Cable ConnectorTechMatte Lightning Charging Cable Connector

This lightning cable mainly focused on iPad users, so if you want to charge the Apple Pencil from the iPad, connect one side of the cable to the iPad and on the other side plug the Apple Pencil into the cable adapter. It’s a 3-foot long cable for greater flexibility and always available as an extension for charging purposes. Yes, you can charge the Apple Pencil directly from the iPad, but there’s a big risk that you might break down the charging connector of Apple Pencil into the iPad. To save hardware expenses, you can definitely spend on a lightning cable connector for Apple Pencil.

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#2. Apple Lightning to USB3 Camera AdapterApple Lightning to USB3 Camera Adapter

Apple’s lightning to USB3 Camera Adapter is the easiest way to transfer photos from camera to iPhone/iPad or vice-versa. On plugging the adapter to the iPad and Camera, you’ll be redirected to the Photos app, from there you could select the photos and videos to move them. Other than that, it lets you charge the iPad at the same time, with another port.

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#3. Lightning to USB CableLightning to USB Cable

Usually, we always need to interact with the PC, and if its an iPhone, the basic Android charging cable won’t work, you’ll need one of these lightning to USB cable. Whether to sync or update iPhone it’s better to keep spare lightning to USB Cable on the desk. There are four different sizes are available, 3ft, 4ft, 6ft, and 10ft in nylon braided strong material.

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Above all lighting connectors accessories are the Best male female lighting cable, that will resolve all the problems for making your life so easy with third party electronics devices and other smart gadget platforms.

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