Best iPhone XR Metal Bumper Cases in 2024: Protective from Entry level

Here we prepare the list of the top 5 best Metal Bumper cases for iPhone XR that’s lightweight and have Premium protection all the time when you drop iPhone XR accidentally on Flate or rough surface. With some precautions, Apple Fans are loving these all best iPhone XR Bumper Metal Frame cover and super quality iPhone XR aluminum bumper case.

Unique quality, Look always hot in our Best iPhone XR Accessories. You can also try Full body best iPhone XR Bumper cases.

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5 Top best iPhone XR metal Bumper Cases in All Styles and Comfortless

#1. ESR Metal Bumper case for iPhone XR

2 iPhone XR Metal Case

ESR Metal Bumper case is available in Two Verity Based on professional color, One is Silver and the other is Space Grey. Raised edge protection makes your iPhone XR scratch less all the time. Smooth polishing on Metal Frame gives it to feel like bringing the iPhone XR body.

This case is not only made from Metal But the Great combinations of TPU inner surface. Advance Benefit with this case is Back Camera cover this metal case automatically. Installation is Very Easy, 100% use open back glass for Wireless charging.

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#2. TORRAS iPhone XR Metal Bumper Case – 6.1” Frame cover

Spigen iPhone XR metal Bumper Case - 6.1

A Slim profile iPhone XR case made by TORRAS official. Now Available in Big deal offer price. This case has a Metal Frame all-around iPhone XR edges and a Camera. On another area of cover-up from Shock Absorbing Polycarbonate and TPU material. This Cover is only designed for iPhone XR.

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#3. X-Doria Heavy Duty Bumper Metal Case for iPhone XR

3 2 iPhone XR Metal Case

This is the iPhone XR aluminum bumper case. X-Doria has the option to buy a Metal Bumper case with a Back cover. This is a Heavy Duty Metal Anodized Aluminum Frame. Fully compatible with 6.1” LCD Screen. Back protection absorbs a bump that comes on the back glass. X-Doria Back covers tested on 12 feet drop. US Military Standard device protection.

This is the complete package of the Protective iPhone XR case in the Metal Category.

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#4: DTTO, Best Metal Case for iPhone XR

5 iPhone XR Metal Case

Pick your Eye Catching Case that is made from Metal. Slim and Stylish design that has a non-Slip grip with ultra Clear TPU soft case. A raised edge that protects all screens and Cameras always. Ultra-Thin back body tested with Wireless Charging.

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#5. RANVOO iPhone XR Metal Bumper phone case

4 iPhone XR Metal Case

Just Drive this case that cares about your iPhone XR like a soldier. The soft Elastic at the junction point helps to wear or Get off from your iPhone’s body. Most of the time Frame Case Cracking at the time of installation is due to fixed hard material. That can’t extend to get the proper grip on the side edge. iPhone Cover has 30 Days money-back guarantee and 3 Month Quality Warranty, Satisfied customer help.

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Wrap up!

Most of the metal cases are only available in a Frame structure that’s why people are buying to be worth it. That gives an experience like no case on your iPhone Body along with an Open backside.

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That has too many Benefits. No more heating while Battery is charging, Use Battery Wireless pads. Share your Favourite Metal iPhone XR Bumper case available right now on Amazon in 2020 Deals. Follow me on Facebook, and Twitter.

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