Best Password Manager App for iPhone 2016: Just Remember Master Password

The best password manager app for iPhone 2016 and iPad on the planet. Free Password manager that keeps your all passwords with leading AES-256 encryption, secure and at one place. Though Store all your passwords in the app likely Apps password, Database, Legal Documents, Membership, Personal, Server, personal Finance, Wi-Fi password, Work-related password. You have a lock as a master password of Dashlane’s password manager app. Best app for IT business, high profile and local users. Trusted app for all industries, Database centers, servers company, hosting company and great for the Personal, too.

The App makes it simple to login to websites and apps, protected password manager app works with all popular browsers such as Google chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. It provides military grade security trusted by millions iOS users. Good password Manager as well as secure digital wallet so you can easily bring all your password under one roof. Just create an account and remember the Master Password while Dashlane do the rest.

Best Password Manager App for iPhone 2016: Secure Place to Store Password

The Best Password Manager App for iPhone 2016

Why Dashlane is the best password manager App?

The Dashlane app is a free secure Password Manager + Digital Wallet app and works wherever you are. it has two divisions – Password manager section, in them you can store passwords such as Store daily usual popular apps password such as Facebook, instagram, Amazon, Linkedin, Outlook, Pinterest, Gmail, Twitter, Yahoo, Chase bank, American Express as well you can also add your own category. The Secure notes is a half part of password manager that saves Secure notes for your sensitive data.

Second division is Digital Wallet, in this section you can store items like Payments, Personal info and IDs.

In Payments – Add a credit/ debit card, Add a bank account, Add a PayPal account.

Personal info – Add a name, an email, a phone number, an address, a company, a website.

IDs – Keep your legal docs here and leave originals safe at home. Add a passport, Driver’s license, Social Security number, ID card and tax number.Best iPhone Password Manager App 2016 iOS 9 Apple Watch

In addition, The Dashlane Password Manager App has been revamped on June 2, 2016, With new design, there are many new features like new menu to navigate the app, Recent tab, Tools screen for password changer, Password generator, and Dashlane tools.

Contacts tab – This is a Password sharing center. here you can share your password in secure way with your trusted contact. Furthermore, add emergency contact, so added contact can access to accounts when (and only when) you can’t access them yourself.

The App Supports running all iOS 9 devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and Apple Watch. So, Update this app on your iPhone, iPad, iPod and login automatically to online accounts in any supported browsers. An option for Enable Touch ID for Master password. Never forget another password. Making you truly Hackproof.

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