Best Portable Monitor for Mac (2023) M1, M2

Best Portable Monitor for Mac 2022 That You Should Buy

Our expert recommendations of Best Portable Monitor for Mac 2023 included in-Budget, 4k, Tri Screen. Read carefully and choose your desired easy-to-move monitor for your MacBook Pro, MacBook Air M2 & M1 Pro, M1 Max, M1 Ultra, and Mac Mini M1 & Mac with intel chip.

Are you looking for ways with which you can enhance your everyday productivity? If yes, then we have various options for you to choose from, and in this article, we have covered several portable monitors which can be a suitable addition to your daily work-life. Getting additional monitors will act as a great experience for you, as you will grab a chance to work efficiently and faster daily. Read this article entirely and choose your best portable second screen by placing a quick Amazon order without sparing any time!

List of Best Portable Monitors for MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini

All These Portable Monitors are utilized for remote work, for gaming, able to connect with most of the laptops, as well as Apple macOS running Mac computers.

#1. Asus ZenScreen Portable Monitor – #1 travel Monitor for work from anywhere

Get The Right Mac Driver


ASUS Portable monitor with Micro HDMI and USB Type-C– A full-HD portable monitor, which is easy to use and carry anywhere you go, must be on your list. This Asus product is a very impressive gadget, well-compatible with iOS devices, especially a Mac, and will give the best viewing experience. This portable monitor consists of a 15.6-inch anti-glare screen, a micro-HDMI, and a USB Type-C connection and is also lightweight.

This Asus product is also impressive when talking about its battery features, as the portable monitor consists of a 7000mAH battery life. The portable monitor also holds a smart cover and pen-holder, allowing for better landscape and portrait positions. Its maximum brightness will lead you to zero complaints. There is also eye-protection technology, which ensures zero damage to your eye while using this portable monitor. So, with such impressive pros of this Asus ZenScreen, we recommend its quick purchase over Amazon today, and we believe you must welcome a great gadget to your accessories without any delay! 

Pros of buying an Asus ZenScreen Portable Monitor 

  • Well-compatible with iOS devices
  • 15.6-inch HD screen
  • Anti-glare, micro-HDMI, and USB Type-C connectivity
  • Great for programmers/software developer who work wherever they find themselves
  • Easy to carry and lightweight 
  • Long-lasting battery life 
  • Amazing viewing experience and eye-protective technology

#2. Apple 12.9-inch iPad Pro – #1 Recommendation for Mac users


Yes, using an iPad as a monitor is a great option now! Easy to carry along wherever you go, a 12.9-inch iPad will completely act as a great portable monitor which is quite compatible with every iOS device. This new generation iPad Pro and added M1 chip enhance the performance level showcased by the iPad.

Besides the performance feature, there is also a brilliant screen display with wide color and superior camera quality. The iPad comprises of wide-angle camera and scanner for impressive AR. The fast connectivity towards Wi-Fi is also well-supported with this iPad. Moreover, you will be amazed looking after the long-lasting battery life of this Apple iPad Pro. With several other impressive features, this iPad Pro becomes quite a useful portable monitor which can be used under many other functions. To get this one on your list of gadgets, make a quick order on Amazon and ensure complete usage of this iPad Pro. 

Pros of buying an Apple 12.9-inch iPad Pro

  • Easy to carry and compatible with iOS systems
  • Great viewing experience 
  • Amazing camera features
  • Fast connectivity 
  • Long-lasting battery life

#3. Attachable Portable Monitor for Laptop 


This attachable portable monitor will add better viewing features while working on your laptop. With this portable monitor, you can make your laptop look dual-screen and add better convenience to your everyday work life. The portable and lightweight screen does not weigh much, so you will not feel any heft while using the portable monitor. 

This monitor is easy to use and can be rotated, extended, or mirrored at your convenience. This can speed up your multitasking possibilities which add to more work done in less time. You can also rotate the screen horizontally or vertically, as required. Its sheer compatibility does not demand any external downloading, and the monitor can be used well with MAC and PC, and other operating systems. So, include a next-level fit for your everyday usage and invest in a great gadget, which will bring comfort and enhancement to your everyday work-life. We recommend you purchase this portable monitor from Amazon today without much delay!

Pros of buying an Attachable Portable Monitor for Laptop

  • Make your laptop look dual-screen
  • Enhance your productivity 
  • Portable and lightweight screen
  • It can be easily rotated, mirrored, extended as you like
  • You can multitask better with this portable monitor
  • Wide compatibility with MAC, PC, and other OS

#4. Lenovo ThinkVision Portable Monitor


A 14-inch full-HD portable monitor is a great choice to look after, as the screen comes in several options and has many features to look at. The portable monitor screen comprises two USB Type-C ports and widescreen backlit lights. With more than 16-million colors available, this portable screen showcases exceptional display. 

The portable monitor holds a low blue-light technology feature and is adjustable as required. One of the great purchases, this portable monitor is an ideal buy for your everyday usage. We are sure you will enjoy the viewing experience of this Lenovo ThinkVision monitor, and we highly recommend buying this one from Amazon without further ado! 

Pros of buying a Lenovo ThinkVision Portable Monitor 

  • 14-inch full-HD portable monitor 
  • It comes in several options and features
  • It comprises two-USB type-C ports
  • Widescreen backlit lights
  • More than 16-million colors are available 
  • Low blue-light technology 
  • Adjust as required

#5. UPERFECT Portable Monitor


One of the most innovative options, this portable monitor is yet another suitable choice for you. It is the first monitor that contains a free switch from landscape to portrait mode with an adjustable viewing angle. Do not worry about the connectivity, too, as several ports are available that greatly fit the working requirements. You can easily make all the connections invisible and stable with the various integrated ports. 

This portable monitor also comes with a five-point touchscreen capacity, well-compatible with Mac, PC, and Chrome. It also does not require any external drivers, all you need to do is, connect the USB to your device, and you are free to achieve the touchscreen. Built with the only intention to bring in better entertainment and enhancement to your everyday living, this portable monitor is indeed a great choice to look after. If you consider purchasing this one, we highly recommend choosing Amazon, one of the best places to get trusted products right at your doorstep. 

Pros of buying a UPERFECT Portable Monitor

  • The first monitor to allow a switch from landscape to portrait mode
  • Various ports to align better connectivity 
  • Integrated ports help in making all the connections stable
  • Five-point touchscreen capacity 
  • Well-compatible with Mac, PC, and Chrome
  • No external drivers required 
  • Made to enhance your everyday convenience

#6. GeChic Portable Monitor with HDMI


One of the best options if you are looking for a portable monitor, this one from GeChic has all the right features and elements, one ideal monitor must-have. This full HD monitor with HDMI, VGA, and USB inputs will be a great addition to your list of accessories. Moreover, this monitor is compatible with a MacBook, making it an even better choice. 

Weighing only 798 grams and 1 centimeter in thickness, this portable monitor will not be of extreme weightage to you, wherever you wish to take this monitor along. The monitor consists of a rear dock port expansion an added provision to connectivity behind the monitor, which is simple. The monitor can display 170-degree vertical and horizontal viewing angles with LED-backlit brightness. Various applications like laptops, PS4, Xbox, etc., are compatible with this monitor. So, if you plan on adding another gadget to your list, consider a Gechic portable monitor, which is available for purchase on Amazon

Pros of buying a Gechic Portable Monitor with HDMI

  • Full HD monitor with HDMI, VGA, and USB inputs
  • Lightweight and portable 
  • Easy to use 
  • It consists of a rear dock port expansion 
  • 170-degree vertical and horizontal viewing angle
  • LED with backlit brightness 

#7. Triple Portable Monitor for Laptop Screen


Enlarge your laptop in an even better manner with this triple portable screen. We highly believe in enhancing your productivity and consider this triple screen a great, ideal choice. With a thinner frame panel and lightweight, this enlarged laptop screen serves its purpose well and efficiently supports multitasking. It contains wide compatibility, which means that you can use this triple portable monitor for laptops ranging from 13.3-inches to 16.5-inches. 

With several features like adjustable brightness, external foldable ports, dual-screen monitors, better viewing experiences, etc., you can completely trust the functioning of this portable monitor. It is easy to use and expand; all you need is to clip the screen extender to the laptop frame without external drivers required. The portable monitor comes with a retractable stand, effectively preventing the monitor from facing any damage. So, wait no more as this triple portable monitor is here to bring better convenience to you. Place an Amazon order today and enjoy the multi-featured triple portable screen without further delay! 

Pros of buying a Triple Portable Monitor for Laptop Screen

  • Easily enlarge your laptop screen 
  • Bring better convenience to your work-life
  • It supports multitasking very well
  • It can be used for laptops from 13.3-inches to 16.5-inches
  • It comes with several features 
  • A retractable stand ensures zero damage to the placed monitor

#8. Vodzla Triple Portable Monitor for Laptop 


Make your work-life tri-screen with this triple portable monitor designed especially for laptops. The full-HD screens will ensure the ultimate viewing experience, with each screen being adjusted as per the needed angles. The screens comprise a USB, HDMI, and type-C interface, allowing supreme convenience for the user. This dual-screen monitor is suitable and compatible for laptops with a 13.3-inches screen and a thickness level of less than 7-mm. 

It does not require any heavy installation; all you need to do is plug and play. We strongly believe that this multi-screen display will enhance the user experience. Moreover, it will help ensure the efficiency is up by 300%. The only major requirement needed for this portable monitor is a type-C cable. So, get started with increasing the level of comfort in your everyday living and invest in this triple portable monitor without any further delay. Get it from Amazon today and make the most out of the given features! 

Pros of buying a Vodzla Triple Portable Monitor for Laptop

  • Enhance your everyday productivity 
  • Full-HD screens ensure ultimate viewing experiences
  • Well-compatible with 13.3-inch laptop screens 
  • No external drivers required; plug and play
  • Gain your hands-on, user-friendly experience 
  • All you need is a type-C cable 

Now that you have looked at the several options that we have in store for you, we highly recommend you add one such portable monitor to your work desk as it will be a great help for you in your everyday productivity. Moreover, the amount of workload you will encounter through this portable monitor will be a worthwhile purchase. So, pick your best option if you have not already and make the most of your choice!

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Frequently Asked Questions –

1. Which portable monitor is compatible with MacBook Pro?

Ans. The listed recommendations are all compatible with MacBook Pro; however, we recommend a GeChic portable monitor for smooth efficiency and functioning. 

2. Are portable external monitors worth it?

Ans. If seeking the answer regarding efficiency and productivity, then yes, the external monitors match the perfection level. However, investing in the right portable monitor is of crucial importance. Compared to desktop monitors, portable monitors don’t match the exact level, but they are good for enhancing the work level. 

3. Does Asus portable monitor work with Mac?

Ans. Yes, they do! We have listed an Asus portable monitor in our recommendations above, and we strongly suggest you look at it. The fine quality of an Asus will match the standard level of viewing you desire, so we must give a thumbs up to your choice if you are planning to buy an Asus portable monitor. 

4. How long do portable monitors last?

Ans. Investing in the right brand and device can turn into a long-term purchase as you will not have to worry about recurring the purchase of a portable monitor a few years down the lane again. Buying a fine quality portable monitor is the ideal step, and we thoroughly recommend you go through the listed suggestions, as they are our top selections. 

5. Do all portable monitors need drivers?

Ans. Not all, but a few. However, most portable monitors rely on USB connections and thus, need an installation as USB alone is not a standardized video output method. 

6. Can I use a tablet as a portable monitor?

Ans. Definitely. If you own an old tablet and wish to convert it into a portable monitor, we recommend installing the required applications that support the video output connection. One of our recommendations is an iPad and a great gadget that can be used as a portable monitor. 

7. Does Mac Mini work with Portable Monitor?

Ans. It is difficult to say whether an old Mac Mini will support the portable monitor feature. Still, if you own a recent mac mini, you do not have to worry as portable monitors are built to work with the new generation MacBook products. We suggest you look at the monitors with USB type-C connectivity if you are looking for a Mac Mini, as it will better boost the functioning. 

8. Do portable monitors have HDMI ports?

Ans. Many monitors do not, or if they do, have mini-HDMI ports on their portable monitor screens. However, if you are looking for options that serve HDMI ports, you must consider buying a GeChic portable monitor, one of our finest recommendations! 

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