The best Safari Extensions for iPhone, iPad: iOS 10, Install/ Use

Browser Extension easy to use other social, Bookmark, Save Page, Add to online community, Access Password, Sent from Proxy mail, Webpage Screenshot, Translate webpage in to another language and many other features we can enable only using Third-Party Browser Extension that we are using on Desktop browsers (Safari, Chrome or Mozilla). Get review and Helpful guide on these Best Safari Extensions for iPhone, iPad running on iOS 10.

Officially we can use above extension on mostly all mobile browsers (iPhone, iPad), without live webpage or Website, Witch close browser or Switch from multi screen. We have checked.

Explained: Top Best Safari Extensions for iPhone, iPad with iOS 10, Install and Use

How to install safari Extension on iPhone?

For that we don’t need to find specific app for Safari extension developed by developer individually. It’s built in features of installed app that we can use from safari as an extension. So I found extremely useful app that’s supporting to Safari extension.

How to use safari Extension on iPhone, iPad? Enable/ Disable

1: Open Safari or Google Chrome browser on iPhone, iPad.

1 Use Best Safari Extensions for iPhone and ipad

2: Go to the Page where you are on and use Extension on web page. I see example for save username or Password from login page in to 1password app.

3: Tap on sharing box icon at bottom tab.

4: Find your Installed app Extension by scrolling left or Right. Next Tap on it.

Enable/ Disable Safari Extension, Tap on More and Enable toggle for the Extension.

2 Enable Extension on iOS 10 safari

Note: Just like save password in 1password app, we can use cloud storage or note app for save webpage for offline read or social sharing app (Buffer, Feedly and more listed below).

Top Best Safari Extensions for iPhone, iPad

1 Password

Best Webpage login Password and Bank cards manager. Under the bulletproof security we can protect our data from note on paper or unsecured note app. Although, recently iCloud keychain is great features to access saved data across all apple device. Install app and use it, shown in above steps.

Download App

View Source: HTML, JS and CSS

Instant view source code of page just like inspect element on desktop browser, Very useful for the developer. Great Extension for iOS 8/ 9 and iOS 10.

Download App


WhatFont is extension for convert original webpage font in to another style and Size. Installed by 3 lacks+ font lovers, Select font on webpage and Go to this Extension and Activate WhatFont.

Download WhatFont

Translate Safari

Translate other language webpage to your own native language or Native language to other international language. This Extension also speak selected text from safari webpage.

Get Translate Safari App

Stacks 2

Convert other currency to own currency. Great currency converter app on webpage, Without leave page on browser.

Stacks 2 App Download – $1.99

Webpage Screenshot

Screenshot on iOS device at any screen is very easy. But not possible to capture only specific webpage area opened in browser. Also Edit with different line, Circle tools.

Download Webpage Screenshot

Mail to self: Send webpage to your mail address.

Buffer: Auto Schedule post for Twitter and Instagram.

Pocket | Evernote: Save Webpage for offline read

Bing: Alternate search engine, New Site, images and more.

Pintrest: #1 Social app for share attractive image directly from page.

Install Best Safari Extensions for iPhone, iPad. Enable Extension on Safari/ Chrome. Share your experience to others, how make this trick very useful?