20 Best Shortcuts for Mac in MacOS Sonoma: Shortcuts Explained

Want to use Shortcuts in Mac? Yes, it is possible in Mac too. Check out the best popular Shortcuts for Mac to try right now.

Finally, Apple introduced Shortcuts for the Mac. Shortcuts App was first launched for iOS and significantly impacted saving our precious time by streamlining multiple-step processes into a single tap. The same we’re going to use in Mac. Besides, integrating the Mac and iPad shortcuts gives easy access to Shortcuts created in iPhone on the Mac or vice versa.

There is not much change when iOS Shortcuts compared to Mac Shortcuts App; one can create custom shortcuts, edit existing shortcuts, delete those that no longer require, and more. Furthermore, as said by Apple, the Automator will continue to support and also import the Automator workflows in the Shortcuts App can be done.

Best Shortcuts to Use on Mac: What is Shortcuts App? What is Automation?

What is Shortcuts App?

A Shortcut is an easy way to get your one or multiple actions done with a single tap. With the release of Shortcuts App for Mac, MacBook running macOS Monterey or newer, a multiple steps process can be achieved in one click. By considering our needs and maybe getting the opinion of users, Apple has already added many shortcuts and automation, ready-to-use without human intervention. Like Translate Text, Convert Photos into GIF, Music Controller, etc., by default.

Nevertheless, depending on your needs and demands, you can create custom Shortcuts and use them on Mac.

1: Force Close all apps

Stop your Mac from becoming unresponsive and cleans up background apps at once. Use this Shortcut to force close all the apps running on your Mac before shut down your Mac or Fix clutter desktop. Play the above video or Download from here – Open This link on Apple Safari Browser.

2: Split Screen on Mac

Quickly Open The On-screen application in the split window. for that mac users don’t have to follow the procedure for convert ap window in the split window. Also, Change the app in the Split window easily compare to manual action. Download and install this shortcut to your Shortcut app and Run when you need it from the top Mac menu. Download Shortcut From Here – Open This link on Apple Safari Browser

3: Force Close All apps Except Selected App

Force close all apps on Mac is not useful in all cases. sometimes users need to close all but except from one or two applications. For example, Don’t close Safari or Chrome browser, which prevents from stop downloading/Uploading the file. Watch the above video to create a custom shortcut for Force close apps Except for Selected App.

4: Create Meeting Note

Find or create a note for your
next meeting. Before Start Meeting create a note on Meeting and add it to the calendar for the reminder. That’s a time-saving Shortcut for Professional and Business users even students. Download Meeting Note Shortcut on Mac

5: Turn Text into Audio


Typescript or Paste text script while you run Text to audio shortcut on shortcut app on Mac. and Click on Done. to Start Listening audio. Later on, we can save or Open in Quick Time player to save the audio files as well. Download Turn Text into Audio Shortcut and run from the Shortcut app.

6. Currency Converter ++


Use this shortcut to convert the international currency amount into your local currency. Just download and install this script to your Shortcuts app and run it to convert easily without open Web or app.

7. Network Tool

Know your network information like Show information about Wi-Fi, Do a Speed test, Test ping, Advanced information lookup, Physical IP location (Map), Share my Wi-Fi via QR code, and more. Download this Shortcut to your Mac shortcuts app and run to know your WiFi network details.

8. Measurement Converter

Use this Measurement converter shortcut for Acceleration, Area, Duration, Electric Charge, Energy, Length, Mass, Speed, Temperature, Volume. Just download once this Shortcut to your Mac shortcuts app and Run when you need to convert from the top Mac menu.

9. Quickly Share your Location

Share your Location information like Location
Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, Street, Town/City, County, Postcode, Region, Phone Number, Label, URL, Name, and more. Download this Quickly Share your Location information shortcut and copy the data.

10. Read Body Content Of Article

Use This shortcut to Directly read or listen to concerts in the auto-converted audio file. Rung this Shortcut and Enter the Web URL, and start listening. Here’s the Download link for reading the Body Content of the Article.

11. Stop Distractions

Quit all running apps except for a few vou choose and turn on Do Not Disturb, Download and Run this Shortcut on Mac, this will turn on DND and Ask for App that you won’t close.

12: Convert Photos to GIF

Select Photos from your Mac Photos and Convert it into GIFs.

13. Video to GIFs

Make an animated GIF out of a video in your camera roll. This shortcut allows you to trim the video before making the GIF.

14 Save songs to Learn

15 Read Later

16 Do Not Disturb Timer

17 Help Message – Send Location, and Text to Contact via Messages app

18 Create Meeting Note

19 Receive Notification on Low Power Mode on iPhone, iPad

20 Washing Hand Music – 20 Seconds

Also, Read How to Create Custom Shortcut using Shortcuts app on Mac.

Why Should You Use Shortcuts App?

Shortcuts App lets you automate the daily tasks that we usually do in routine, with the apps in just one tap or even Siri could do it on your command. I’ve personally created a Shortcut Home ETA Shortcut that automatically creates a report of ETA of me to the added address and sends a Text to the persons added to the list. This is all done while creating shortcuts; it will require the required information.

Besides, the Shortcuts can be shared with your friends or anyone who own a compatible Apple device to use shortcuts. If you find a shortcut created by your friend helpful, ask him/her to send it to you. And when you add Automation to Shortcuts, that thing goes to the next level. Let’s see what Shortcuts Automation is.

What is Automation? How are Shortcuts different from Automations?

Automation is nothing but a part of Shortcuts that triggers automatically on scheduled time; like the name says it all, Automations don’t need any manual intervention. According to the schedules set in the Shortcuts or depending on actions or context-based prompts, the shortcuts automation triggers.

The best example is, I want iPhone to enable Low Power Mode when the battery drops to below 25%? What will I do? You assume it right; I’ll create shortcut automation that automatically turns on Low Power Mode when the battery goes below 25%. And the best part about macOS Monterey is, Apple kept the Automator with the Shortcuts for the Mac too.


Save your Time, and Schedule work smartly and quickly on any apple device. Now, All created and Downloaded Shortcut is available on all your apple Devices [Mac, iPhone, iPad]. Also, some synced actions work commonly on All apple devices like Schedule Do Not Disturb and Enable on all apple devices.

Also, Share which shortcut you would like to use and recommend to others?

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