Best Sleep Tracking Apps for Apple Watch (iPhone) in 2023

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Peaceful Sleep is the most important thing that we all need after a hard working day. If you have an Apple watch or iPhone, then sleep-tracking apps are a must thing to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Whether you prefer automatic tracking or want more control with manual input, these apps offer personalized reports, helpful advice, and even soothing sounds to enhance your sleep experience. In this article, we have listed the top-notch Tracking Apps for Apple Watch to help you understand better and improve your nightly rest.

1. Sleep Cycle – Patented Tracking

Sleep Cycle Sleep Tracking App for Apple Watch and iPhone
Sleep Cycle

Pros of using the Sleep Cycle app:

  • Sleep guides and quick answers by experts 
  • Great collection of audio library for better collection
  • Detailed insights and progress tracking

Price = In-app purchases start from $2.99 to $39.99

If you are looking for the Best sleep analysis app, then Sleep Cycle’s smart alarm clock offers a comprehensive sleep-tracking experience. It helps analyze sleep patterns and detect sounds like snoring, gently waking you during the lightest sleep phase. The app features detailed sleep statistics, integration with Apple Health, customizable alarms, a sound recorder for sleep noises, and a library of sleep aids. It provides valuable insights for optimizing your sleep routine With trends, weather correlation, and mood tracking.

2. ShutEye┬« – Analysis Sleep Quality

ShutEye® Sleep Tracking App for Apple Watch and iPhone

Pros of using the ShutEye® app:

  • You can record your snoring and Sleep talk
  • Detailed monitoring of sleep quality
  • Decent collection of sleep sounds

Price = In-app purchases start from $7.99 to $79.99

This comprehensive sleep app offers diverse tools to enhance your sleep experience. You can select from various sleep sounds and ambient noise to create a comfortable sleep space. It has relaxing music and soothing sleep stories, and you can also customize your own sound mix for ideal ambient noise. The app includes a sleep tracker for scientific insights into your sleep cycles, a smart alarm for gentle wake-ups, and a snore detector for awareness.

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3. AutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch – instant Sleep Feedback

AutoSleep Track Sleep Tracking App for Apple Watch and iPhone

Pros of using AutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch app:

  • You get sleep feedback for a better understanding
  • Smart alarm and charge reminder feature
  • Physical and mental insights, heart rates, and much more

Price = $5.99

AutoSleep is the perfect app that involves no analytics tracking, advertising plugins, or third-party code. It is fully integrated with Apple Sleep Stages and provides comprehensive sleep monitoring, covering sleep duration, rating, heart rate, deep Sleep, REM, blood oxygen, respiration rate, noise levels, and more. It offers detailed graphs, bedtime recommendations, readiness indicators, temperature tracking, and live sleep statistics. The app features a smart alarm, widgets, HomeKit integration, Siri commands, customizable shortcuts, and advanced analytics for personalized sleep insights. 

4. Pillow: Sleep Tracker – Automatic and Manual Tracking

Pillow Sleep Tracker Automatic and Manual Tracking App for Apple Watch and iPhone

Pros of using Pillow: Sleep Tracker app:

  • Sleep history to compare the result
  • Use your Apple Watch and iPhone for automatic and manual tracking
  • It has an optimal wake-up algorithm and personalized insights

Price = In-app purchases start from $6.99 to $249.99

End your search for the Best sleep tracking app for Apple Watch with a pillow app. It offers automatic sleep detection and analysis. It provides detailed sleep cycle and heart rate analysis, including stages like waking, REM, light sleep, and deep sleep. Audio recordings capture snoring or sleep-talking. The app suggests optimal bedtime, delivers personalized insights and sleep tips, and tracks mood and notes. Sleep trends cover Week, Month, Year, and All Time. You can take backup, synchronize, and export sleep data for comprehensive sleep tracking.

5. BetterSleep – Track and improve your Sleep

BetterSleep Track and improve your Sleep Tracking App for Apple Watch and iPhone

Pros of using the BetterSleep app:

  • It has a variety of color noises for better focus
  • Sleep recorder and tracker
  • You can set a timer and create your favorite lists

Price = In-app purchases start from $9.99 to $99.99

BetterSleep is a comprehensive sleep app designed to enhance your sleep quality. Backed by leading doctors and sleep experts, it features a user-friendly sleep tracker, a sleep recorder that identifies sounds like snoring, and premium audio content, including soundscapes, sleep stories, hypnosis, and meditations tailored to your needs. With over 300 sleep sounds, 100 SleepTales, bedtime reminders, timers, favorites, playlists, and a Smart Mix feature, BetterSleep provides a holistic approach to improving Sleep. 91% of users report better Sleep after just one week of using the app.

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6. SleepWatch – Top Sleep Tracker

SleepWatch Sleep Tracking App for Apple Watch and iPhone

Pros of using the SleepWatch app:

  • It comes with a customizable white noise soundscape
  • It includes smart reminders and bedtime reminders
  • Personalize sounds for Better Sleep

Price = In-app purchases start from $3.99 to $39.99

SleepWatch is the best sleep tracker app with features such as sleep sound recording, personalized coaching for better Sleep, a smart alarm, detailed sleep reports, and automatic sleep logging using your Apple Watch. It tracks various sleep metrics, including total sleep time, sleeping heart rate, sleep disruptions, and more. The app also records and analyzes snoring, offers a customizable white noise library, and tracks sleeping heart rate dip, sleep rhythm, and sleep disruption. SleepWatch provides a holistic view of your sleep health, integrating with the Health app for comprehensive insights.

7. Sleepzy – Track it all and wake up rested 

Sleepzy Sleep Tracking App for Apple Watch and iPhone

Pros of using the Sleepzy app:

  • The best solution for sleep issues
  • Daily insights and statistics
  • Seamless data syncing with Apple health app

Price = In-app purchases start from $3.99 to $39.99

Sleepzy is a smart alarm clock designed to optimize your waking experience by tracking sleep patterns and gently waking you during the lightest sleep phase. Sync with Apple Music for personalized alarms and set your mood for the day. The app helps you improve awakening, track and analyze Sleep, set sleep goals, and understand sleep debt. It features relaxing sounds and classical melodies to unwind before Sleep, Dream Radio for AI-generated music, and provides valuable insights with daily sleep advice and global sleep statistics. Sync with Apple Health, get weather forecasts and enjoy seamless monitoring with the Apple Watch integration.

8. Sleep++ -Automatic Sleep Tracking

Sleep++ Automatic Sleep Tracking App for Apple Watch and iPhone

Pros of using the Sleep++ app:

  • It has automatic and manual modes, both
  • Get a sleep quality guide
  • Easy saving of data to health app

Price = $1.99(for ad-free)

Sleep++ is a free and user-friendly sleep tracker for Apple Watch, utilizing the device’s motion and health monitoring capabilities to automatically measure both the duration and quality of your Sleep. With a simple and clear interface, the app provides a straightforward report each morning, detailing the length and restfulness of your Sleep. Users can opt for automatic mode, where the app analyzes Sleep based on Apple Watch data, or manual mode for more precise control over sleep tracking by specifying start and end times. Sleep++ aims to empower Apple Watch owners to better understand and improve their sleep patterns.

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Final Thoughts,

Apple watches have made things so much easier with their advanced features. It has redefined the approach to a good night’s Sleep. As we prioritize our well-being, these best Sleep tracking apps for iPhone empower us to make informed decisions about our sleep routines. With features like soothing sounds and detailed analytics, they provide a holistic solution to enhance our sleep quality. In the fast-paced world of technology, these apps stand out as essential tools, offering a promising path to a healthier and more restful night’s sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Why Do You Need a Sleep Tracking App?

A sleep-tracking app is essential for optimizing your sleep quality and overall well-being. It monitors your sleep patterns, providing insights into sleep duration, disturbances, and efficiency. By understanding your sleep habits, you can make informed lifestyle adjustments, enhance sleep hygiene, and ultimately improve your physical and mental health.

Q2. Is iPhone sleep Analysis accurate?

The iPhone sleep analysis feature uses motion and device usage patterns to estimate sleep duration. While it can offer useful insights, its accuracy may vary. Dedicated sleep-tracking devices or apps with additional sensors may provide more precise data. Consider individual needs and preferences when relying on iPhone sleep analysis for comprehensive insights.

Q3. Is the Apple Watch good for sleep tracking?

The Apple Watch is a reliable sleep tracking tool that offers insights into sleep duration, quality, and trends. With advanced sensors, it monitors movement and heart rate during Sleep. While not as robust as some dedicated sleep trackers, it provides valuable data and integrates seamlessly with the Apple ecosystem for holistic health monitoring.

Q4. Why does my Apple Watch not track Sleep?

If your Apple Watch isn’t tracking Sleep, ensure you’ve enabled the sleep tracking feature in the Health app and configured your sleep schedule. Also, check if the watch has sufficient battery life and is correctly positioned on your wrist. Updating the watchOS and troubleshooting potential software issues may help resolve sleep-tracking issues.

Q5. Are sleep tracker apps healthy?

Sleep tracker apps can be beneficial for promoting healthy sleep habits by providing insights into sleep patterns. However, excessive reliance on them or becoming overly focused on data may contribute to anxiety. It’s crucial to use these apps as tools for awareness and consider overall well-being, combining technology with balanced lifestyle choices.

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