2023’s Best Sleeve for MacBook Pro 13inch Anti-Scratch Cases

Mosiso Rubber Sleeve case for MacBook pro

Apple’s new MacBook Pro 13inch has LED-backlit display plus wide color gamut (P3) with IPS technology. While another side, its outer layer has been made up from with different two-color Silver and Space Gray. Current year, Apple unveiled there are two sizes MacBook Pro 2016 respectively 13inch and 15inch model. Out of them, the 13-inch model is available without the Touch bar and with Touch bar with integrated Touch ID sensor. Even though, both laptops physical dimensions (Height, Width, Depth, and weight) are equal.

Hence, we are here for you to serve you protective Sleeve cover for your new Apple MacBook Pro. The great collection of lucrative look, soft touch and good quality best Sleeve for MacBook Pro 13inch.

Please Read Note– listed all Sleeve/Cases are fits only with Apple’s MacBook Pro 13inch with and without touch bar. But, Can’t fit with old generation MacBook Pro.

The List of Best Sleeve for MacBook Pro 13inch

#1. Inateck the best MacBook pro 13’’ Case

Inateck the best MacBook pro 13’’ Case

Inateck brings charm looks and multipurpose Velcro lock system Sleeve for Apple MacBook Pro 13inch. You can hold your almost usual items into the separate compartments of this sleeve. The Case has internal dimensions is to be a little bigger than your MacBook Pro, therefore, you can put in and out your lappy very easily.

Generally, the price of the inateck product is high than other but you will get quality standard and cell phone pocket as well as MacBook power bank, etc. in addition, this wonder workmanship-carrying bag not limited for MacBook, but you also try it for Apple iPad Pro. So let’s order a dark gray sleeve and prevent your MacBook against scratches, ugly spots, and daily wear& tear that will help you to keep your laptop brand new for a long time.

Inateck best Macbook Pro 13inch Sleeve: Offer Price $12.99 for limited time

#2. Mosiso Rubber Sleeve case for MacBook Pro-Apple’s Newest Version

Mosiso Rubber Sleeve case for MacBook pro


Mosiso brings a plastic hard case with a fully vented design that will prevent your MacBook Pro from overheating. Easy to access all feature and functions, therefore, very easy to charge your MacBook Pro without removing the case. You have a great chance to save your MacBook pro body against scratches, dust and daily wear& tear.

This type of rubber fit MacBook Pro case is to be easy to install. There are two color options black and Clear/Crystal. Compatibles with both Touch bar and without touch bar MacBook pro.

Mosiso rubber Sleeve for MacBook Pro 13’’ 2017 – Price $24.99

#3. Kuzy Crystal Clear hardback case for MacBook 13’’ 2017

the top Kuzy Crystal Clear hardback case for MacBook 13’’ 2016

Kuzy MacBook Pro 13’’ case has all essentials feature such as fully vented, complete fit design, Apple logo sign through the case, totally removable, easy to put on and take off. At all fully newest clear crystal is the best sleeve for MacBook Pro 13inch.

Kuzy brand MacBook pro 13’’ hardback case – Price $19.99

#4. Sparin MacBook pro 13 Hard Case

Sparin Best Sleeve for MacBook Pro 13inch 2016

Sparin selling tailor-made special design MacBook pro 13’’ 2016. Are you looking for a hard sell case for your Apple MacBook Pro-2016? Try this awesome and very defender case for MacBook Pro.

Very easy to access all features practically, profitable thing is in cheap price you will get 3 items like the case, screen protector and ultra-thin silicone keyboard cover that works as a safeguard for your keyboard.

Sparin MacBook Pro 13’’ case:  Price – $13.99 with free cost shipping

Having any best sleeve for MacBook pro 13 inches except given above? Please share it in the comment box.

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