Best Third-Party Navigation Apps on CarPlay of 2023

Last Updated on Jun 5, 2023

We haven’t noticed any significant update in CarPlay since very long. But this time Apple has given us a considerable upgrade to ease our driving in the way, we like. Fortunately, from now on, you can use third-party applications like Google Maps as well as Waze app rather than Apple Maps on CarPlay. Which is quite convenient for drivers, they can use what they like while driving.

Now you have more control and power over live traffic, Parking help and more with CarPlay Enable iPhone’s Maps app.

You can check on CarPlay, how this third party navigations apps are covering your distance. Till now you are enclosed by the Apple to use only Apple Maps service in CarPlay.

You can enjoy ride utilizing the world’s leading navigation app in CarPlay. Even if you like changes in your life then switch the apps the way you like and enjoy each app while driving.

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Add/Remove or Delete Apps in CarPlay with iPhone

1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone, iPad

2: Tap on General > Find CarPlay

3: Find and Tap on Car Name. Tap and Hold on App icon and Drag to other position.

Delete app on CarPlay: To Delete App from CarPlay, Tap on the (-) sign showing at the top of the app icon.

Add App Back to CarPlay: Follow step 1 and 2, Tap on Car name > Tap on (+) icon at the top of the app icon showing in White area in CarPlay setup screen on iPhone.

Apple says that most of the leading vehicle companies are collaborating with the Apple to include CarPlay. This means you can enjoy in-car services like Apple Music, Spotify, iMessage, Google Play Music, Apple Books, NPR, Siri support and much more. For now, Apple hasn’t extended CarPlay to every car, for now, it is only available in selected car models.

Let me describe some of the essential functionalities of the CarPlay. CarPlay is specially made to take advantage of every facility of iPhone while driving.

You can tell Siri to do something for you, control CarPlay right from the car controls. Other options to control CarPlay are knobs, twists, touchscreen, touchpad, and buttons while still focusing on driving. There is no way to describe the CarPlay entirely, but once you should give a try to this feature and enjoy safe and happy driving.

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  1. I’m on iOS 12, but in settings carplay doesn’t display any third party app, is it because of the car model ?

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