Best Navigation Apps For Apple CarPlay in 2024

We all rely on third-party navigation apps in today’s increasingly connected world. Apple CarPlay has totally changed the way we connect with our vehicles. While Apple Maps is the default navigation option, many users seek enhanced features and alternative mapping solutions. Carplay navigation apps offer diverse features, real-time traffic updates, and a more personalized driving experience. In this article, we will explore the best third-party navigation apps for CarPlay, which will help you make informed choices to optimize your driving experience. Whether you crave robust route planning, live traffic data, or unique extras, these apps will help you seamlessly navigate the road with greater ease and efficiency. Also, read & use these best offline navigation apps for iPhone.

1. Apple Maps 

Apple Maps Third Party Navigation Apps on CarPlay 
Apple Maps

Pros of using the Apple Maps app:

  • Supports multi-stop routing
  • It offers voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation
  • Real-time updates for road accidents and traffic

Price = free

Apple Maps is free and one of the best navigation app for iPhone that offers a comprehensive navigation experience with a host of impressive features. With multi-stop routing, users can easily add multiple stops to their driving route, making it ideal for road trips and errands. The integration with Wallet allows you to check transit card balances and reload them right from the app. It provides real-time transit schedules, fares, and directions for various modes of transportation. The app keeps you informed about traffic conditions, speed limits, incidents, and even speed and red-light cameras. It also excels in helping you explore and interact with places, offering detailed information, reviews, and the ability to make reservations and browse indoor maps. Additionally, it brings the world to your fingertips with 3D city views.

2. Google Maps 

Google Maps Third Party Navigation Apps on CarPlay
Google Maps

Pros of using the Google Maps app:

  • Check business hours and other latest information
  • Bookmark a list of your favorite places
  • Search and navigate when you are offline

Price = Free

Google Maps is the best free navigation app for iPhone, offering an array of features to streamline your journeys. It ensures you reach your destination efficiently by automatically rerouting based on live traffic, incidents, and road closures. Discover local businesses effortlessly, with real-time information on their status, hours, and delivery options. Stay ahead of the curve with real-time ETAs, transit updates, and Live View, which overlays arrows and directions on your real-world view for impeccable guidance. Google Maps also provides offline maps, Street View, and indoor imagery for seamless exploration, ensuring you can find your way even in large, complex spaces like airports and malls. With Google Maps, your travels are enhanced with accuracy, convenience, and up-to-date information at your fingertips.

3. Waze 

Waze Third Party Navigation Apps on CarPlay

Pros of using the Waze app:

  • Suggest best routes and real-time suggestions
  • Supports other music and podcasts
  • Find perfect parking spots

Price = free

Waze is the leading community-driven navigation app and your ultimate travel companion. With millions of users contributing real-time road alerts and constantly updated maps, it ensures you reach your destination with utmost efficiency. This app goes beyond mere navigation, saving you time by instantly notifying you of traffic, construction, and accidents to avoid tickets and delays. Thanks to live traffic, weather, and construction data, you can enjoy pinpoint accuracy in arrival times. Waze’s community-based approach helps get real-time updates from fellow drivers and helps find the cheapest gas and avoid tolls. You can easily Sync it with Apple CarPlay for a seamless in-car experience, complete with a live speedometer to keep you informed about your driving speed.

4. Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps 

Sygic GPS Third Party Navigation Apps on CarPlay

Pros of using Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps:

  • Supports Apple car play and 3D offline maps
  • Notifies for speed limits and cameras
  • Real-time sign detection

Price = In-App Purchases start from $0.00 – $26.99

The Sygic GPS Navigation app is your ultimate travel companion, offering an array of powerful features for a seamless journey. With 3D offline maps covering the entire world from renowned providers like TomTom, you can navigate even without an internet connection. It provides frequent free map updates and precise voice-guided GPS navigation with spoken street names. You can discover millions of places of your interest and explore on foot with pedestrian GPS navigation and tourist attraction guidance. It also offers customizable navigation arrows, real-time traffic data from millions of users, and advanced safety features like speed limit warnings and dynamic lane guidance. Dashcam functionality ensures you capture the road ahead, and Real View Navigation adds an augmented reality layer for enhanced safety. You can share your route and ETA in real-time and seamlessly connect with Apple CarPlay for in-car navigation. Say goodbye to roaming charges and hello to hassle-free navigation with this comprehensive app.

5. PlugShare 

PlugShare Third Party Navigation Apps on CarPlay

Pros of using PlugShare: 

  • Get the nearest EV charging stations
  • Get useful charging tips from the app
  • Real-time availability and sharing of live updates

Price = free

PlugShare is the best navigation carplay app for iPhone, perfect for electric vehicle (EV) enthusiasts, serving as the world’s largest EV driver community. This is the best app if you are confused about EV charging stations. The app’s robust features allow you to filter the map by plug type, charging speed, and provider, including major networks like ChargePoint, Tesla Superchargers, Electrify America, and many more. You can easily discover the nearest public charging stations compatible with your EV, review amenities, check station availability, and seamlessly navigate to your chosen charger. You can even pay for charging at participating locations and contribute to the EV community by adding newly discovered stations to the map.


MAPS.ME Third Party Navigation Apps on CarPlay

Pros of using MAPS.ME:

  • You can search and navigate while offline
  • The perfect app for driving, walking, hiking, and cycling
  • Bookmark, save and share your location

Price = In-App Purchases start from $0.99 – $54.99

MAPS.ME is the go-to app for travelers worldwide, offering fast, detailed, and entirely offline maps trusted by over 140 million users. It saves mobile data by operating without internet connectivity, providing turn-by-turn navigation for driving, walking, and cycling across the globe. Explore confidently with ready-made travel guides covering hundreds of destinations, and never miss an interesting place. These guides are created in partnership with top travel content creators. The app’s incredible detail includes directions to points of interest, hiking trails, and locations often missing from other maps. Regular updates by OpenStreetMap contributors ensure accuracy, while offline search and GPS navigation save memory space. You can bookmark your favorite spots, share them, and access essential information worldwide, including restaurants, cafes, tourist attractions, hotels, ATMs, and public transport. You can even book hotels through directly from the app. 

7. TomTom GO Navigation 

TomTom GO Third Party Navigation Apps on CarPlay
TomTom GO Navigation

Pros of using the TomTom GO Navigation app:

  • Custom navigation according to vehicle type
  • Speed alerts and real-time notifications for blocked roads
  • It offers a 7-day free trial and is ad-free

Price = In-App Purchases start from $4.99 – $89.99 

The TomTom GO Navigation app is your ultimate travel companion, providing real-time solutions to make your journeys stress-free. It keeps you ahead of traffic and blocked roads with live updates, while speed alerts and warnings for fixed and mobile speed cameras ensure safer driving. It is compatible with Apple CarPlay and gives real-time information on a larger screen. Say goodbye to distractions with an ad-free experience and robust data privacy measures. Enjoy easy lane guidance, turn-by-turn directions, and the TomTom ROUTEBAR for comprehensive route information. You can personalize your journey for cars and trucks, inputting vehicle dimensions and cargo details for tailored guidance. This app offers specialized features for truck drivers, including rest-stop locations, hazardous cargo route avoidance, and adjustable maximum speed settings. 

8. Roadtrippers

Roadtrippers Third Party Navigation Apps on CarPlay

Pros of using Roadtrippers app:

  • Save your trip itineraries in the app
  • Explore new places while you travel 
  • It offers a 7-day free trial

Price = $35.99

Whether you’re seeking an RV adventure or plotting your next road journey, Roadtrippers is your indispensable companion. Create your dream route and rely on its turn-by-turn navigation to guide the way. You can discover countless destinations, from local diners to quirky roadside gems, scenic vistas, national parks, and accommodations. It also allows you to explore pre-made trip guides to check out extraordinary routes you must experience at least once in your lifetime. It is the perfect navigation app ideal for routes with up to three stops. For more extensive escapades, you can upgrade to unlock premium features such as RV-friendly GPS navigation, exclusive discounts, offline maps, collaborative trip planning, customizable map styles, and much more.

9. Gaia GPS 

Gaia GPS Third Party Navigation Apps on CarPlay
Gaia GPS

Pros of using the Gaia GPS app:

  • Offline routing and tracking
  • Weather predictions
  • You can record your ski routes and create your own tracks

Price = In-App Purchases start from $19.99 – $59.99

Gaia Topo provides comprehensive backcountry navigation for hikers, backpackers, and trail runners, complemented by professional topographic maps and hi-res satellite imagery. Explore nature’s wonders with offline maps, tracking your location even in remote areas. You can leave digital breadcrumbs to ensure a safe return to base camp and track altitude, elevation, and distance along the way. The complete trip planner simplifies road trips, offering route planning, weather updates, and wildfire monitoring. You can find hidden and rare campgrounds, public and private land boundaries, and USFS maps. For skiing, it provides avalanche forecasts, terrain insights, and offline maps for navigation. 

10. inRoute 

inRoute Third Party Navigation Apps on CarPlay

Pros of using inRoute app: 

  • You can customize weather and routes according to your choice
  • You can easily share your favorite routes and sync between multiple devices
  • Supports voice-guided navigation

Price = In-App Purchases start from $4.99 – $59.99

InRoute is the best navigation app for carplay, offering voice-guided guidance to up to 150 locations while keeping you informed with automatic severe weather alerts. It allows you to optimize your route by rearranging waypoints for the fastest travel time or manually adjusting them. You can simply import routes from XLSX, GPX, and KML files or create your custom routes based on weather, elevation, and curviness, with access to alternates at every leg. You can also search for amenities along your route, such as gas stations, hotels, campgrounds, and restaurants. Specify your RV specifications to avoid clearance and propane restrictions. You can also set departure and layover times to ensure accurate forecasts and travel conditions. InRoute offers seamless integration with popular navigation apps and GPS devices, ensuring accessibility even without an internet connection.


The world of third-party navigation apps for CarPlay offers limitless possibilities to elevate your driving experience. With these feature-rich alternatives, you can enjoy advanced navigation, real-time traffic updates, and a more tailored approach to your journeys. Whether it’s the detailed maps of Google Maps, the offline capabilities of Sygic, or the crowd-sourced wisdom of Waze, there’s a third-party CarPlay app to suit every traveler’s needs. With the best third-party navigation apps for CarPlay at your fingertips, the open road is yours to conquer with confidence.

Hope you found the above article helpful in exploring a wide range of Apple Carplay navigation apps. Which one is your favorite? Do comment on your thoughts and other suggestions in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Does Apple have a navigation app?

Yes, Apple offers a navigation app called “Apple Maps.” It comes pre-installed on Apple devices like iPhones and iPads and provides turn-by-turn directions, real-time traffic updates, points of interest, and more. While it’s the default navigation option on iOS devices, users can also explore third-party navigation apps on Apple CarPlay for additional features and choices.

Q2. What navigation app does Apple Carplay use?

Apple CarPlay primarily uses “Apple Maps” as its default navigation app. However, it also supports several third-party Navigation Apps for iPhone, such as Google Maps, Waze, and Sygic, giving users the flexibility to choose their preferred navigation tool for a more personalized driving experience.

How do I add navigation to CarPlay?

To add navigation to CarPlay, follow these steps:

1. Ensure your iPhone is running a compatible version of iOS.
2. Connect your iPhone to your CarPlay-compatible vehicle.
3. On your car’s infotainment system, select the CarPlay icon.
4. Choose a compatible navigation app like Apple Maps, Google Maps, or Waze from the CarPlay interface.
5. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up and use your chosen navigation app.

Once configured, you’ll have navigation assistance on your CarPlay display.

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