Best Today View Widget Apps for iPhone, iPad in 2023

Some of the iPhone and iPad apps are giving notification in today’s view inside the notification center. Here are the very useful that can help notify you for useful news, private message reminder, daily updates, upcoming events, Airlines timetable, Calendar event, Top stories on a selected topic, Savefile, Manage task, as a Social notification alert, Whether alerts as a Best today view widget app for iOS.

Don’t miss out on any of them to install and use customize today’s view widget by adding, deleting and re-order as of your requirement and position list. In iOS, Apple gives five best and user-friendly today view widgets by default but you can add any of the below lists of Best today view widget app for iOS iPhone and iPad update.

Best today view widget app for iOS 8 that can accessible in toady view notification
today view widget Apps

Note: which app we have to use as of today’s widget? Here is the selected app that works as a widget also after installed in your iPhone or iPad, the widget will be shown in your today view.

Great Best today view widget app for iPhone and iPad

Daily usage apps for today view widget support

1. Ever Note: Ever Note store your data in Date time vise. You can keep your note, stories, memorable moment, an upcoming event for future reminders, Photos. Easy search with advanced search option is a powerful feature in Ever Note widget you will never meet any other today view widget.

Get Ever note from iTunes: Download free

2. 24me: This is very unique apps in Best today view widget app for iOS 8 iPhone and iPad. This widget gives updates on Calendars, Tasks and Notes notification under Today view.

Get 24me from iTunes: Download free

3. Asana: This app is useful for the sharable task in your teamwork. You can broadcast your thought, text, and mail to all team members. Add attachment, Project, Due date and more.

Asana from iTunes: Download free

4. Audible: Audible is a very useful app that you can access from Today view widget, using this app you can listen to any eBook from audible and an Amazon company. Extended features are given on the download link.

Audible from iTunes: Download free

5. Calendar 5: Manage your task though colander app widget under the today view. Create an event in your text, Track task, and smart calendar forever.

Calendar 5 from iTunes: Download $6.99

6. Clear: Beautiful theme color, rescheduled task design, and beautiful and clean widget internet make very useful from Top Best today view widget app for iPhone and iPad.

Clear from iTunes: Download $4.99

7. Day one: This is an award-winning lifestyle app for the Mac app of the year. We can use it for batter writing, Photo sharing on social, and more.

Day one from iTunes: Download $1.99

8. Duolingo: Best learning language guide in free with fun and step by step.

Duolingo from iTunes: Download – free

For Professional usage: today view apps

9. PCalc: Useful for Students, scientists, engineers, programmers using multiple calculations, From today view widget.

PCalc from iTunes: Download – $9.99

10. British Airways: British Airways make you update all the flight which is best for you from today’s view directly.

British Airways from iTunes: Download – Free

11. Writing Aid: Find word meaning, Synonyms and description on your Today view widget.

Writing Aid from iTunes: Download – Free

12. Dropbox: DropBox makes your all family device synchronized. Store and access file, Photo and more from today’s view.

DropBox from iTunes: Download – Free

13. Finish: Finish is the best task manager the app for iPhone and iPad devices. Clean and easy UI make your mind with the task from today’s view.

14. iTranslate: Translate text from today’s view widget from the notification center. Support 80+ languages.

iTranslate from iTunes: Download – Free

15. Matter: Matter giving inspirational thoughts from today’s view in iOS, personally I liked this app from other top Best today view widget app for iPhone and iPad.

Matter from iTunes: Download – Free

16. Wattpad: Read Ebook from the today view screen, No need to launch on your iPhone, iPad screen.

Wattpad from iTunes: Download – Free

Other Best today view widget app for iOS for Social, News, Weather, Entertainment, Sports are given below. Don’t miss any of them.

Social: Today view widget

17. Linked IN: get your profile viewer and reminder notification directly in Today view

News: Widget support app

18. Breaking news: Popular news title on your countries

19. Digg: Tech updates mostly and most popular stories on topic wise over the world.

20. NYT Now: Best among other news apps

Weather: Today view apps

21. Luminos

22. Sky Guide

23. Weather Channel:

24. Yahoo Weather: Official whether info app by yahoo.

Entertainment widget for Today view support

25. TeeVee 3: Get TV show updates in your notification in detail.

Sport: Widget in the today view app

26. ESPN: Get all sports alerts over international sports news.

What’s your feel on great very useful apps that access on Today view widget on your iPhone and iPad.  Any suggestion you have that missed in the list then comment in below we will notice that update it soon. Don’t miss to share and like this nominated Best today view widget app for iPhone and iPad kindly.

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