Best Traffic apps for iPhone and iPad in 2024

One of the most stress-inducing factors in today’s fast-paced world is traffic. It appears to worsen with each passing day. If you are an iPhone user, you can easily use a traffic app to navigate your desired place. The traffic apps for iPhone keep you alert of traffic conditions and let you work out the perfect routes that can timely reach you to your destination. Moreover, they also incorporate maps and other navigation features that improve your convenience.

These apps provide easy traffic management and control, saving time, effort, and money. Whether you want to commute to the office or explore a trip during weekends, these apps benefit you with smooth and accurate navigation. Moreover, they provide all necessary notifications that help you stay on the correct route. Go through the article below to effortlessly pick one of the Best Traffic Apps for iPhone.

1. Waze Navigation & Live Traffic 

Waze Navigation & Live Traffic
Waze Navigation & Live Traffic

Waze Navigation & Live Traffic is the best free traffic app for iPhone because it always informs you what’s going on the road. Although you know the route, the app instantly informs you about traffic, police, construction, crashes, etc. The app will alter traffic to save you time if traffic is bad on a route.

It informs you when you will arrive timely according to the live traffic data. Moreover, it saves you money when it comes to gas refills. It helps you find the cheapest gas on your route. You can select from various voices that guide you while driving. The app’s friendly interface and easy detour routing make it stands out in the market. Besides, the social-network integration makes your road trips fun-filled.


  • Full control of your privacy settings
  • Efficient bug fixes
  • User-friendly interface
  • Finds the cheapest gas station on the route
  • Quick response


  • Battery drain issue

2. Google Maps

Google Maps Transit & Food
Google Maps Transit & Food

This live traffic app iPhone helps you to easily and quickly navigate the world. It covers routes for millions of destinations and businesses. Moreover, it covers 220+ nations and territories. You obtain real-time GPS navigation, transit info, and traffic. You will find the desired navigation information on businesses related to pharmacies, grocery stores, and other significant places.

The real-time updates help you reach faster to your destination. The traffic conditions and real-time ETAs help you to stay away from traffic. The real-time information helps you catch your train, bus, or ride-share. The automatic rerouting focused on incidents, live traffic, and road closure saves you time. Live View displays the correct route with directions and arrows. So you will take advantage of your route.


  • Accurate routing with Live View
  • It helps you quickly reach destinations
  • Creates a list of significant places
  • Allows navigation through offline maps
  • Informs latest business hours


  • Shows erroneous display for correction

3. Apple Maps 

Apple maps
Apple maps

Apple Maps is one of the best traffic apps for iPhone when it comes to navigating the world with your privacy is taken care of. It supports multi-stop routing and lets you add multiple stops along your driving route. The app also shows low balances and refills your card whenever you add transit cards to your Wallet. During this process, you need not leave Apple Maps.

Transit fares display how much your trip will cost in New York, San Francisco Bay Area, San Diego, and London. The voice-controlled turn-by-turn navigation helps you to effectively drive, walk, and cycle. You will obtain real-time transit schedules and directions through buses, subways, trains, and ferries. You can easily determine real-time traffic conditions, road closures, and incidents.


  • Easy access to your favorite apps
  • Shows speed limits for road
  • Guides the next lane
  • Allows adding multiple stops
  • Accurate navigation


  • Poor interface

4. Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps

Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps
Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps

If you are looking for accurate live traffic, the aforementioned app is the best traffic alert app. It includes monthly-updated offline maps. The speed camera alerts and live traffic are updated in real-time. Hence, it is considered the best traffic camera app for iPhone. The app updates the maps multiple times each year for free. Hence, you can always trust Sygic GPS Navigation.

This road conditions app for iPhone is trusted by 200+ million drivers globally. The offline 3D maps are saved on your phone for smooth GPS navigation. All countries support these maps. The voice-controlled GPS navigation provides spoken street names and accurate directions. You can explore millions of interesting Places (POI).


  • Allows navigation without the Internet
  • Advanced safety features implemented
  • Always guides you on the correct lanes
  • Powerful Apple CarPlay Connectivity
  • Supports real-time route sharing


  • Hard to determine your next turn

5. MapQuest

MapQuest GPS Navigation & Maps
MapQuest GPS Navigation & Maps

Whether you want to use voice navigation for driving/walking/directions or explore points of interest on the map, this app has the necessary tools to navigate various places. This iPhone traffic map app helps you explore Canada and the United States. With Apple CarPlay Connectivity, you can explore hands-free driving directions. Furthermore, the app provides updated satellite imagery.

You can easily find alternate routes to your destination through real-time traffic updates. Hence, MapQuest is one of the best traffic alert apps for iPhone. All the included routes are created to help you save time, money, and fuel. Moreover, the included speedometer helps you compare your existing speed to the speed limit across your route. Various route choices provide more suggestions to help you reach your goals faster to destination.


  • Easy exploration of nearby points
  • Allows finding great hotel deals
  • Saves money by price comparison of gas stations
  • It shows accurate local weather
  • Allows including multiple stops


  • Shows the inaccurate street name

6. Scout Maps


If you aim to drive safely and smoothly navigate along the road, then Scout Maps is the best traffic alert app for iPhone. It helps you learn more about driving habits and comprehend driving behavior. You can easily find how frequently you speed, accelerate, hard brake, and more. The app keeps your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. Hence, you can easily navigate with turn-by-turn GPS voice directions.

The live speed updates and real-time traffic helps you find the fastest and quick route to prevent gridlock. The app saves your personalized route preferences and preferred map views and organizes tailored commute departure warnings for work and home. With a single tap, you can share your routes with others.


  • It never gets you lost
  • Discovers new places along a route
  • Easy sharing of your ETA
  • Smooth navigation
  • Saves favorite route preferences


  • It may take a long time for the navigation

7. TomTom GO navigation

TomTom GO Navigation
TomTom GO Navigation

IPhone’s best traffic map app is suitable for both trucks and cars. It stores weekly updated maps on your phone. You can easily pick a subscription plan that best suits your needs and begin your free trial. You can effectively come out of blocked roads and traffic in real-time. With warnings and speed alerts, you can drive safely. Moreover, the app incorporates fixed as well as mobile speed cameras.

The compatibility with Apple CarPlay provides real-time info and directions on a large screen. The voice guidance is provided in surround sound output. This app is one of the best traffic apps for iPhone is it is free from distractions and ads and preserves data privacy. Through lane guidance, it precisely shows which lane to take.


  • Easily finds truck rest-stops
  • Allows defining maximum desired speed
  • Provides speed alerts and warnings
  • Intuitive large-screen display
  • Offline maps save mobile data and battery


  • Difficult navigation on a cliff

8. Traffic navigation & alerts

Traffic Navigation is the best real-time traffic app for iPhone for an outstanding navigation experience. It immediately notifies you about traffic, accidents, construction, crashes, and more. Real-time traffic information prevents traffic delays. You will simultaneously get traffic alerts while driving. Whether on holiday, weekend trips, or heading off to unfamiliar places, this app always benefits you with accurate navigation.

It automatically displays alternate routes to parking spots adjacent to your destination. Hence, it is one of the reliable free traffic apps for iPhone. Furthermore, the head-up display shows navigation over your car’s windshield. So, the app ensures a safe driving experience at night. The next section’s speed limit helps you adapt your speed from the section accordingly.


  • Easy navigation in the darkness
  • Shows speed limit on next section
  • Supports advanced Night map mode
  • Accurate reporting of alerts
  • Supports auto-zoom map as per your speed


  • Limited features in trial mode

9. ETA – Live traffic alert

ETA immediately displays the travel time of your preferred places. It supports navigation for driving, walking, cycling, and public transit. During driving, the app also provides traffic alerts on iPhones. Hence, you will not face delays on your route. The smartly designed iOS Home Screen widgets keep you alert about the traffic situation and travel. No need to open the app for that. Besides, the calendar widget automatically accesses your appointments. Thus, you can know the perfect time to leave a place.

It is one of the best real-time traffic apps for iPhone because it updates in the background and displays an updated travel time while you move. Moreover, the app complies with Apple’s guidelines and updates at least every 15 minutes.


  • Rapid access to traffic conditions and travel times
  • It also supports public transit in a few cities
  • Allows cycling and walking workouts to your locations
  • Works with various other navigation apps
  • Efficient bug fixes


  • The widget may not update regularly

10. Yandex.Navi 

If you are looking for a local traffic app iPhone that alleviates your driving stress, then you can use Yandex.Navi. It provides real-time GPS routing to manage traffic while driving. You can easily find alternate route options. The real-time automatic rerouting streamlines your commute. You can conveniently find the prospective parking spots around your destination. The advanced, reliable technology streamlines city navigation.

You can quickly navigate with the saved settings, favorites, route history, and search history. The real-time traffic updates defend you from any jeopardy that can come along the way. Also, the warnings inform you about construction sites and other road events. Turn-by-turn guided GPS navigation helps you to reach your destinations safely. The app provides speed warnings When driving in dangerous routes or zones.


  • Protects against risk on route
  • Quickly searches for desired places
  • Advanced technology for simplified city navigation
  • Saves time with real-time traffic information
  • Accurately locates alternative route options


  • Wrong street names

Getting lost on the road while traveling can impose a serious security threat on your life. Fortunately, the aforementioned traffic apps for iPhone provide helpful traffic info so that you can effortlessly and correctly navigate your desired route. They are well-known for saving your money on gas refills. They provide real-time ETA information to family and friends, details on points of interest, automatic rerouting, and many other features. In addition to providing accurate navigation, they provide you with correct details on the location of different places such as hotels, petrol pumps, etc. The above selection of traffic apps for iPhone simplifies your choice and saves you time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there an app that shows real-time traffic?

Various iOS apps can help you avoid traffic and trouble spots on the roads. Google Maps shows real-time traffic. It also has a filter that displays real-time traffic conditions for prominent roadways. Other apps that display real-time traffic are RTA Smart Drive, Waze Navigation & Live Traffic, VZ Navigator, and ViaMichelin GPS, Route Planner.

What is the best traffic app for iPhone?

Waze navigation & live traffic is considered the best iPhone traffic app. The reason is it provides real-time traffic information as offered by users. It keeps you away from traffic jams and perfectly adapts your route. Also, it provides reliable data since the data is curated from drivers instead of algorithms. Furthermore, it also assists you in finding the cheapest gas station in your route and supports Apple CarPlay. You can select from different voices to guide you while driving. The app constantly updates to maintain accuracy.

How accurate is Google Maps traffic?

Google Maps traffic shows traffic data from various sources, including private data providers and government departments of transportation. It is supported on both iOS and Android. It continuously sends back real-time traffic data to Google. Subsequently, the data obtained from any particular smartphone is compared to data obtained from other smartphones in the identical area. If there are more Google Maps users in a particular area, it ensures high traffic prediction accuracy.

How do I see traffic on my iPhone Maps?

You can follow the below steps to see traffic on iPhone Maps:

Step-1: With a map displaying, tap the button at the upper right, select Driving or Satellite, and then tap the Close button. Yellow shows slowdowns, and red shows stop-and-go traffic.

Step-3: Tap an incident marker to obtain an incident report.

Step-4: Use markers that show incidents like road closures, hazards, accidents, road construction, and more.

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