Best USB-C Earbuds for iPhone 15 (Pro, Max) in 2024

Within the constantly changing realm of smartphones, Apple’s iPhone lineup has continuously raised the standard for both performance and innovation. Apple is moving towards a wireless future, which is driving up demand for USB-C earphones.  If you have got your hands on the brand-new iPhone 15 Series, you must invest in the perfect earbuds to match that fancy USB-C port.  In this article, we’ll look at the top USB-C earbuds that go well with the iPhone 15 Series and provide great sound quality, portability, and easy connectivity.

1. Anker Soundcore – Automatically Tailored Noise Cancelling

Anker Soundcore USB-C Earbuds for iPhone 15 Series
Anker Soundcore


Control typeVolume Control
Battery Life (earbuds)10 hours of playtime
Battery Life (charging case)50 hours
Noise CancelingYes 
Water Resistant/Splash Proofyes
Included in the boxEarbuds, Charging CaseXS/S/M/L/XL Ear TipsUSB-C Cable
  • Noise cancellation up to 98%
  • Small and light-weight
  • Fast charging

Anker Soundcore is the best earbuds with Space A40 noise-canceling, which reduces noise by up to 98%. It offers an impressive 50 hours of playtime and a fast-charging feature to enjoy your favorite shows, movies, and songs. It offers highly detailed sound, including strong bass, clear mids, and bright treble, thanks to Soundcore’s double-layer diaphragm drivers. Plus, they’re designed for comfort, making them perfect for extended listening sessions.

2. Sony – Small and Lightweight Design

Sony USB-C Earbuds for iPhone 15 Series


control typeTouch, Voice
Battery Life (earbuds)8 hours
Battery Life (charging case)16 hours
Noise Cancelingyes
Water Resistant/Splash Proofyes
Included in the boxCharging CaseUSB C charging cable4 Earbud Tips
  • High-resolution sound quality
  • Smooth switching between multiple Bluetooth signals
  • Powered by AI for perfect listening
  • Microphone lacks performance
  • Touch is very sensitive
  • Little bit expensive

Sony comes with an astonishing sound quality and beautiful design. It offers the best-ever call quality with its AI-based noise reduction algorithm and a bone conduction sensor. It is small and lightweight earbuds that offer clear Bluetooth connectivity with the Integrated Processor V2. it features adaptive sound control and adjusts according to surroundings, providing the perfect listening experience. You can use Speak-to-Chat to pause your music when you start talking. Moreover, it is water-resistant and designed with eco-conscious materials, including recycled plastic and 100% paper packaging.

3. TOZO – Built-in LED Digital Display

TOZO USB-C Earbuds for iPhone 15 Series


Control typetouch
Battery Life (earbuds)15 hours
Battery Life (charging case)55 hours
Noise Cancelingyes
Water Resistant/Splash Proofyes
Included in the boxWireless Charging Case6 pairs of eartips (XS/S/M/L/XL/XXL)USB-C Charging CableQuick Guide & User Manual
  • Superior audio experience
  • Comfortable and easy to carry
  • Advanced Bluetooth technology
  • Average battery backup
  • A deep fit might not be comfortable for everyone
  • The sound gets weak due to the high frequency

TOZO  earbuds offer a superior audio experience with EQ customization. You can customize your EQ to match your musical preferences and seamlessly switch between modes for immersive listening. It has a 10 mm giant dynamic driver system, offering powerful bass and rich sound details for music and movies. With IPX8 waterproofing and advanced Bluetooth 5.3 technology, they’re perfect for outdoor activities. You can enjoy 55 hours of battery life and monitor your charge status with the LED display. 

4. JLab – Custom EQ3 Sound Settings

JLab USB-C Earbuds for iPhone 15 Series


Nine plus hourstouch
Battery Life (earbuds)9 plus hours
Battery Life (charging case)44 plus hours in case
Noise Cancelingno
Water Resistant/Splash Proofyes
Included in the boxEarbuds, Charging Case with Charging Cable, 3 Sets Gel Tips, and 1 Set Cloud Foam Eartips.
Price$55.99  to $69.88
  • Longer battery life
  • Sweat-proof and perfect for sports
  • Supports stereo audio calling
  • Bad bass experience
  • On-ear controls can be uncomfortable
  • May not suit people if deeply plugged inside the ear

For your active lifestyle, the JBuds Air Sport earbuds provide longer playback. It is perfect for various outdoor activities due to its battery life of more than 34 hours. These sweat-resistant IP66 earbuds have ergonomic ear hooks for a perfect and comfortable fit. It features Bluetooth 5, which automatically establishes a connection with your phone to provide stereo audio for crystal-clear conversations. It doesn’t need any app; touch sensors make it simple to control music and phone calls, and three sound modes let you customize the sound to your liking.

5. Beats Fit Pro – Flexible and Secure-Fit Wingtips

Beats Fit Pro USB-C Earbuds for iPhone 15 Series
Beats Fit Pro


Control typeSensor touch
Battery Life (earbuds)6 hours
Battery Life (charging case)24 hours
Noise Cancelingyes
Water Resistant/Splash Proofyes
ColorBeats black(more colors available)
Included in the boxEartip, Wireless Charging Case, Cable, User Manual, Warranty Card, Wireless Earbuds
  • Sleek and compact design
  • Dynamic head tracking
  • Active noise cancellation
  • The case seems heavy the earbuds
  • Average water-resistance technology
  • Poor volume controls

Beats Fit Pro earbuds are packed with stunning features to enhance your listening experience. Flexible wingtips provide stability and comfort for the entire day. It offers smooth switching and voice assistant interaction with the help of an Apple H1 chip. You can choose between three different listening settings Active Noise Cancelling, Transparency Mode, and Adaptive EQ. The best thing is it offers up to 6 hours of listening time and excellent call clarity; these sweat- and water-resistant earbuds are a versatile audio companion for any lifestyle.

6. Bose – World-Class Noise Cancellation

Bose USB-C Earbuds for iPhone 15 Series


Control typeTouch
Battery Life (earbuds)6 hours
Battery Life (charging case)24 hours
Noise Cancelingyes
Water Resistant/Splash Proofyes
Included in the boxEarbudsBose Fit KitCharging CaseUSB-C CableSafety sheet
  • It has three listening modes
  • It offers clear calls and has easy controls
  • Offers world-class noise cancellation and great battery life
  • It has over-bass
  • It is a little bit pricey
  • Autodrains more battery

Bose offers the best listening experience with high-quality noise-cancellation technology. It has CustomTune technology that produces a personalized premium sound according to ears. You can experience all-day comfort during long listening sessions with nine soft ear tips and stability bands. It has three listening modes: Quiet, Aware, and Immersive. Moreover, get up to 6 hours of playing (with 4 with Immersive Audio). These earbuds are the perfect audio companion for clear calls and have simple controls.

7. Jabra – Best Wireless Earbuds for Running

Jabra USB-C Earbuds for iPhone 15 Series


Control typeVoice control
Battery Life (earbuds)8 hours
Battery Life (charging case)30 hours
Noise Cancelingyes
Water Resistant/Splash Proofyes
Colorblack(more colors available)
Included in the boxWireless Charging Case and buds
  • It comes with adjustable active noise cancellation
  • Allows to access voice assistant quickly
  • Perfect grip for holding buds in the ear
  • Somewhat comfort issues
  • Poor ANC performance
  • It might feel pressure in the ears

Jabra earbuds come with ShakeGrip technology and are engineered to keep securely in place. They are IP57 water and sweatproof and have adjustable ANC and HearThrough technology, so you can tailor your audio experience to hear only what you want during your workouts. It includes four microphones and wind protection to make crystal-clear calls. These earbuds are also customizable and have up to 8 hours of battery life per bud, making them an excellent workout partner.


Finding the best iPhone 15 Earbuds can be an exciting decision where technology never stops improving. There are a plethora of alternatives that mix style, functionality, and, most crucially, USB-C compatibility. There’s a perfect fit out there for you, whether you prioritize great sound quality and noise-canceling capabilities or simply want a trustworthy pair for on-the-go.  Check out the Above Best USB-C Earbuds for the iPhone 15 Series for an amazing experience. 

Which iPhone 15 Airpods are your favorite? If you have used any Wireless Earbuds, let us know in the comment section 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Which earbuds don’t hurt your ears?

It varies from person to person due to differences in ear shape and size. However, there are also many good brands like Bose, Sony, and Apple that offer ergonomic designs and multiple ear tip options to minimize discomfort. You must try different models and sizes to find earbuds that suit your ears best.

Q2. How to choose wireless earbuds?

You must consider factors like sound quality, battery life, comfort, and durability when choosing wireless earbuds. You can check for brands that are known for audio excellence, such as Sony or Sennheiser. The earbuds that are secure fit with different ear tip options and consider features like active noise cancellation, sweat resistance for sports, and compatibility with your devices. Compare reviews and try before purchasing if possible.

Q3. Which style of earbuds are best?

The ideal earbud style depends on your needs and tastes. While on-ear and over-ear headphones offer comfort and superior sound quality, in-ear earbuds offer a secure fit and noise isolation. While wired earbuds offer superior music quality for the music lover, wireless earbuds are more convenient, especially for working out. Select the look that best meets your needs.

Q4. Are wireless earbuds safe?

wireless earphones are generally safe for the majority of people. They produce radiofrequency (RF) radiation at very low levels, within specific limits. However, it can be harmful if prolonged exposure to loud noises can harm hearing. Risks can be reduced by using them sparingly and taking breaks. Because Bluetooth transmissions are low strength, they also present no health risks.

Q5. How do I clean my AirPods?

You can simply wipe the exterior surfaces gently using a soft, lint-free cloth. Or else, use a cotton swab or a soft, dry brush to clean the speaker grilles and ear tips. Make sure you are not pushing the debris deeper inside. You must maintain good hygiene by regular cleaning to maintain the sound quality of the earbud. 

Q6. Can I wear just one earbud?

Yes, you can wear just one earbud when you want to stay alert about surrounding situations. It is also useful when you are jogging or walking outside on the road to be careful. Many earbuds support mono audio mode, allowing you to use one earbud while the other remains in the charging case.

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