6 Best USB-C Power Banks for Apple MacBook Pro in 2022

Last Updated on Sep 8, 2021

in this article im sharing with you the top best USB-C Power Banks for Apple MacBook Pro. it covered RAVPower, Anker PowerCore+, MAXOAK Type-C power chargers. Back in past days, there was only one option to charge the MacBook, using the original adapter and charger. But now, we are having dozens of power banks available to recharge the MacBook Pro, even if you can’t reach the AC Outlet or forget to carry the charger. Nevertheless, these power banks are compatible to charge the iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Laptops, and many other devices. Most of them are equipped with three or more output ports to charge at the same time, all you need is a charging cable.

Here are some of the best USB-C Power Banks for MacBook Pro, that you should take into consideration. All of them are of different battery capacity and price to make sure everyone finds their desire portable power bank for MacBook Pro.

Best Portable Power Bank for MacBook Pro

#1. RAVPower 30W PD Power BankRAVPower 30W PD Power Bank

RAVPower is well-known for its compact size and high capacity power bank, which is why I’d to recommend, for MacBook Pro to you as well. It’s a versatile power bank that could juice up MacBook Pro, Nintendo Switch, iPhone, iPad, with up to 30W PD, besides, it takes less than 5 hours to charge itself, thanks to USB-C fast-charging port. The RAVPower power bank is of 26800mAh, comes with 2A and 1A input and multiple outputs to charge the devices simultaneously.

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#2. iProPower Portable External BatteryiProPower Portable External Battery

With a huge 27000mAH capacity, the iProPower is equipped with a QC 3.0 and two-way fast charging technology to boost the charging speed even after connecting two laptops at the same time. The external power bank is packed with two charging cables, one is Micro USB Cable, and the other is USB-C to USB-C cable along with a travel pouch to carry the power bank safely. Friendly customer service is always available to resolve the issues with the power bank, while it does have a one-year after-sales warranty.

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#3. Anker PowerCore+ USB-C Powerbank for iPhone 11 Pro Max, MacbookAnker PowerCore+

If you lack a power adapter, Anker PowerCore+ offers a massive 26800mAh battery backup together with 60W Power Charging Adapter to charge the portable power bank. In addition to 45W PD Port, it features two 15W USB ports to charge iPhone, iPad, Android, and even the wireless earphones with the trickle power mode, to ensure the small size device won’t blow up. To make sure you won’t forget cable or charger or power bank itself, they are delivering a travel pouch, to store all of these.

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#4. Zendure SuperTankZendure SuperTank

Zendure SuperTank is the only external power bank that has LED Power Display to show battery status, to help you decide when its time to charge or how long you can manage without charging the power bank. The smart PD Directional switch, allows you to charge the MacBook Pro, and when you press the switch consecutively, the laptop will charge the power bank. Other than that, all the features of SuperTank are commonly available in other portable chargers like automatically power detecting technology, charge more than one device at the same time, and dual Type-C PD ports to charge two laptops at up to 100W.

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#5. MAXOAK Type-C Power Bank for MacBook ProMAXOAK Type-C Power Bank for MacBook Pro

MAXOAK Power Bank is an ideal solution to all of your charging issues, the 36000mAh portable power bank is a perfect battery companion wherever you go. It can manage to charge your MacBook Pro, Android Phones, iPhone, iPad, MacBook Air, or any other laptop that supports USB-C PD Charging real fast. We always have the same question in mind that the power bank with huge 36000mAh battery capacity can only be used to charge large devices like laptops, but can’t be used for small wireless headphones. Therefore, MAXOAK has widened its compatibility by adding different Voltage ranges between 5V, 9V, 12V and 15V to 20V, after detecting the power requirements of the device, the power bank will deliver the power and safeguard it from overvoltage.

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#6. ZMI USB PD Battery Backup: smallest USB-c power bankZMI USB PD Battery Backup

If you are looking for a mid-range power bank, ZMI PD Battery offers 20000mAh and fast charging. It is compact enough to carry anywhere, and you don’t have to tangle between the MacBook Pro’s charger, just connect the power bank to a laptop, and iPhone, to power up them. There are two USB-A Ports to charge phones and one USB-C Port to charge MacBook Pro all the way. Simply plug the cable into the power bank and MacBook, get back to your work.

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