6 Fix iPhone 13 Black Screen issues (2023)

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Here in this article, you will get detailed guides on how to fix a black screen iPhone that won’t respond and suddenly a black screen of death that won’t respond on charge as well. Most people get surprised when your iPhone doesn’t wake up and cannot start the following day.

So, the scene is on pressing the Side button. But, the iPhone screen won’t wake up. I guess you’ve had a panic attack after encountering the issue. But, there is nothing to worry about. Follow the tricks and get it fixed. 

Video Guide to Fix iPhone 13 black screen of depth

Solution 1: Force Restart iPhone after Charge Enough

To rule out the Black screen issues on the iPhone running the latest iOS, force restarting the iPhone will bug out the software glitches real quick.

Your iPhone must be Charged Enough with Active Power Source [15 to 13 Minutes]. After that, you can try Other iPhone or iPad before plugging in your Death or Black screen iPhone.

Battery Won't Charge, Charge is correctly

Now, Hard Reboot, and Turn on

Press and quickly release the Volume Up button and then the Volume Down button. Now, Only press and hold the Side button until the Apple logo appears.

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Hard Reboot or Force Restart iPhone XS Max
Hard Reboot your iPhone

If this doesn’t work, connect the charger with the iPhone for 20-30minutes, and again follow the same procedure.

Solution 2: Try Alternate Charger

Sometimes the faulty charger won’t work with the iPhone, and due to low battery, the iPhone would never turn on, meaning the iPhone will always stay on a black screen. 

Borrow a charger from your friend, or try using the alternate charger if you have one.

Solution 3: Check Charging Port

Did you investigate the charging port for the debris and dust? If not, then use the flashlight on the charging port and check for the dust.Clean Headphone Jack or Charging port

In such cases, the iPhone won’t be able to make contact with the lightning cable, so it won’t charge.1 iPhone X keep on Charge after black screen and Wont turn on

Still, if you can’t start the iPhone or stay on a black screen, move to the next tip.

Solution 4: Update iPhone in Recovery mode

This process won’t erase your Device With the Update option in Recovery mode, But Restore will erase the device so, Make sure what you are choosing.

If your iPhone is won’t turn on or Stuck on a Black screen during update iOS or installation then I highly recommend updating your iPhone in Recovery mode. follow the simple steps and Reinstall the latest compatible iOS to iPhone without Data Loss.

  1. Connect your iPhone to Mac/PC via Lightning cable. macOS Catalina and Later user can use finder on Mac for Update your iPhone. MacOS Mohave and Earlier or Windows User can use iTunes for Update your iPhone in Recovery mode.
  2. Now, Put your iPhone in Recovery mode by following these process, Keep your iPhone connectd and Quickly Press and Release volume up button, Quickly Press and Release Volume down button. and then Only Press and Hold the side button until your iPhone screen goes black screen, then Appear apple logo and Your Mac/PC show recovery mode screen, like below. then release Side button.Force Restart iPhone XR when camera black screen
  3. Select Update Option and Wait for download iOS to Mac/PC. and install on Device. Don’t disconnect your iPhone during process.Put iPhone in Recovery mode for Update using Finder on Mac
  4. That’s it.
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Solution 5: Restore iPhone in DFU Mode

This process erases everything from iPhone, so it Must have a Backup iPhone if you have a take earlier.

While restoring the iPhone in DFU mode will erase the iPhone, there is no way to back up the device since you cannot see anything on display. In that case, you’ve to compromise with the iPhone data and restore the device using Finder or iTunes.

  1. First, connect your iPhone to iTunes or Finder on Mac or PC.
  2. Then, Unlock your iPhone and Allow to access your iPhone on Mac Finder or iTunes.
  3. Now, Using iPhone’s side buttons you can put your iPhone in DFU mode, Quickly press and Release Volume up button then Volume Down buttonThen Only Press and Hold on the Side power button for Ten (10) seconds, after that Press Volume down button for 5 seconds along with Power button.
  4. After That, Release Side power button until your Mac or PC: Finder or iTunes will see Recovery mode with popup on the screen.
  5. Go with the Restore iPhone option. [Restore iPhone process, your Mac or PC will download the latest iOS version on your Computer then Extract & Install on Paired iPhone]
  6. That’s it.

Check the description or click on the link on the upper screen, for a detailed guide to restoring the iPhone in DFU mode.

If still you cannot turn on the iPhone, reach out to Apple Support for further help. Let them examine the iPhone and fix the issue. 

Solution 6: Apple Support

Don’t give up and get help from apple support online via Phone call and Book Appointment at apple genius bar. or Visit the Nearest apple service center.

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Also, apple will help you in free with the Hardware repair issue or Free replacement if your iPhone is under warranty check it out.

You can also get more about your Problems through the comment section given below.

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