block call and text in iOS 9: iPhone, iPad [How to]

block call and text in iOS 9 device

Block call and text in iOS 9, useful iOS features for those folks who are hesitating from unwanted calls and text coming to your number. Once you activate blocking particular app you are free from receiving call and text in iOS 9 devices (iPhone, iPad). This guide also useful for block unknown calls and text in iOS 9. Not change that we have made in iOS 8 but this article special for iOS 9 devices.

Not easy to find the way for block call and text in iOS 9 without any third party app in alternate ways.

Compatible Devices: iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S plus, iPhone 5S/ 5, iPhone 4S/4, iPad all models.

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Steps for Block call and text in iOS 9 with iPhone, iPad

From anywhere within your phone app you can block any number for call: Favorites contacts, recent contacts, Contacts. Or From Message conversation text.

Step 1: Go to the phone app and Open it in your iOS device (iPhone, iPad calling device).

Step 2: if you want to block call from recent contacts > Tap on round info icon near to contacts name.

Step 3: Scroll down, At the beneath of the screen you can see Block this caller option,block call and text in iOS 9 running devices

Same for Favorites and Other saves contacts list.

Unblock contacts number same steps and make it: Unblock this caller option at last of the screen.

Block text/ iMessage in iPhone, iPad: iOS 9

Same for block text like call, You can block unknown number or saved number text or iMessage from message app.

Step 1: Go to the Messages app and Open it.

Step 2: Now you can see conversation list with text title. Tap on it that you want to block for next time.

Step 3: Tap on Details, Tap on info icon near to number and Move at last, then choose block this Caller.Stop or block text comming in iOS 9 device

Or enable Do not Disturb for mute text conversation notification right now.

Note: Do not disturb is very useful features for iOS users for differ condition and situation you can apple for it.

Right now, this is enough for block call and text in iOS 9 running devices (iPhone, iPad). Even not saved or unknown call number and text you can control easily.

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