Best Bluetooth Device Name ideas in 2024

If you want to change the name of your Bluetooth device to something authentic that sounds good and attractive, then this article is for you.

You might have seen the amazing and some weird Bluetooth names when you turn your Bluetooth on and scan for nearby devices. People easily get obsessed with different things. If you also want to change your Bluetooth device names with something authentic that looks good and catchy, this article is for you. You can keep any Bluetooth name relevant to your personality, device model, or anything. But you must once check out our below Bluetooth idea list to get more options that are nice to catch. Explore the article till the end!

1. Funny Bluetooth device name ideas

Add a fun twist to your life by changing your Bluetooth device name to something silly like $1 per hour or  No Device Found that makes people laugh from far away.

  1. Loading…
  2. $1 per hour
  3. The Party Parrot
  4. Search Failed
  5. No device found…
  6. Blutooth Fairy
  7. Search again…..
  8. delete system files
  9. Virus infected device
  10. very slow, please don’t connect
  11. Government Issue Tracking No. 37541
  12. error 404. Device not found.
  13. Bluetooth is a lie
  14. Please Stop Your Barking Dog
  15. So What’s For Dinner
  16. You Lost Your Mind
  17. Don’t You Something Else To Do
  18. Your Grammar Is More Annoying
  19. Don’t You Dare Touch Me
  20. Bluetooth Is Loyal To Me
  21. Let Me Kill You Please
  22. Don’t Even Try It
  23. This Bluetooth Is Not Single

2. Unique Bluetooth device name ideas

Unique is always attractive rather than ordinary things. Give your Bluetooth device a classic name like “Hello Stranger, Let’s Meet Up.” this name will shock people around you. 

  1. That’s It I’M Coming For You
  2. Call Me To Know Password
  3. Hello Stranger, Let’s Meet Up
  4. Enter The Password
  5. 6Th Sense Mobile Bluetooth
  6. You can call me 9876543210
  7. Please Stop Fighting For My Bluetooth

3. Clever Bluetooth device name ideas

Give a reflection of your cleverness near you when people turn their Bluetooth on and find your name as “Open At Your Own Risk.” 

  1. Good Mood Connecting…
  2. Not Free So Use 3G
  3. Open At Your Own Risk
  4. Knock Knock, Someone At The Door
  5. I Have Mailed Your Details To Police
  6. Digital Apple
  7. Nameless Child
  8. Google Head
  9. BeatBrain
  10. Rhythm Ranger

4. Cute Bluetooth device name ideas

Whether it’s an iPhone Bluetooth or Bluetooth speaker, you can also consider cute names like Honey Bunny and Music Love to look cute.

  1. Cristal
  2. Fruit Razor
  3. Magic mouse 
  4. Peanut nutter to my jelly 
  5. Sweetheart connection 
  6. Honey bunny 
  7. Music Love
  8. Sugar sync 
  9. Tea time 
  10. Cherry charmer 
  11. Honeybun
  12. Lovebug link 
  13. Bear hug beats 
  14. Heartbeat harmony
  15. Teddy tunes 
  16. Twinkle toes 
  17. Cuddly connection
  18. Coco connection 
  19. Kitty kinship 
  20. Curly cuties 
  21. Rainbow radiance 
  22. Sweet songbird 

5. Interesting Bluetooth device name ideas

Want to impress nearby people with a Bluetooth name? The names like The link master and Bluetooth boogie will surely give you an interesting personality.

  1. Keep calm and connect 
  2. Sonic safari 
  3. The great gatsby
  4. Sync station 
  5. Bass booster
  6. The mobile magician 
  7. Blue tunes 
  8. Beatbox
  9. Wireless wonder 
  10. The link master 
  11. Bluetooth boogie 
  12. Bluetooth divinity 
  13. Harmoney hero 
  14. The connectivity connoisseur 
  15. tech guru 
  16. tech talker 
  17. bluetooth BFF

6. Aesthetic Bluetooth device name ideas

Embrace your aesthetic style with an aesthetic Bluetooth name. Consider our short and simple suggestions like Wave Rider or Sprinkle Squad to spread an extraordinary vibe.

  1. Flower Speaker
  2. Rise And Shine
  3. This Fruit Is Expensive
  4. Sweet And Fruity
  5. Sound Garden
  6. Plastic Pearls
  7. Moon Audio
  8. Sun Biz
  9. My leaf 
  10. sparkle 
  11. Wave rider
  12. Sprinkle squad 

7. Cool Bluetooth device name ideas

Apart from clothes and personality, you can also make yourself look with cool Bluetooth names like You Must Be Rich or No Free Bluetooth For You. Use these names and leave a cool impression when someone pairs bluetooth with you.

  1. Passing Cloud
  2. The Speakers Bar
  3. Sound Show
  4. You Must Be Rich
  5. No Free Bluetooth For You
  6. Uncertain Sound
  7. Crazy Rhythm
  8. Dream sound
  9. The Beat Butler
  10. Titan
  11. Thunderbeat

8. Stylish Bluetooth device name ideas

Stop using boring Bluetooth names provided by your default device. Instead, think of using stylish names like Loudspot or Apples Are High to express your style in a unique way.

  1. Apple Pimp
  2. You’re In My Brain
  3. I Will Call The Police
  4. Connect To Life
  5. Do Not Disturb
  6. Expensive Element
  7. See You Soon
  8. Rockers
  9. Loudspot
  10. Apples Are High
  11. Speaker Boy
  12. Headshine
  13. Rhythmic

9. Rude Bluetooth device name ideas

Not everyone deserves the sweet taste of your, some do deserve rudeness. Express your sarcasm in rude Bluetooth names like Last Warning for you to warn them.

  1. Sounds Krazzy
  2. I Can See You
  3. I Am Watching Your Every Move
  4. You Are Cheap
  5. I Will Send You Bill
  6. Ohh You Are My Hero
  7. loudking 
  8. Last warning for you 
  9. Rockers audio 
  10. Night sound criminal 
  11. Stop Bugging Me
  12. Incoming Viruses

10. Good name for Bluetooth

Everyone has a different definition of a good Bluetooth name. If you love simple and sober names, then you must use Connect Please or Hey Speaker for your Bluetooth names.

  1. Connect Please
  2.  Hey Speaker
  3. Better Speakers
  4. New Mine
  5. Speaker’s Choice
  6. Beats by [your name]


If you often pair Bluetooth with different devices and persons, you should keep changing your Bluetooth device name for security purposes, too. This will confuse people around you, and it can be fun, too.  Stop wasting time searching for WiFi Name Ideas or Hotspot name ideas, you can also consider above name ideas for changing your Wi-Fi name and hotspot.

In addition, you can also read our Mac admin name ideas and iPhone Folder name ideas articles to explore more name options .

Did you find the above Bluetooth names interesting? You can also comment on other decent Bluetooth names if you wish to share your ideas in the comment section. 

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