iPhone SE Bluetooth Not Working, Won’t Pair, not connecting, Speaker: iOS 12

Is your iPhone SE Bluetooth not working or connecting iOS 12.2 or after update? Please follow given clues to Bluetooth not working on iPhone SE & get audio or 3rd party devices discoverable

Last month launched Apple’s new iPhone SE has debated in Bluetooth Audio issue. While various iPhone SE owners say that the after upgrading iOS or iOS 12, they have trouble at the time of pairing the phone with the Bluetooth enabled device like headphone, Audio Speaker, Apple Car play, etc. in the short term, perhaps Bluetooth not working on iPhone SE. Even, there is not to be a problem in iPhone SE hardware. But sometimes an issue has occurred due to the little glitch of iPhone software.


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The current era, Bluetooth is a standard short-range wireless interconnection device for cellular phone, and Bluetooth enabled devices. Therefore, without Bluetooth or discoverable Bluetooth device above half of the device becomes dead. Since to get rid of an iPhone SE Bluetooth issue, we offer here clear solution so follow carefully; we promise that this would work definitely for you.

Note: If you’re new on iOS and want to transfer data to another iPhone, then you could not use Bluetooth, but you should use AirDrop (located on Control Center). Using AirDrop, you can share media files, docs, etc. between iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Mac OS.

Accurate Clues to Fix Bluetooth not working on iPhone SE

We understand, while Bluetooth won’t work on iPhone, can’t listen to audio music through the wireless headset and so that compulsory required 3.5 mm jack wired Apple’s headphone. Let’s start bottom clues and get enjoy.

Fix 1: Try Twice Time to Turn On/Turn Off Bluetooth

Bluetooth Not Working on iPhone SE with iOS 10

Settings app → Bluetooth → Turn Bluetooth ON

Now try to pairing between both built-in Bluetooth devices, if it undiscoverable, do turn off Bluetooth. Now keep continuing to solution 2nd.

Fix 2. See on the Bluetooth Settings screen and erase that all devices

Settings app Bluetooth → under My Devices → Tap on the (i) icon beside the device name → Tap Forget Device.

Now try to pair again. If you issue persists, go with below clue.

Fix 3: Reset Network Settings on iPhone SE

Note: Reset networking will delete all network settings, returning them to default factory defaults.

Steps – launch Settings App → GeneralResetReset networking → Enter your iPhone Passcode (if any) → Now Tap on Reset Network Settings.

You’re done.

Keep Mind below Bluetooth Troubleshooting also,

  • Restart or Reboot iPhone or Accessories (Enable Bluetooth mode)
  • Turn off & Turn on Bluetooth on Accessories
  • Update iOS or Device Firmware or Software
  • Keep both devices near to each other
  • Stop to auto-pair with other devices
  • Change Configure Accessibility Using iTunes
  • Unable to connect to Mac: Remove Device on Mac’s Bluetooth Preferences
  • Not connecting to Car Stereo, CarPlay: Restart Car or CarPlay
  • Check Bluetooth Hardware – Antenna
  • Contact Apple Helpdesk

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