iOS 16.3/14/13: Here’s The Fix: Long Exposure, Bounce Effect Not Working on iPhone, iPad

1 Unable to Save Live Photo in to Bounce Effect not working on iPhone and iPad with iOS 11

latest iOS users reported bounce effect not working correctly for selected live photos and the result is showing error (Black screen) while we try to convert into bounce effect. I also face the issued on my iPhone XR, Captured Live Photo is easy to view in Loop, Bounce and Long Exposure. But some of the time giving the error or White screen.

Note: Bounce, Loop and Long Exposure only available in iOS 11 and later iOS Version on all iPhones.

What is the meaning of Bounce effect? Bounce means to play video in reverse direction continuously.

The bounce effect is the most likely effect than the other three.

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1 Unable to Save Live Photo in to Bounce Effect not working on iPhone and iPad with iOS 11

Fixes & Guide Bounce Effect not working on iPhone, iPad with latest iOS, iPadOS

Fix 1: Close Photos app

New Photos app update in iOS come up with new Photo filter options. That makes your Saved live photo directly into other Video effects automatically. Play it and save in your camera roll. Anytime we can convert into the normal live photo (Bounce to Live, Loop to Live and Long Exposure to Live)

The open Live photo on the camera app, Slide up finger on the screen and See the instant preview of Bounce effect.

5 Use Bounce Effect on iOS 11 in iPhone and iPad

If not working correctly then close the Photo app and relaunch the app from the multitasking app.

2: App crash on Convert Live Photo: Loop, Bounce, Long Exposure

New Live Photo effects not working in iOS, which means you cannot use the original live photo, So make the duplicate photo from the original live photo.

Issue: Photos app crash on tap on the live photo or slide up to see other live picture effects.

After make it duplicate, try to convert or apply the other three effects (Loop, Bounce and Long Exposure).

  • #1: Open Live Photo in iPhone photos app

1 Share or Dublicate live photo on iPhone

  • #2: Tap on Square box with the upper arrow icon, Scroll to right in sharing popup menu.

2 Duplicate live photo on iPhone

  • Tap on Duplicate, Again Select “Duplicate”.
  • Go back into photos app, and use another copy for convert into other new live photos effects in iOS 11.

Fix 3: Check for Software Update on your iPhone or iPad

Be Up-to-Date with the latest iOS update, Apple gives a regular update and bug fix on new features that we can install from the settings app.

  1. Open the Settings App
  2. Tap General
  3. Hit on Software Update.

4 Software Update on iOS 11 in iPhone and iPad

Fix 4: Reset All Settings

Reset all settings will save to the default options in all iOS.

  • Now, Go to Settings App
  • Tap General

2 Reset iOS 11 Settings on iPhone or iPad

  • Next, scroll the screen and Tap Reset
  • Enter your Phone lock passcode
  • The phone will be asked to Enter your Screen Time passcode
  • Make sure (This Will reset all settings. No data or media will be deleted.)
  • Tap Reset All Settings. That’s it. if above all solution followed but none of the clues worked, then go to the next solution to restore your Phone with factory settings.

3 Reset all settings on iPhone and iPad

Fix 5: Clean Install iOS 13 & Restore

Clean install Remove all the data and Settings on easy steps.

A clean install means factory erases all the data, Download the latest .ipsw file for your model and Install using iTunes.

  • Then Restore from the latest Backup.

Fix 6: Restart or Reboot iPhone

Restart Press Sleep & Wake button until you see the Apple logo on the screen. Next, Slide finger on Slide to turn off.

Force Restart: Press Power button + (Home button for iPhone 6S and Earlier & Volume Down button for iPhone 7 and later model). Until you see the Apple logo on the screen.

Sometimes Live photo Camera mode showing black screen or White Screen Sometimes

Fix 7: Convert Bounce Effect on compatible model

Bounce effect only plays on live photo compatible iPhone, iPad models.

Above is the Working Solution for Bounce Effect not working in iOS 11 or unable to convert a live photo into a bounce effect on iPhone & iPad.

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