2 Methods: Bypass Screen Time on iPad, iPhone: iOS 12, App Restrictions issues and Troubleshooting

1 remove or Bypass screen TIme on iPhone if forgot screen time passcode

Screen Time lock is one types of restriction that will automatically remove after the desired time limit set by you or from another device if that device is parent device. Unfortunately, you forgot Screen Time passcode, want to remove forcefully before screen Time. Just like Apple ID password we can forget or recover screen time passcode.

What are the prevention steps the fix your problem and help to remove Screen Time without a change in settings or Erase Data? You get up to 5 free Wrong passcode attempt; after that, you will see “Try Again in 1 Minutes”, “Try Again in 5 Minutes”.

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3 Screen Time Disabled and Waiting screen

Recover or Remove/ Bypass Screen Time on iPhone, iPad in iOS 12

1 remove or Bypass screen TIme on iPhone if forgot screen time passcode

Restore to Clean iOS that Erase All the Settings: No Data loss

First, take a Full Backup of iPhone on iTunes (Mac or PC)

Prerequisites and Must do:

1: “Connect your iPhone to iTunes” on Mac or PC using Lightning cable.

1 Device in iTunes
Unlock your iPhone with Passcode or FaceID/Touch ID. Also Permission for using your iPhone on Mac or Windows.
2: See your IOS device icon will “appear on iTunes” near to the top.
3: Click on “iPhone icon” > Get the Full page “summary” of your Device.

2 Restore iPhone using iTUnes without data loss
4: Also See the “Restore iPhone” button.

Use This Restore button with Alt/Option Key on Mac
For Windows, Shift key + Restore Button.

Note: Backup the device, if you don’t take and restoring first time.

4 Backup if you don't take backup before restore

Select a Downloaded .ipsw file from your Computer and Open it.

Now, Restore Process will take time depends on Size of Data.

Method 2. Turn off Screen Time from Parental iPhone’s settings

On your Parent’s iPhone or iPad that running iOS 12 or Later iOS 12.X.

Go to the Settings > Screen Time > Tap on Your Device Name > Turn off Screen Time.

2 Turn off Screen Time from parent iPhone

That’s it.

Share your ideas that work for you to remove screen time or Disable/Bypass Screen Time on iPad, iPhone.

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