Camera Screen is Black on iPhone XS Max & iPhone XS on Lock & Home Screen: Problems and Fixes

1 iPhone XS Max Camera Black screen issues fixed (1)

When you spent dozens of bucks just to get great camera facilities and found that the iPhone camera goes black, what will be your reaction? I guess it’s hard to explain that moment. However, users face difficulties while using iPhone Xs Max but they are not long lasting, you can quickly fix itself. So today we will fix iPhone Xs, or iPhone Xs Max camera screen goes black by few techniques.

Don’t worry your iPhone’s camera will start working when you try our responsive tips on your device. Keep reading the steps carefully and fix your issue.

Easy Steps to Fix your Camera app is Black on iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max: Stuck on Launch

1 iPhone XS Max Camera Black screen issues fixed (1)

Solution 1: Close the Camera

If your iPhone Xs Max camera goes black, then it might be possible that the app is not perfectly launched and hence you are facing black screen on the camera. So force close the camera app and after few seconds again re-launch it.

Solution 2: Switch Camera to front or rear

This is quite an easy way to fix iPhone Xs camera screen goes black. Sometimes the rear camera will not function properly, or it will cause errors. Switching camera can resolve this issue without any bad effect. If in case your front camera is not working in iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max then also switching camera is helpful to fix the issue. You can switch the camera from the top of the screen.

Solution 3: Turn off the Voiceover feature

This troubleshooting is but awkward but believe me, it disabling voiceover feature has fixed black screen camera issues in iPhone. We don’t really know what it is, but it may be a technical glitch that results in malfunctioning of iPhone camera.

  • Step #1: Launch “Settings”.
  • Step #2: Open “General” and Tap “Accessibility”.
  • Step #3: Disable the “Voiceover”.

Once Voiceover is disabled launch the camera and see if it is working perfectly or not.

Solution 4: Restart iPhone

One of the most common solutions to every problem is to restart iPhone, and so we will also restart the iPhone to fix this issue. Once your iPhone Xs will restart it will function smoothly.

Step #1: Simply press the Side button and Volume Up button together and when you see slider drag it to right to restart the device.

Solution 5: Update the iOS version

There are chances that your iPhone is running on unstable iOS version, and so camera screen is going black now and then. Take a look for the updates and if you find that any update is available then update the device as soon as possible.

  • Step #1: Launch “Settings”.
  • Step #2: Open “General” and then tap on “Software Update”.

Solution 6: Reset all Settings

Still, iPhone Xs Max camera is not working and showing black screen then reset all settings might work for you. If you have made some settings unknowingly, then reset all settings will clear all the settings of your iPhone to default settings.

  • Step #1: Go to “Settings” and open “General”.
  • Step #2: Open “Reset” and then tap on “Reset All Settings”.

By entering the password proceed to reset all settings.

Solution 7: Restore iPhone without lost Anything – 4 Steps [Without Third-Party Software]

Most probably you will get your iPhone’s camera back after restoring iPhone to its factory settings. This is our last option to fix iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Mac camera black issue. So let’s do it.

Reinstall Latest iOS to your iPhone using Recovery mode in just 4 Steps.

1. Open iTunes on your Mac, Connect your iPhone to iTunes via lightning cable.

2. Now, Hard Reboot your device. To Do that:

Quickly press and Release Volume up button.

Quickly Press and Release Volume down button.

Press and Hold Side button for 30 or more seconds until you see iTunes logo and Lightning cable on your iPhone screen. At the same time iTunes will prompt with the message your iPhone XS/XS max or XR is in recovery mode.

3. Now you can update or Restore your iPhone.

Tap on Restore, Browser Downloaded ipsw file and start the installation. In the whole process your iPhone will boot much time, wait until welcome screen on iPhone.

1 iPhone XS Max in recovery mode

4. Now setup new iPhone using iTunes to get all the data back on your iPhone.

Enjoy, Now use your iPhone’s Camera smoothly and Know this helpful tips to your Friends. Or Like us on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus, & YouTube.

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