Can Stolen AirPods be used by another iPhone? Complete Answer 2024

For me, my AirPods is an integral part of my life, and I can’t leave that behind wherever I go, assuming the same as well for you. With the impeccable design and exceptional sound quality, no other wireless headphone can replace Apple’s AirPods; that’s why quality takes the price. And all these facts make AirPods more vulnerable to theft, and of course, due to their small size, it’s an easy target for thefts to grab your AirPods when you accidentally place them on the desk, a restaurant, or in the bar or dropped somewhere while wandering on the streets.

We have received plenty of questions from AirPods users regarding theft and how to track the misplaced AirPods. Eventually, we are trying to answer those questions; hopefully, you’ll find what you are looking for. Besides, if your question isn’t covered in this article, feel free to write to us; we’ll reach out to you as early as possible.

Can another iPhone use Stolen AirPods?

Can I Track My Stolen AirPods?

Yes, stolen or misplaced AirPods can be tracked down using the Find My app until the AirPods are connected to your iPhone.

  1. Open the Find My app on your iPhone.
  2. A list of devices will appear; tap on AirPods.
  3. The current location of AirPods will be displayed on the map.
  4. Tap Play Sound if you can’t locate the AirPods on the map.
  5. If the Find My app shows Play Sound is Pending, try moving around the area to play sound.

This was the most common way to track down the lost AirPods, and you can check out our detailed article on how to track AirPods: 6 Methods.

What If AirPods were stolen, but I have the Charging Case?

Well, if your AirPods were stolen, but you still have a charging case, it doesn’t help you anyhow. Still, your stolen AirPods can be used by a thief by inserting the AirPods into another charging case and pairing them with any device.

I don’t know whether it is beneficial, but the AirPods can be adjusted into the respective charging case and paired to iPhone or alternate phone. The same charging case isn’t necessary to connect AirPods.

So the conclusion is, the thief can still use the AirPods even if you possess the charging case.

What if someone has stolen one AirPods?

It doesn’t help if a thief has stolen only one AirPods, sorry to say, but both of you can enjoy with one AirPods. I’d say you can still listen to music and use the single AirPods if you still have to charge a case to charge and pair the AirPods.

Can be stolen AirPods can be used by another iPhone?

Another iPhone can use the stolen AirPods, and if the person has a charging case and AirPods, it can be used with any iPhone. A thief can easily unpair your AirPods, and once the AirPods are disconnected from your AirPods, they can’t be located using the Find My app.

By following the standard pairing procedure, anyone can connect the AirPods with iPhone.

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