Cannot Connect to App Store iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus [Fixed]

🗓️ November 10, 2020 By ✍️ Jaysukh pateliPhone X cannot connect to the app store while trying to download a new app or Open an app directly from the third-party app like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube advertisements. Don’t be panic, because of the meaning of this message if you are unable to get this app on your iPhone app store. Its connection error because you are passing the wrong id or session expired that you requested for the app or game on the apple server.

Users creating a different solution for this problem: Cannot connect app store due to Apple ID is wrong, App store says cannot connect to app store all time, iPhone is not activated or verified, iPhone is hacked or hardware issues, iPhone affected with the virus, Cannot connect to app store iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus after update iOS. Don’t be panic and go with the solution below.

Search and get a new iOS app manually from the app store. iOS Version:

2 Cannot connect to app store on iPhone X and iPhone 8 8 Plus (1)

Fixed: Cannot connect to app store iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus

Force Close app store app! Try again: Restart the app

Go to the app switcher screen, Press and hold on the app until you see a red (-) sign at the top corner of the app. Swipe up to force close app.

Find the App store on a home screen or Search App store on the spotlight search to open the app.

Open the app and Search with app name or game in the app store search box. You don’t fix cannot connect to the app store for with next step.

Or! Close all the apps and try again!

Here’s in details – How to Force Close App on iPhone

Restart or Reboot iPhone

Simply restart: Press and Hold side button + Volume up button until you see a slide to turn off option on the screen.

Force Restart: Press and quickly release the Volume up button, Press, and quickly release the Volume down button. Now press and hold the side button until you see the Apple logo on the screen.

To Turn on, Use the side button.

Get More: How to Force Restart iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus

Use WiFi or Cellular as an internet option: Change and check

The Internet disconnected and stopped just before you open the app store. Check and verify the internet working for browsing. Using the control center, you can disable/Enable WiFi or Cellular quickly and check the Cannot connect to app store iPhone X issue is with the network problem.

Check, is App store down?

Apple noticed publically by check App Store condition in your region. Click to see the apple system status.

Reset all settings on iPhone X/8/8 Plus: isn’t connect app store

Go to the Settings app on the iPhone.

Next, General > Reset all settings.

You are done

Hope you find the solution to your problem getting with the app store. Fixed, Cannot connect to app store iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus running latest iOS and later.

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