Cannot Connect to the App Store in iOS: Apps Won’t Load, Stuck and Freeze on iPhone 12/11/XR/X/8/7/6

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020When you want to download an app urgently and when you launch the App Store and found that cannot connect to App Store than what will you do? And iPhone started to show this error after updating to iOS 12. It is necessary to fix this issue because the App Store is a heart of iPhone.

There are many reasons causing can’t connect to App Store iOS, find your solution to fix this issue.

Troubleshooting steps for Can’t connect to App Store on iPhone and iPad

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App store recommends “Turn on cellular data or use Wi-Fi to access the App Store.”

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Experts Tips: Pro Guide

Switch Network Type, are you using WiFi internet, Turn off WiFi and “Turn on Cellular Data“. Now “Force Close app Store app” from Apps Switcher screen.

Now, Re-launch app and Check app store in iOS working in the correct way. Get and Try more help in next solutions.

Tip 1: Check Wi-Fi connection is the reason for App Store Cannot connect

Without wifi, you cannot connect to the App Store and definitely, if you are not connected to Wi-Fi or connected with poor signal then on the screen you will find can’t connect to the App Store.

You can check the Wi-Fi by launching safari if it works perfectly then the actual problem is with App Store only.

Tip 2: Allow App Store to use cellular data: Restriction use App Store

If you are using cellular data and the message cant connect to App Store comes then make sure that you have given access to the App Store to use cellular data.

Step 1: Go to “Settings” and tap “Cellular.”

Step 2: Click on the “App Store.”

Step 3: Now, see if you have turned off the option, and then toggle it on.

Tip 3: Reboot iPhone is a key solution for Can’t open App Store

As usual, we will try to fix can’t connect to App Store after updating iPhone to iOS 12 by restarting iPhone.

  • For iPhone 6S or earlier

Step 1: Press and hold the Home button and Side button and release when you see the apple logo on the screen.

  • For iPhone 7/7Plus

Step 1: Press and hold the volume down button and power button until apple logo appears on the screen.

  • For iPhone X/8

Step 1: Press and release volume up button.

Step 2: Press and release the volume down button.

Step 3: Press and hold the side button and release when you see the apple logo on the screen.

[See full guide: Restart/Reboot or Hard Restart iPhone.]

Tip 4: Check Date & Time

Probably it might be a reason behind the can’t connect to App Store issue. We always advise you to turn on Set Automatically function in Date & Time section. If already you have to enable set automatically feature then turn it off and manually set date and time.

Step 1: Go to “Settings” and open “General”.

Step 2: There you will find “Date & Time” and set it.

Tip 5: Sign out and sign into the App Store

One more simple way to fix cant connect to the App Store is this.

Step 1: Launch “Settings”.

Step 2: Tap on your name’s banner.

Step 3: Locate “iTunes &App Store” Tap on “Apple ID” at the top.

Step 4: Click “Sign out”.

To, sign in again follow the same steps.

Tip 6: Reset iPhone to its factory settings

As always none of the solution works then we will go for restoring iPhone to its factory settings.

Before doing so, you must take backup iPhone otherwise you will lose everything stored on your iPhone.

Step 1: In the “Settings”, tap “General”.

Step 2: Open “Reset” and click on “Reset All Settings”. After then go with “Erase All Contents and Settings” option.

Now Connect iPhone to iTunes on Mac or PC, Tap on Device icon while it shows on iTunes > Summary Tab > on iTunes Summary Page, Click on Restore button “this will erase all the data and restore from past backup”.

This process will take time. So do it in your Time. We are waiting for your reply. Like this and Share this if you like this article and Helpful.

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